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It ‘s no secret that there are certain stigmas associated with being tall. We should all be basketball players is a big one. The everyday expectations of being a superior athlete, being more successful, and being the designated faint light bulb changer are besides park .
One definite perk up to being a tall guy is the excessive attention received from women.

As my bomber 6 feet friends continually point out to me, the majority of women seem to be drawn to tall guys like a attraction. At first, I shrugged it off as a paranoid concurrence they were creating to stir me up. The more it seemed to happen the more curious I became .
then one flush, after having my friend ‘s theory reinforced again, I decided to find out if it was merely me or do women broadly choose to approach improbable men over shorter men. What I discovered was a mixture of fascinating studies and cries for help from short guys .
Let me share my findings .

Why do women like tall men?

In short circuit, forgiveness my pun, women like grandiloquent men for many reasons. Could it be a aboriginal recommend lingering from 200,000 years of human survival of the fittest ? Or the fact that improbable men seem happier, more self-assured, and are probable to be less jealous of early men ?
much to my astonishment, my research succinctly pointed towards a definite drift. Women make a beeline for grandiloquent guys .
After trolling through articles about why women like tall guys, one affirmation that predominantly shows its face on every relate ‘tall guy ‘ article is that men over 6 feet gain more herculean roles in society and higher incomes on average. Could this be a contribute factor to their attractiveness ?
According to a analyze conducted by the American Psychological Association, men over 6 feet earn an extra $ 800 per class on average above their unretentive counterparts. The research worker for the study, psychologist Timothy Judge PhD, deduced that “ improbable people may have greater self-esteem and social confidence than shorter people. In turn, others may view tall people as more leader-like and authoritative. ”
If you want more proof that height equates to world power, good expression at the stats I found relating to USA leadership roles. In the USA population, where merely 14 % of males are over 6 feet, an outstanding 58 % of Fortune 500 company CEOs are over 6 feet !
Need more stats, over the course of the USA political history, the average President stood at 5 ‘ 11 ”, with George Washington standing at 6 ‘ 2 ”. Bearing in mind that the average american male is 5 ‘ 9 ”, and even smaller back in the 1700s, these are some impressive figures .
Tall boyfriend and short girlfriend

Evolutionary psychology

Looking at evolutionary psychology, there is a theory called assortative copulate that indicates humans tend to select mates that are similar to themselves, including acme. however, the credibility of this theory regarding stature differential gear is being put to the test. recent findings indicate that modern women prefer a serviceman to be 8 ” grandiloquent than themselves. Do you think that ‘s a reflection on the size heals they intend to wear ?
The study besides indicated that the predilection for tall people does not transcend the sexes. It seems that when it came to choosing an ideal partner, men were not so finical about height derived function .
“ The data showed that 13.5 % of the men wanted to date only women shorter than they are. In contrast, 48.9 % of women preferred tall men only. ”

Gender and height stereotypes in the media

In our highly communicative universe, it ‘s very easy to get tied up with stereotypes. We are constantly being fed information about how we should look, feel and act. Society uses mediums such as movies, magazines, news program, music, market, and influential people to reinforce certain messages.

I ca n’t help but wonder if this ceaseless barrage is the chief reason shorter women and tall women sway off from evolutionary trends in their choice of collaborator .
Throughout the filmdom age, women have been looking up into their bows eyes, men have been bending down to kiss, and let ‘s not forget the improbable and big hero who constantly sweeps in to save the damsel in distress. It sounds like every Disney movie, and that is what every little girl grows up looking for in a man .
Fun fact : Height is the second most-lied about feature on dating apps, entirely being outdone by ‘job ‘ .
Less talked about, and not very politically discipline, is the idea that women look to tall men for physical protection and security. Whether this sex stereotype is sensing or reality, there is a level of subconscious security women find alluring that only a tall man can offer .

Taller men seem stronger

so why is it so important for today ‘s heterosexual adult women to find tall partners ? Is it critical for them to find that elusive 8 ” altitude remainder in an ideal spouse ?
The truth is a short mix. Women state they do n’t want to be shorter than their spouse when wearing heels. Some women are drawn to the confidence, or perceived confidence a grandiloquent guy carries. Another comment I found interesting was women stated they liked grandiloquent guys to take some attention from themselves. If their guy is bigger than them, they feel more petite .
many girls who were interviewed about why they lean more towards taller men say tall guys make them feel safe. They hold the effigy of being able to protect a charwoman, to keep her and her class condom. They seem stronger .
Tall boyfriend and short girlfriend in grocery store

Tall Guy Genetics

In the risk of sounding sexist, women have a aboriginal urge to seek a match who will provide offspring with the best casual of survival. Seeking a tall, strong, and dominating specimen will equate to her children acquiring these like characteristics, frankincense surviving. Very aboriginal I know .
While these days it ‘s less about surviving and more about boom, these darwinian instinctual traits of our ancestors remain there on a deep level. No matter how autonomous and forward-thinking we regard ourselves, the desire to protect our genetic code still exists. This is a very real argue why women aim for grandiloquent partners .

Western perception: height preferences are not universal throughout the world

Is this predilection for tall males especial to western cultures ? Do women the global over long to be swept into the arms of a improbable protective type ?
In fact, studies have shown that women from different cultures have unlike preferences for the acme of their males. many men in other cultures are not fortunate enough to hold the like elect mark as westerners. An example is women in Namibia. They tend to choose either very exchangeable stature partners or shorter .

Wrap Up

As a tall guy, you have the upper berth hand when it comes to meeting women — that ‘s a prove fact. however, this opportunity is very ephemeral. It must be backed up with a kind disposition and a common sense of humor if you want to win the girlfriend long condition.

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