4 Surprising Reasons Your Feet Are Always Freezing: Neuhaus Foot & Ankle: Podiatry

thankfully, Middle Tennessee winters are pretty mild. While the podiatrists in Nashville are n’t treating frostbite, our foot doctors have seen a number of lost toes and amputated limbs .
We are a far shout from the freeze tundra and risk of frostbite, but you may still find that your feet are constantly cold. Are you, or person you know, always asking —

“Why are my feet always cold?”

aside from wearing the faulty socks or shoes, Sherlock ( say that three times very fast ) for the upwind, there could be an fundamental induce to constant cold feet.

If you have risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease such as history of fume, high blood coerce, high cholesterol, or diabetes, you decidedly want to read this .


#1: You have poor circulation

Poor circulation is one of the most common causes of cold feet .
When the temperature outside drops, your body works to keep your core warm .
As a result, your lineage vessels in your extremities constrict to limit circulation to the congress of racial equality depart of your body .
What happens to your toes, feet, ears and nose ?
They lose some of that circulation and become cold-to-the-touch .
That’s normal.
But don’t ignore these common causes of poor circulation:
Do you sit in Nashville traffic ? then do you sit all day for work ?
Poor circulation can be the leave of sitting excessively much from a sedentary life style. If you do n’t get up and move around, you ‘re increasing the likelihood of not getting enough circulation in the feet and toes, making your feet cool than the pillow of your body .
Poor circulation due to risk factors related to heart disease is much more concerning. Pumping rake through the body at a flying adequate pace can be a challenge and frequent cold feet can be a sign of the zodiac that something else is going on .

Peripheral Arterial Disease is a result of poor circulation in the feet and legs. 

This condition can have much more dangerous consequences and should be diagnosed and treated by a chiropodist. One of our podiatrists in Smyrna, Dr. Knox, does a great job of explaining Peripheral Arterial Disease in detail .

Last but not least, if you were or are a smoker, surprise, smoking can cause poor circulation besides.

#2: You have an iron deficiency

Are you getting enough iron ? Iron is a mineral with several crucial functions for your body, chiefly to make red blood cells and to carry oxygen throughout your body .
Iron insufficiency can cause anemia and jumper cable to symptoms like tire, but it can besides lead to chronic cold feet. Iron-deficiency anemia can occur even in very healthy people .
It can be treated relatively easily with changes in diet and by taking supplements .

#3 You have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes can cause not only feet that are cold to the affect, but besides feet that feel cold ascribable to nerve damage .
other symptoms may include apathy or prickling in the feet. If you ’ re experiencing any symptoms of nerve damage in the feet, see a chiropodist in Nashville or near you, and take excess manage to check them for cuts or injuries .

#4 You’re dealing with Hypothyroidism

When the thyroid doesn ’ thymine produce enough thyroid gland hormone, your body ‘s metabolism is affected .
Since metabolism controls both pulse and the body ’ randomness temperature, an hypoactive thyroid gland could contribute to reduced circulation and cold feet .
To boost metamorphosis, consider more exercise, feed more protein and less refined carbs, and keep off caffeine .

When to see a Podiatrist

If you ‘re dealing with frequent cold feet, first get a quality pair of wool socks. then if the cold feet continue, you may want to visit a chiropodist in Nashville or one near you. You can besides ask your primary care doctor about it at your next visit .
Make an appointment with your chiropodist vitamin a soon as possible if you experience cold feet and :

  • sores on your toes and feet that are taking a long time to heal
  • prolonged fatigue
  • weight changes
  • foot pain

Know anyone constantly complaining of being cold?

There could be something more going on than inadequate invest .
contribution this article or see one of our podiatrists in Nashville or at any of the Neuhaus Foot & Ankle clinics in Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Smyrna, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon or Waverly, Tennessee .

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