What The Female Orgasm Really Sounds Like

I ‘m loud in bed, but I mean, I ‘m brassy as a person, but even by loud-person standards I ‘m loudly in go to bed. But what does the female orgasm sound like for others ? well, it depends on the person. My roommates have suffered through my loudly orgasm ( “ YOUR ROOM IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE build ! HOW CAN I HEAR YOU ? ! ” ) but I do n’t think there ‘s anything incorrectly with it. Plus, I ‘ve surely heard my roommates go at it vitamin a well, so sometimes we like to compare notes. It ‘s not the huff, groan, breathiness of a fake orgasm — an honest-to-god orgasm is a fortune less pretty, but way more aphrodisiac. I think that ‘s perplex, because most people look like they ‘ve been caught center through a sneeze when they ‘re getting off. How is it aphrodisiac ? I do n’t know, but it works. I would wholly recommend checking out Beautiful Agony ‘s ( NSFW ) video for a expect at how amaze and different real-life orgasms are, compared to what we see in pornography. so with all the fireworks and getting swept away in your orgasm, what are the noises that are coming out of your mouth ? hera are what real women say the female orgasm sounds like :

1. Leigh, 25

“ I do n’t personally make any noise at all. ”

2. Emma, 24


3. Rachel, 27

“Like something that is different for everyone.”

4. Becky, 33

“Mine kind of sounds like a creaky door hinge being opened and shut.”

5. Oonah, 40

“I’m usually very quiet and then whisper shout, ‘F*CK, OH F*CK’ and whilst breathing heavily and ‘miaoooow, miaooooow’.”

6. Joelle, 25

“I don’t think there’s one single definition! Some people have genuine orgasms that sound ‘porn-y;’ some people don’t make any sound.”

7. Alexis, 25

“It would be quiet but I play it up because men enjoy that more.”

8. Margot, 26

“Changes from woman to woman. But I would say that the breath usually quickens. Sometimes its merely a whimper other times its more of a guttural scream – I’ve been guilty of both.”

9. Meg, 21

“Well, my orgasm is a combination of low moaning, grunting, and high pitched squeaks. Not so much the sexy moaning from the pornos (I’ve only caught myself doing that a couple times, otherwise not completely realistic).”

10. Lea, 31

“In my case, moaning that escalates to guttural screaming. I often judge the quality of my orgasms by what animal noises they most resemble — anything from dolphin to mutilated seagull to a walrus fighting a polar bear. That’s a good one.”

11. Claire, 23

“ I sound like a hyena. I personally find it hilarious, but my partners seem to be into it. ¯\_ ( ツ ) _/¯ ”

12. Rachel, 32

“An unspeakable release. It’s quiet while it’s peaking and a sigh as it comes down.”

13. Jessie, 29

“ Loud, fast breathe and a few expletives. ”

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