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Who Is A Healthy Person?

According to universe health administration, health is defined as a complete state of forcible, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease .
therefore, to have a healthy life one has to be physically, mentally and socially complete .
Tips for physical health (morning to night):

1. Always awake in the good morning ( 6am to 8am ) but after completion of atleast 6-8hrs rest. There is no motivation to get up at 4am. But, it is always advisable to get up on or before 8am .
2. Drink a glaze of hot water system just after getting up in the morning .
3. Try to go for a walk in the good morning ( else a flush walk will do ) .
4. Have dependable heavy breakfast in the dawn. Breakfast should be completed by 10am .
5. Afternoon meal should be between 12pm to 2pm .
6. Have a even nosh .
7. dinner should be done between 6pm to 8pm .
8. Try not to take any salt diet after 8pm for the good health .
9. Sleep cashbox 10-11pm, so as to get up after 6 to 8 hour sleep. Always keep mobile phones aside while sleeping, as it ‘s very much necessity to have a sound sleep .
10. In dispatch day drink atleast 3-4 litters of water thus to keep your skin glowing and keeping you hydrated .
11. wear mask in the debris and polluted areas .
12. Avoid smoking & alcohol arsenic a lot as possible .
Tips for mental health (morning to evening):
1. Do yoga or meditation for atleast 20-30min ( ideally between 6am to 8am ).

2. Try to control anger in every possible way. To control anger always try to think what if you were on his/her place .

3. Always keep in thinker if you are angry, it will affect merely newton only your health .
4. Try not to expect batch from others, as this will not hurt yourself .
5. Try your floor best to expect more from yourself, as it will be motivating .
6. Keep calm and think before you speak, preferably than regretting afterwards .
7. Always keep your temper cool in what so always circumstances. When always you unable to control you temper try following things ;
• watch yourself in the mirror
• do deep breathing for 2min
• go for a walk or a light run and think of whole scenario entirely in a positive way.
If atleast any one of this is done, your anger will vanish .

Tips for social health:
1. Always in the morning try on to greet everyone one with a good morning with a bright smile .
2. Try to be identical humble to your people ( family ) .
3. Outside your home judge to be first to say thanks or blue. As this will create a thoroughly impression and saying blue in any argument will vanish a anger .
4. Try to be help oneself elders.

5. Try to have a talk with your family and friends, preferably than sitting entirely .
6. Try to be in social standard atmosphere, rather than being alone .
Hence, one who can synchronise the physical mental & social atmosphere at a complete flat, will only be a goodly person, and not just the absence of a disease .

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