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MADE.COM is a brand based in London, England that designs and retails homewares and furniture on-line, and across a network of experiential showrooms in Europe. The ship’s company was founded by serial entrepreneur Ning Li [ 2 ] ( CEO ) and Brent Hoberman ( Chairman ), together with Julien Callède [ 3 ] ( COO ) and Chloe Macintosh .

history [edit ]

MADE.COM was launched in March 2010 with £2.5 million [ 4 ] fund and the administration late received £6m [ 5 ] [ 6 ] in series B finance. In January 2013 MADE.COM launched in France led by digital entrepreneur David Vanek. [ 7 ] In September 2013 MADE.COM launched in Italy. In the lapp calendar month Philippe Chainieux, formally CEO of Meetic/ Europe was appointed as managing director [ 8 ] and MADE.COM aired its inaugural television ad in the UK, Great Design Direct From The Makers. [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

In October 2013, MADE.COM was selected as one of the initial 25 new UK businesses by the british government ‘s Future Fifty course of study of high-growth technology companies that the government wanted to help to expand and float. [ 10 ] In December 2013 MADE.COM Co-Founder and early CEO, Ning Li, accompanied the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and other UK business delegates on a major trade wind stumble to China. [ 11 ] In September 2014 MADE.COM launched in the Netherlands and 6 months late, in March 2015, MADE launched the web site in Germany led by Gloria Maria Reuss. In March 2015 Chloe Macintosh stepped down adenine creative Director. [ 12 ] In July 2015 MADE.COM raised $ 60m ( £38m ) in growth capital from Partech and Eight Roads Ventures to accelerate its expansion into Europe. [ 13 ] In January 2017, founder Ning Li announced that he would be stepping down american samoa foreman executive of the company, but would remain involve as frailty Chairman of the board. The announcement came as the company reached £100m in sales. [ 14 ] In March 2018, after reporting another 40 % year on year sales growth, raised a far £40m equity financing from institutional investors in order to consolidate its commercialize position in Europe. [ 15 ] In May 2021, announced plans to list on the London Stock Exchange and raise approximately £100 million by selling new shares. [ 16 ] In June 2021, MADE.COM completed its IPO on the London Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of £775 million. [ 17 ]

Operations [edit ]

MADE.COM does not own any of its factories, alternatively it commissions factories to meet its orders. [ 18 ] The caller ‘s head office is based in London and it besides operate regional offices in China and Vietnam. In addition, it operates warehouse and distribution facilities at London Gateway and in Ipswich. Its UK customer services department is besides headquartered in Ipswich, Suffolk. In 2012 sales grew by 200 % compared to 2011 [ 18 ] and in 2012 grew by between one and two people per week. [ 18 ] MADE.COM opened its Ninth Floor Showroom, in Notting Hill during London Design Festival 2012. [ 19 ] On 16 December 2013 MADE opened the doors to its showroom at Redbrick Mill in Batley. [ 20 ] In January 2015 MADE opened its flagship showroom in Soho, London ( 100 Charing Cross Road ). [ 21 ] In April 2019 the flagship showroom in Soho was tripled in size to more than 1,100 m2 ( 12,000 sq foot ). [ 22 ] In March 2020, the company confirmed that they were withdrawing from Denmark and Sweden to focus operation on its key markets, although it did not rule out returning in the future .

occupation model [edit ]

MADE.COM streamlines the furniture design and manufacture process [ 23 ] allowing it to take products from design to sale in angstrom short as four months. MADE.COM releases two raw collections a workweek. [ 9 ] The company minimises overheads by selling on-line, grouping orders of the same token, not owning its factories and build conclusion working relationships with factories and designers. [ 18 ] Its web site showcases furniture designs and encourages people to vote for their favorite. Crowd-sourced designs go into production and people who voted can go on to purchase them should they reach production. [ 24 ] Orders are then placed directly with the manufacturer for mass production. once produced, these orders are shipped and then dispatched to customers. [ 25 ]

Designers [edit ]

MADE.COM collaborates with a number of designers including Steuart Padwick, Busetti Garuti Redaelli, James Harrison, Nina Campbell, Ian Archer, Philip Colbert, Ilaria Marelli, Genevieve Bennett, John Stefanidis and Alison Cork. [ 19 ]

In 2013 MADE.COM in partnered with the Design Museum in a contest to design roadster sofa as separate of its Future Is Here exhibition. The winning entrance was put into product. [ 26 ]

References [edit ]

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