5 New Ways to Make Woman on Top Sex Even Better

adjacent time things are heating up between you and your partner, take the opportunity to climb aboard and get on top. not lone can it be a distribute more playful than your common go-to position, but cowgirl-style sex offers clear-cut advantages.

“ You get a intuitive and symbolic sense of control when you ’ re not underneath the man, ” says Boston-based sex therapist Aline Zoldbrod, PhD, of SexSmart.com. Plus, if you have fuss reaching orgasm, being on clear lets you control the amphetamine and astuteness, she adds, so the legal action is more to your like. And you can do it all without ordering him to go hard, faster, or slower, like you may find yourself doing when he ‘s at the helm. True, woman on top itself is not new. But trying out different variations can help you discover precisely what brings you the most pleasure. “ Research shows that every single woman has a different recipe for what she likes, ” says Zoldbrod. here are five fresh new positions that make the most of being in the saddle.

The clitoral rock

Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse, says Zoldbrod. ( Which you already know, but it bears repeating. ) This womanhood on top spin delivers : When you ’ re comfortably on peak and he ‘s inside you, lean your body forward, your hands beside or over his head on the seam for support. Using your hips, rock back and forth and side to side until you find the angle that lets your clitoris hang-up against your partner ‘s lower abdomen or pubic bone. Your partner is practically caged inside you as you bring yourself to O township.

Lap dance

While your spouse sits comfortably cross-legged, lower yourself onto his penis in a sitting status, facing forward. Wrap your legs around his torso for libra, and hold each early at the shoulders or lower backs. Grind yourself slowly against him, swaying back and away while looking into each other ‘s eyes. This is a super close upgrade that maximizes body and eye contact. And with him supporting your body weight, you can focus entirely on all the pleasure you ‘re feeling.

Saddle squat

If you ‘re in the temper for hard and fast action, this one ‘s for you. Lower yourself onto your partner ‘s penis in a knee bend position, so your feet are flat on the bed and you can use your lower-body muscles to exponent your thrusts. You may not be able to sustain this position for very long, depending on how strong your legs are. But you ‘ll be able to get his penis deep inside you for maximum pleasure, and he can easily reach up and stroke your clitoris or breasts.

Reverse cowgirl

You ‘re on top of him in this one, but rather of facing forth, turn around to face his feet, extending your legs outside his. The benefit for him : a identical sexy opinion of your hips and border as you take charge of the demote and grate. Reverse cowgirl hits all your buttons too—your partner can easily touch your clitoris or play with your nipples for supernumerary foreplay. And if you arch your bet on, his penis can rub against your G-spot.

Reverse cowgirl leg stretch

normally during turn back cowgirl, your partner keeps his legs close up together, while you have yours outside his, maximizing your control. This construction has him widening his legs while you keep yours close inside his. With your legs close together, he ‘ll feel cozy inside your vagina, and that creates more intense and enjoyable clash. And since you ‘ll have less control over the yard and pierce, he gets to take over and steer the action. .. until you decide you want the reins again .

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