Hips Don’t Lie, Girl: 19 Real Secrets About Women with Wide Hips

In the words of Shakira, “hips don’t lie!” If you’re one of the many girls with wide hips, simply learn how to use those killer curves to your advantage.

women with wide hips girl
If you spend most of your life dealing with a bosomy body and wide hips, you ’ ll know how they much have a biography of their own. however, when you learn to embrace your body, wide hips add a certain dash to your silhouette. They ’ re besides super flattering. Like anything, they can be an irritation besides, but girls with wide hips know how to make the most of their killer curves .
Curviness is in fashion, with celebrities and beauty bloggers championing broad hips, such as the Kardashians as one model. But many people argue that it has always been a desirable trait. If you look bet on at honest-to-god paintings of goddesses and royalty, they always had epicurean bodies and wide hips. This was seen as a shining symbol of saturated birthrate and attraction .
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There is no one one body type that is better than any other. We ’ re all beautiful in our own means and we need to learn to embrace our natural bodies and love them for the herculean things they are. It ’ s easier said than done sometimes, but once you achieve torso confidence, it ’ s the most fantastic thing in the earth .

What is your body shape if you’re a girl with wide hips?

If you ’ re one of the many girls with wide hips and your shoulders are the same width, you have an hourglass body form. This is one of the most reverence consistency shapes around !
You ’ re born with killer curves to turn heads for all the right reasons ! Think of Marilyn Monroe as a good case. however, just because the hourglass figure is revered, that doesn ’ thymine base it ’ sulfur inevitably better than any other. It ’ south good a park polarity of amorousness for many. [ Read : 18 physical turn ons for guys that arouse all men within seconds ! ]
If you have wide hips but your shoulders are narrow-minded, that means you have an apple body shape. You could argue that the likes of Kim Kardashian have an apple torso shape quite than an hourglass. That ’ mho because her shoulders aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide as her hips. however, the apple body supreme headquarters allied powers europe is very common and helps you to show off those beautiful curves and delicious behind !

Things you know to be true if you have wide hips

Despite wide hips coming bet on into the limelight, it ’ s a means of life and not a fashion drift. At times, they affect your liveliness in obvious ways, or in ways you never even knew they could. [ Read : 8 ways to love your consistency, no matter its size ]
It ’ s not always easy, but don ’ t be fooled into thinking the eatage is green. Always try to accept and enjoy the way you were built. But what does having a wide set of hips actually mean for the people that have them ?

1. On average, you have more sexual partners

statistically speaking, women with curvier hips have more one night stands. This may just be down to men subconsciously being attracted to women with full bodies, as curves are normally a polarity of richness, and men are hard-wired to seek that out. [ Read : How to pull off that one-night stand like a pro ]

2. You never worry about keeping up with celebrity standards

Whenever you hear people complain about wanting wide hips, or a huge behind like Kim Kardashian, you can ’ thyroxine help oneself but smile. You know genetics already gave you that leg up in life .

3. High waisted clothing looks amazing on you

High-waisted skirts, bikini, shorts, and jeans look killer on you. They actually work to accentuate your shape, and you don ’ t have to be self-conscious about your curves. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of cute high-waisted trousers. [ read : well endowed women : The biggest ups and downs of jiggling jugs ]

4. You’re genetically more fertile

#4 You’re genetically more fertile. It turns out that the wider your hips, the higher the likely for you to have children. Scientific research suggests this is based on hormone levels, and it often sets the standard of what is considered more desirable in western club .

5. Big hips means big thighs

Everyone who has big thighs knows what the numeral one problem is — chafing that causes holes on the inside of your jeans. I ’ ve lost count of how many jeans I ’ ve thrown away thanks to wearing down the material from precisely walking. Big hips/thighs besides mean squeezing yourself into your trousers every good morning ! [ Read : How to feel more convinced in your body & fall in love with you ]

6. The muffin top struggle is real

Anyone with wide hips knows how difficult it can be to shift a couple of inches off your middle. That ’ s merely to order to avoid the awful muffin top effect when wearing trousers. It ’ sulfur often that when you do up your trousers, you have a short fat over the top. Embrace it !

7. You get on really well with your partner’s parents

The parents of your significant other absolutely love you. Deep down, you know it ’ sulfur partially because of your ‘ child-bearing hips. ’ Whether or not you actually want children is a different topic. When they look at you, they can ’ triiodothyronine avail but see the likely for lots of grandkids. [ Read : Fur baby : Why millennials are choosing puppies over babies ]

8. Sometimes chairs are not your friend

There are sealed chairs that you can ’ thyroxine model in because you know that once you sit down you won ’ thyroxine be getting back up again without taking the electric chair with you. For exercise, when you sit on small credit card seats you either get stuck, or break them trying to get up again. It ’ s annoying and a trouble for girls with wide hips everywhere .

9. You’ve lost all sense of spacial awareness

You much find yourself with unexplained bruises on your hips. These mysterious markings typically come from bumping into things after forgetting how much your hips get in the way. You ’ re everlastingly walking into desks, bashing into doorknob, and incidentally bumping into anything hip-level .

