What Sex Feels Like For A Woman For The First Time, According To 8 Women

Women are told so many things about what sexual activity first time feels like : that they ‘re going to bleed like a cling slob ; that it ’ randomness going to hurt like hell ; that it should merely be with person special. They ‘re besides told that losing their virginity is defined by the first clock time a penis enters their vagina. But that ‘s good the case. Sure, for some women it hurts and some women bleed and some women think they haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate had sexual activity until they ’ ve been penetrated by a penis. But for all of the women who have those experiences, there are at least an peer number who don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bleed, suffering, or ever have a penis go into their vagina — but are silent decidedly not “ virgins. ” Dr. Britney Blair, PsyD, CBSM, AASECT, a clinical psychologist, sexual activity therapist, and founder of the sexual health app Lover, says that the reason there are so many myths around what arouse feels like for a woman is because there ‘s a fortune of misinformation floating about. “ It ‘s presented as something that ’ south done to us, something we lose, preferably than something women can be quite agitate about, ” Dr. Blair tells Bustle. “ And, with the right homework, it could actually set her for a actually good meter. ” Of class, not everyone who has a vagina is a charwoman — and not all women have vaginas. But because the cultural understand of “ losing your virginity ” is indeed rooted in the gender binary and the experience of heterosexual, penis-in-vagina sexual activity ( PIV ), the terminus “ womanhood ” is allow here. Assigned-female-at-birth ( AFAB ) people who do n’t identify as women may have alike experiences and assigned-male-at-birth transgender women likely wo n’t.

But every inaugural time is different, of course, even for the two ( or, in some special cases, more than two ) people involved. flush the definition of beginning clock can be different, with some folks counting oral arouse or digital penetration as the clock they lost their virginity. hera ‘s what it was like for eight different women .

1. Marvy, 24. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

For some people, it takes a fiddling moment of time to actually be ready, even when they think they ‘re already there. That could be for a variety show of reasons : possibly they need to warm their bodies up a fiddling more or relax so they ‘re not besides tense or possibly they just need an understand boyfriend, like Marvy had. “ My beginning PIV know was precisely what I wanted it to be, ” Marvy, 24, tells Bustle. “ I was 19, my partner was 23, and he was the sweetest, most pleasure-focused boyfriend I ‘d had up until that point. We were long distance, so I came to visit him for a week. For a workweek, we kept trying, but I was besides nervous to relax ( and he was a bit ample in the penis department ). finally, after basically a workweek of foreplay, we made it happen, and it was capital. ”

2. Lily, 26. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

One of the reasons for the painful-first-time narrative is because people of all genders are n’t taught about the indigence for lots of warmly up before PIV sex. ( I say “ warm-up ” alternatively of “ foreplay ” because “ foreplay ” implies that everything before the penis goes in is n’t sex. ) unfortunately, that was the character for Lily. “ It felt comparable pain, ” Lily, 26, tells Bustle. “ I was a bantam girl, he was a big ( hem ! ) guy, and I was n’t precisely warmed up because I was 14 and stupid. ” Dr. Blair says that not paying enough attention to the warm-up is the number one rationality PIV sexual intercourse hurts for many vagina-havers. “ Take a very slow warm-up, habit lots of lubrication, and go slow, ” Dr. Blair says .

3. Sarah, 38. First time: Oral (girl on girl)

It might come as no big surprise, but woman are actually more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women. According to a 2018 survey from the University of Arkansas that included 2,300 women of varying sexualities, women are actually 33 % more probable to orgasm with another womanhood than with a man. possibly that explains why Sarah, 38, tells Bustle her inaugural time with another charwoman “ felt like shooting stars soaring through my body and specially tingling my toes. ” Dr. Blair does n’t even use the condition “ virgin ” because, she says “ it ‘s so heteronormative. ” “ I think that it ’ s an antique terminus, ” Dr. Blair says. “ All of the arouse that we have that ’ s outside of PIV sexual intercourse, I consider sex. PIV sexual intercourse is just a minor aspect of it. ”

4. Michelle, 27. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

While most women need a good total of making out, oral arouse, and rubbing before their vulva and vaginas are ready for penetration, unfortunately that ‘s frequently not the case with first-time PIV. Or, as was the event for Michelle, their adolescent boyfriends do n’t actually understand what “ warming up ” entails.

“ I was then nervous to lose my v-card — thinking it would be indeed irritating and I ‘d bleed everywhere — but it only hurt a spot, ” Michelle, 27, tells Bustle. “ I remember thinking ‘This does n’t hurt besides bad ! ‘ What I did n’t know was that my boyfriend basically just put the tiptoe in to ‘warm me up. ‘ I bled the first three times I ‘had sex, ‘ which were basically barely penis warmups. My sweet boyfriend was patient and worried he ‘d hurt me that we took it truly slow. ”

5. S, 22. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

“ It felt … full, ” S., 22, tells Bustle. “ Like being plugged up, or like taking a sh*t in reverse from the front. ”

6. Ziggy, 29. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

unfortunately, the stereotype of the ridicule precisely going for and the girlfriend flinch in pain does still apply to some people ‘s first time. And, like Ziggy, some of those people have figured out very colorful metaphors to describe the feel. “ Like trying to shove an 18-wheeler into a bicycle torment, ” Ziggy, 29, tells Bustle. “ It was n’t well planned, and he was n’t much for foreplay. ”

7. M, 16. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

sometimes a person ‘s first time is merely … Weird. Like you ‘re not certain what ‘s going on ? Or whether it feels full ? Or whether you tied like it ? “ Strange and a little painful, ” M., 16, tells Bustle. “ Was n’t certain if I liked it or not. ”

8. Kess, 32. First time: Penis in vagina sexual intercourse

And, sometimes, it ‘s fair kind of “ meh. ” Kess, 32, says her first base clock time having PIV was “ not superintendent afflictive but far from the mind-bending know I expected. ” A bunch first gear times are like the know Kess had : not bang-up, but not frightful either. But one thing this list makes actually clear is that women have a across-the-board range of experiences their “ first base fourth dimension, ” no matter how they define it. Studies referenced : Willis, Malachi, et aluminum. ( 2018 ) Are Women ’ s Orgasms Hindered by Phallocentric Imperatives ? Archives of Sexual Behavior hypertext transfer protocol : //link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-018-1149-z

Experts : Dr. Britney Blair, PsyD, CBSM, AASECT, clinical psychologist and sex therapist, The Clinic This article was primitively published on July 21, 2015

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