Beauty of the Backshot

intimate sexual intercourse is surely one of the best parts of human life. It ’ second evening better when the people involved are open-minded and committed to giving pleasure rather than egotistically focusing on “ gettn theirs ”.

Anyhow, I ’ megabyte not focusing on sex in general today, I ’ thousand talking about the beauty of the Backshot, Backaz, Doggy Style or whichever name you call it.

Lotsa women love it and it seems to be the overwhelm darling among men careless of subspecies, religious doctrine, ethnicity, socioeconomic standing and any other class of which one can conceive. Why is the backshot such a hit ? I chose to reflect on my intimate memories and a few ocular aids to try and figure it out, so here goes…

Missionary can become humdrum and besides puts a bit of pressure on the back as can be cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Backshot allows for kneeling and standing positions to be engaged frankincense easing that back blackmail. It can be both cardinal or sensual, tender or rough, nasty or loving. The backshot allows for a band aid when she hikes her skirt and you bend her over a piece of furniture, a vehicle, a tree stump or any other venue as you look out to see if you ’ rhenium being watched. A dependable backshot can be the acme of a night of love hold or a rent booming ride when all you want to do is fuck 🙂

Ego stroking
The backshot is a position of laterality and control. She is on her hands and knees, completely submissive. This is not at all degrading to her as she allows me to take her and have my manner with her. I dig my fingers into her shank and grip tightly while thrusting into her and simultaneously pulling her back against me. This allows me to control how quickly or slowly she slides over my rock-solid stopcock.

I ’ m in full moon control of how cursorily I cum or how long I death. We normally start off slowly, but when the heating system of the here and now kicks in then we go brainsick “ jack mallet ” ; less caressing and in comes the spanking, smacking, hair’s-breadth pull, head bumping into what ’ second in front of her lol – some cardinal type behavior. Being able to penetrate her deep, hard, and fast is beyond words.

Delivering a proper backaz strokes more than just my hammer, my ego gets stroked besides. I can end longer than in other positions ( that ’ s significant to me as a man ). No lie, I feel like a real man when I pound her from behind with energy, energy and vitality until her knees crumble from the sheer pleasure of it all.

And then there is the sound. There ’ south nothing like the audio and cycle when our respective pelvises connect ( gonorrhea clap clap clap ). Add to the mix her moans and groans of pleasure. Sometimes it ’ second enough to make me empty myself “ ahead of time ”. The erotic sounds always inspire me to merely thrust harder, faster and deeper, but I got tantalum resist because she ’ s not fix for me to cum so far.

Men are ocular creatures. We like to look. A charwoman ’ south curves, edges and perfect imperfections are like fluid artwork to us. There ’ south nothing to most men I know like staring at a woman ’ second buttocks. When she ’ s positioned for a backshot it ’ sulfur even more of a pleasure to behold as it makes her round ass expect even rounder and more curvy. then there ’ s all of her back fair exposed for caressing, licking, rubbing, massaging etc.

I love it when she looks over her shoulder in this position and our eyes “ make 4 ”. I fair wan sodium go cardinal.
In that placement she ’ s quite exposed, I good have to stand and pay court while staring for a brief here and now. Ain ’ t nothing like staring at a pretty purulent from buttocks. OMG I don ’ thyroxine even know how to put it in words… beat arsenic, thickly thighs, defined calves, pointy toes and that fat catch with my mention all over it.

If she ’ second wet and her juices are all over that pussy it ’ s surely one of the best things to behold. At that point I can barely wait to get it ( or get rear in ). Each stroke coats my cock with her juices and if the ignition is right I get to glance at my cock glitter as I withdraw and reinsert. Watching her writhe in pleasure, arch her back, slap the bed or furniture etc. is barely awesome to witness. I ’ megabyte grateful for the giving of view.

More to do
There are so many things I can do with my hands when I take her from behind. Gripping her hips tightly, holding onto her shoulders, tugging or otherwise play in her hair, running my hands along her sides, reaching around to massage breasts, tweaking nipples, reach down and stimulating that clitoris, pull her hair’s-breadth to pull her head back or turn her head to give her a kiss, choke her ( if she ’ randomness into that brainsick bullshit lol ), grab her arms and pull them back for leverage. The list goes on…

I think I ’ ve said adequate because I may just end up molesting my laptop… Happy holidays, may they be merely orgasmic .

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