10. There are certain things you just won’t wear

It ’ sulfur often extremely hard to find a belt that fits you by rights, so you largely go without one. other things like low-waisted jeans, tight tank tops, and miniskirts can be a bit annoying as they either slip down or rise up whenever you walk, no topic what you do to keep them in set .

11. Your silhouette is always in fashion

From the victorian times, through the 50s, to the modern age—a wide set of hips has constantly been fashionable and the inhalation for many garments. You see this in the tailor of pouffy, corsetted dresses for sovereign ; doo wop fashion ; and 1930s pencil skirts .
massive fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe embraced their curviness, and then should you. You ’ ll never go out of style. [ take : Why do guys love feeling boobs ? The actual science behind a world ’ s fascinations of breasts ]

12. Finding a pair of well-fitting jeans is a mission

once you ’ ve found a copulate that fit over your hips, they don ’ metric ton fit your legs. Or if you ’ ve found some that fit your legs, they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate match adequate for you to do up the top button. It can be a nightmare finding the perfective pair, so leggings have become your newly best friend. [ Read : Tips to flaunt your body confidence this summer ]

13. They’re the Swiss army knife of body parts

You find that your hips doubly as some kind of shelf or joyride, and you use them for much more than they ’ re designed for. You constantly try to balance bags on them, open doors with them, and tug people out the direction with them. They ’ re actually pretty handy !

14. Losing a few extra pounds is often a little harder

When you have broad hips and you feel like you want to lose a few pounds, you ’ ll probably find that it ’ sulfur much slower or harder to shift. The reason is that fat in this part of the soundbox is much harder to lose compared to elsewhere .
however, if you ’ re determined, use and a healthy diet will help you out. Always remember though, vitamin a long as you ’ ra healthy, it ’ mho far better to good accept your body for the beautiful wonder that it is. [ Read : Can ’ t shed pounds ? hera are 8 reasons why ! ]

15. You’ll often be told you have “child-bearing hips”

You ’ ll probably have lost count of the number of times that person tells you about your “ child-bearing hips ”. Don ’ thyroxine concern about it however, because women with wider hips are thought to be able to give birth a little easier, compared to those with a narrower pelvis .

16. People envy you, even if you don’t see it

When we ’ re wrapped up in body awareness, it can be hard to notice the admire glances coming your means. It ’ s not only guys who will surely appreciate girls with wide-eyed hips, but women besides .
You ’ ll have covetous glances from other women who wish they had those natural curves. Remember, some people have surgery to get the curves you have ! [ learn : thick women redefining smasher : Setting a new coevals free ! ]

17. Even your dance move is exaggerated

You ’ ll know precisely what I mean here ! When you shake your ass, you REALLY shake your american samoa and everyone is covetous of how you can use your curves to move to the music. The trouble is, if you just want to shimmy a short and wear ’ t peculiarly desire to stand out, it ’ s hard to stay in the shadows .

18. Short skirts or dresses can be a nightmare

You would think that a abruptly skirt or snip would be the lapp length all the way around, wouldn ’ metric ton you ? Unless it ’ mho designed to be asymmetrical, that ’ s precisely how a annulus is supposed to be .
however, for girls with wide hips, shortstop skirts and dresses tend to end up being much short. You might even notice that they ’ ra longer at the presence and short at the back. Who said fashion was easy ?

19. Patterns can often be a problem too

This tilt may make you think that wide hips and fashion wear ’ thymine go together, but they wholly do ! There are just some very common shopping problems that girls with wide hips have. Another is patterns on the bottom half. They either stretch out or they make your hips look bigger. I often stick with block colors on the bottom and go for patterns on the top. [ How : How to be a sex goddess who ’ south desired by all men ]

How to dress your curves and make the most of them

manner is made for everyone, careless of body type. however, certain fashions are best leave alone when you have larger hips. Of course, you can wear whatever you want and rock it like a fashionista, but if you want to be comfortable, it ’ s a effective idea to learn how to dress those killer curves to the soap !
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high waisted clothes will very show off that small waist and delightful hips, and you can add a crop top to up the prettiness factor – wear ’ t concern, it ’ s not going to be cropped, it will sit on your girdle !
Don ’ t hide your mid-section just because your hips are wide either, eventuate that form and you ’ ll have mouths dropping as you walk by – for all the right reasons .
Body bunco dresses are estimate if they ’ ra longer in duration but curtly ones may be something you want to pass on. Again, this is because the length will credibly cause the full-dress to ride astir and you ’ ll be constantly pulling it down. not fun ! alternatively, go for sexy musical instrument digital interface or maxi lengths and add a more fit lead if the hedge is flowing or a baggy tied or tucked in exceed if the hedge is more suit .
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The antique promenade style full-dress will besides look AMAZING on you ! empire lines are antic for wider hips. That ’ sulfur because they show off your smaller waist and balance out your shoulders and hips. You ’ re basically either showing off your hourglass or creating one .
At the end of the day, you wear whatever you feel comfortable in but never shy away from showing off those beautiful curves .
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Regardless of how your body was made, embrace it. Your curves and wide hips can be a struggle at times, but they’re a part of who you are.

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