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First-class accommodation is available for a supplement.


She began supplementing her diet with vitamins.

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But melatonin or any supplement should not form the foundation of your sleep hygiene.

Dr. Michael Daignault, USA TODAY, 3 Dec. 2021

All told, supplement recalls are not exactly common.

Yoni Heisler, BGR, 2 Dec. 2021

Solo travelers will have to pay a single supplement.

Jessica Poitevien, Travel + Leisure, 30 Nov. 2021

People with enough money to build bespoke personal supplement regimens rarely have deficiencies.

Amanda Mull, The Atlantic, 22 Nov. 2021

The most exhaustive Medicare supplement plan, or Medigap, is Medigap Plan F.

Justin Brock, Rolling Stone, 19 Nov. 2021

The shingles vaccine is very safe, but no vaccine, like no drug, supplement or herbal medicine, is 100% safe.

Dr. Keith Roach, oregonlive, 18 Nov. 2021

In September Brazil and Chile approved the use of Bovaer, a synthetic feed supplement developed by Dutch bioscience company DSM that reduces methane emissions in dairy cows by 30%, and up to 80% in beef cattle.

Aryn Baker, Time, 17 Nov. 2021

Among other campaigns, Ackman took on investor Carl Icahn over health supplement maker Herbalife, shorting its stock and calling the business a pyramid scheme.

Michael Hytha, Fortune, 12 Nov. 2021

holocene Examples on the Web : verb

To help supplement hospital staffing, the Department of Defense sent nearly two dozen US Army members to help fill in the holes and care for the roughly 500 patients the facility is treating these days.

Jack Hannah, Jason Carroll And Christina Maxouris, CNN, 17 Dec. 2021

The Nashes milk their cows twice a day, grow their own feed and recently opened a creamery and a cheese plant to help supplement costs.

Teny Sahakian, Fox News, 29 Nov. 2021

In August, the bureau dipped into its groundwater reserves for several weeks to help supplement Bull Run water amid a dry, hot summer.

oregonlive, 16 Nov. 2021

Several studies demonstrated a moderate reduction in the rate of upper respiratory tract infections in those who supplement with Vitamin D.

Dr. Michael Daignault, USA TODAY, 12 Nov. 2021

But a majority of investment buyers are smaller companies and individuals: mom-and-pop landlords, tech workers looking to diversify their portfolios, teachers who supplement their paltry paychecks by Airbnb-ing properties on the side.

New York Times, 12 Nov. 2021

Vegetables raised there help supplement the meals at the center.

La Risa R. Lynch, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9 Nov. 2021

Care decisions, including whether to supplement a kid’s vitamin D on their own, were effectively out of their hands.

Charles Piller, Science | AAAS, 12 Aug. 2021

Klemz and others have insisted that the funds are constitutionally dedicated to supplement state spending on the outdoors, not supplant it.

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Tony Kennedy, Star Tribune, 8 Apr. 2021

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