What are the Basic Conditions Necessary for Keeping Good Health

There are some basic conditions or requirements for keeping good health are given below –
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  1. For keeping good health, we should take balanced diet which contains required amounts of all the essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. We should also take adequate quantities of water, and roughage – rich foods such as salad.
  2. For keeping good health, we must breathe clean and pure air because clean and pure air is necessary for good health. Now clean and pure air is becoming luxury item in these days particularly in big cities because in big or metro cities, air pollution is caused by the smoke emitted by chimneys of factories, exhaust fumes of motor vehicles, and industrial units. Breathing of clean and pure air is polluted with these whole pollutants causes chronic respiratory problem and other several diseases.
  3. For keeping good health, we should do daily exercise which keeps the mind and body fit. Physical exercise also controls obesity and weight which is harmful for our health.
  4. For keeping good health, we should take clean and hygienic food. The various food materials such as fruits and vegetables should be washed properly with clean water before eating or cooking because fruits and vegetables bought from the market usually have a coating of poisonous chemicals called pesticides.
  5. For keeping good health, we should avoid bad habits of chewing tobacco and smoking tobacco in the form of cigarettes and beedi. Drinking alcohol and taking narcotic drugs are also bad habits which should be avoided for keeping good health. Smoking tobacco leads to a higher risk of cancer and heart diseases and chewing tobacco can lead to oral cancer. Drinking alcohol reduces the alertness of mind and makes the brain dull. Excessive use of alcohol damages liver. Several drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and morphine can cause many physical and mental diseases such as damage to the eyes and hearing capacity of ears. They also damage nervous system and cardiovascular system.
  6. For keeping good health, we should maintain personal cleanliness such as taking bath daily with clean water and soap, daily changing clothes and washing hands properly before taking foods such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. If we do not bath e or change clothes regularly then the growth of micro-organisms takes place in our body and undressed clothes to give foul smell. The micro-organisms may cause many diseases particularly which is related to the skin. We should wash hands properly with soap and clean water every time before eating food or after visiting toilet. Unwashed and dirty hands lead to many diseases.
  7. For keeping good health, we should take proper care of domestic hygiene. Domestic hygiene includes good habits of cooking food, storing food, and keeping the house neat and clean. Micro-organisms can infect and spoil our food so food should be cooked properly to destroy the micro-organisms. The utensils used for cooking the food should be clean. Food should be covered and stored at a proper place away from the reach of flies and insects.

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