5 Women Reveal Their Favorite Sex Toys—and How They Use Them

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We ‘ve all read some iteration of the classical “ What ‘s in her purse ? ” feature, wherein women reveal the contents of their bags and explain why they never leave the firm without hydrating font spray or emergency granola bars. These sub-rosa looks at people ‘s everyday essentials can be both informative and entertaining—and so we upped the ante by asking five women, straightaway and curious, partnered and not, ages 23 to 44, to show us what ‘s inside their sex-toy drawers. Read on for their intimate thoughts on their most cozy accessories. ( And, if something captures your imagination, go forth and shop ! )

Age: 23
Occupation: Social media editor
Identifies as: Female
Has sex with: Men
Relationship status: Partnered
Jimmyjane FORM 4 ( $ 145, shop.womenshealthmag.com ) : ” The FORM 4 is the only sex toy I own. It was a great investment, and I do n’t regret it. I use it chiefly outwardly, by myself, in bed—but there have been a few occasions where it ‘s joined me in the shower .
“ besides, my boyfriend and I have learned to use it together ( externally ) when we ‘re having sex in certain positions. I will say that it ’ s a small clunky, but highly effective, specially with the unlike speeds .
“ occasionally I buzz him with it, but that normally ends in a scream and me getting tickled or hit with a pillow. ”
Learn about the intrigue history of the sex dally :

Age: 25
Occupation:  Investment analyst
Identifies as: Female
Has sex with: Men
Relationship status: Single
California Exotic Novelties Waterproof Jack Rabbit-5 Rows ( $ 44, ) : “ My specifications : It had to be quiet—I had a roommate in college to think about. I wanted it to be water-repellent, have something for my clitoris, and [ be ] in a reasonable price range. This is pretty solid ; batteries eroded in it, but it ’ randomness all right. The mid-section is supposed to be massaging beads…My vagina is n’t sensible enough, I guess, to feel massage, so it ’ s kind of a useless affair. The vibrating on my clitoris is courteous with the rabbit ears, specially because I have a clitoris band. The majority of usage is solo, but my ex-boyfriend think it was fun to play with. ”
Fun Factory Stronic Eins ( $ 234, funfactory.com ) : “ truth be told, I never got off with my rabbit vibrator. certain, it would feel good, but it would n’t make me come. I decided that I needed to invest in more acute, heavy machinery. After much research, I found—and was a little frighten of — the Stronic Eins. It ‘s classified as a thruster—a next-gen vibrator for sure…I lie there idly like a dead fish and let it do the work. It ’ randomness courteous, but it fair is n’t a veridical dick. ”
Trinity Vibes Fill-er-up Butt Plug ( $ 15, ) : “ I LOVE Pinky ; that ‘s what he ‘s named. My ex-boyfriend got it for me, actually. He knew how much I could crave anal, so it was actually sweet of him. I use it with lubricant … when masturbate, having arouse, and every now and then I equitable put it in and wear it around the house…I love using it during sex ; I can get off from anal, so having that in while getting f*cked in the vagina makes for a hell of a depend on. It ’ mho kind of big, but with the cone shape, once you slip a little bit into your butt joint and loosen, it ’ randomness easy to slide the whole thing right on in. It ‘s my front-runner toy by army for the liberation of rwanda. ”

Age: 32
Occupation: Small-business owner
Identifies as: ” I ‘m a cisgender fagot femme leather girl. ”
Has sex with: “ I play with people of all genders ( including cis men ), angstrom long as they understand and respect queer femininity. ”
Relationship status: ” I live with my spouse, who is a trans man ; we have a non-monogamous relationship, but are identical committed to one another and build a life together. We ‘ve been dating in a primary-partner capability for over two years, but had a non-primary arrangement for a couple years before that. Outside of my kinship, closely all of my sexual interactions are kink-related, and by and large at curl or leather events. ”
Hitachi Magic Wand Personal Massager ( $ 60, shop.womenshealthmag.com ) : ” I buy a new one every few years ; it ‘s constantly been a basic, alone or with a collaborator. ”
Scarf and Babeland Bondage Tape ( $ 18, babeland.com ) : ” For bondage ( as a top, and with my sweetheart ), I stick with either the bondage tape, or vintage scarves ( which can besides be used to make an amazing dildo harness—I love a multifunctional token ). After a workshop with Midori, I in truth appreciated the versatility of scarf bondage : It ‘s much easier to change person ‘s position very promptly than with lasso bondage. Plus, it ‘s pretty. I like pretty. ” [ Ed. note : Scarves tend to bunch and create pressure points, increasing the risk of boldness or weave damage, indeed learn how to tie them properly before using them for bondage. ]
Opinel Carbon Blade No8 Folding Knife ( $ 13, opinel-usa.com ) : “ Used for cutting off bondage videotape, and casual knife play—not cut, but concern and sensation stuff. Never solo. I guess it ‘s no fun to try to scare myself ? ”
Babeland Jaguar Harness ( $ 105, babeland.com ) and Vixskin Buck ( $ 116, babeland.com ) : ” I prefer leather [ harnesses ] [ and have a ] diverseness of cocks, all from Babeland, and most made by Vixskin. Some smaller, for ass play, some larger. The Buck is a perennial favored ; I ‘m not psyched about balls on a dildo, most of the prison term. closely all tittup use is with a partner, although occasionally, if I ‘m psyching myself up before a scene or playdate where I ‘ll be using a tittup to f*ck person or get a cock sucking, I ‘ll get off while wearing my cock first base, either with the Hitachi or equitable by jerking off ( I ‘m physically sensible enough and find the whole matter hot adequate that the coerce from base of the dildo is sufficient ). ”
Sliquid ( $ 15, sliquid.com ) : ” Does good lubricate count as a sex toy ? It should. Makes all the difference in the worldly concern. ”
Crave Wink Vibrator ( $ 70, lovecrave.com ) : “ For travel, or ( because it ‘s so quiet ) when there are houseguests … It looks like a lipstick. I do n’t mind going through TSA with a bag of toys, but sometimes, it ‘s nice to keep things subtle. Either with a spouse or solo. ”
Classic Egg Vibrator ( $ 15, ) : ” I replace these annual ; the most late one was from Purple Passion. [ I ] normally [ use these ] with a partner. ”
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