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The Most Common Spoken Household Languages

We typically operate under the assumption that most Americans speak either English or spanish. Though this is genuine in the broadest sense, the U.S. is a culturally diverse country, home to a overplus of languages .
The U.S. Census Bureau ’ mho American Community Survey ( ACS ) per annum asks more than 1 million Americans questions about their lives, families, and backgrounds. One question asks respondents what lyric they chiefly speak in their homes .
migration policy has used this datum ( while excluding English and Spanish ) to leave us with the next-most-frequently spoken languages at home in each state .

Non-English Languages in the U.S.

In 2019, approximately 78 % (241 million) of all 308.8 million people ages five and older reported speaking merely English at home regardless of their virgin birth. The remaining 22 % (67.8 million) reported speaking a language other than English at base.

Based on this data, Mandarin and Cantonese were the most common non-English, non-Spanish languages spoken in the U.S., with more than 3.4 million speakers across the area .
here is a list of the most common languages spoken at home in the U.S., outside of English :

Language Population Estimate Share of Foreign Language Speakers
Spanish 41,757,000 61.6%
Cantonese and Mandarin 3,495,000 5.2%
Tagalog 1,764,000 2.6%
Vietnamese 1,571,000 2.3%
Arabic 1,260,000 1.9%
French and Louisiana French 1,172,000 1.7%
Korean 1,075,000 1.6%
Russian 941,000 1.4%
Haitian Creole 925,000 1.4%
German 895,000 1.3%
Hindi 893,000 1.3%
Portuguese 846,000 1.2%
Afro-Asiatic Languages 590,000 0.9%
West African Languages 589,000 0.9%
Indo-European Languages 576,000 0.8%
West Germanic Languages 560,000 0.8%
Italian 540,000 0.8%

tagalog is the moment most normally address language in american households ( after English/Spanish ) with 1.7 million speakers, even though it only reaches top spot in Nevada. Unsurprisingly, Louisiana and states bordering easterly Canada have a goodly number of french speakers .
far analysis of these common languages reveals a absorbing floor. hera ’ s a breakdown of the lead 5 most normally talk moment languages ( excluding English and Spanish ), and the states where they ’ ra speak .

1. Cantonese and Mandarin

Estimated number of speakers nationally: 3,495,000
Number of states where it’s the most common: 17
States that most commonly speak the language: California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland .
chinese immigrants have been coming to America in large numbers since the mid-19th century, when the California Gold Rush compelled them to cross the Pacific Ocean. today, there are over 5 million chinese Americans across the area .

2. Tagalog

Estimated number of speakers nationally: 1,764,000
Number of states where it’s the most common: 1
States that most commonly speak the language: Nevada
Immigrants from the Philippines started coming to America in large numbers by the change state of the nineteenth century, but it wasn ’ thymine until 1965 that both skilled and educated workers came by the thousands. nowadays, there are over 4 million Filipino Americans .

3. Vietnamese

Estimated number of speakers nationally: 1,571,000

Number of states where it’s the most common: 5
States that most commonly speak the language: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and Georgia .
South vietnamese immigration to the U.S. began right after the Vietnam War ended in 1975, and more vietnamese people have been arriving ever since. today, over half of all Vietnamese-Americans live in either California or Texas .

4. Arabic

Estimated number of speakers nationally: 1,260,000
Number of states where it’s the most common: 2
States that most commonly speak the language: Michigan and Tennessee
Michigan entirely has over 140,000 Arabic speakers. California has over 190,000 speakers. Pew Research Center noted that Arabic is the fastest-growing speech in the U.S., with speakers growing by 29% from 2010 to 2014 .

5. French

Estimated number of speakers nationally: 1,172,000
Number of states where it’s the most common: 4
States that most commonly speak the language: Louisiana, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire .
After the Louisiana Purchase, French evolved from its master mannequin, creating Louisiana French which besides borrows words from English, Spanish, native American, and african languages. To this day, it ’ sulfur however spoken by around 175,000 people in Louisiana and Texas .

The United States: A Multilingual Country

Although English, in all its diversity, is decidedly the area ’ s dominant national speech, the U.S. has always had a complex multilingual history. Long before european settlers colonized North and South America, thousands of autochthonal languages thrived from coast to coast. today, some autochthonal languages are making a comeback as many states acknowledge their importance in the history and culture of the country.

With each newfangled wave of immigrants residing in the country from every part of the ball, the linguistic and cultural diverseness of the United States is growing .
The U.S. has one of the largest chinese populations outside China, a demographic switch that may increase in the coming years. spanish is now the most popular second speech of the area .
America is home to the largest population of english speakers in the worldly concern, but bilingualism has been on the lift in the country for decades – a course that shows no signs of letting up .

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