What Happens When You Lose Your Virginity

Key takeaways:

  • Losing your virginity means having sex for the foremost time .
  • The estimate of virginity can apply to people of any gender or sexual orientation .
  • There is no hard-and-fast definition of virginity, because there is no hard-and-fast definition of sexual activity.
  • even though the idea of virginity is obscure, deciding whether or not to have sexual activity for the first time is inactive a bad cope .

Computer keyboard with stethoscope and prescription pad ad ad You might have heard that a pure is person who has never had sex. And losing your virginity normally means having sex for the foremost meter. But what does that in truth mean ? The idea of virginity is ancient. The bible “ pure ” has deep roots in our polish and history, and it shows up in everything from our religious practices to our fairy tales. We can use it to describe things that are unmoved, like a virgo rain forest. But when we ’ rhenium talking about sex, the password ’ south farseeing history doesn ’ triiodothyronine make its entail any clear .

There is no strict definition of sex

To some people, the password “ sex ” means sexual sexual intercourse — that is, the kind of penis-in-vagina sex that people with typically male and female body parts can have in concert, sometimes for the purposes of creating children. But it ’ randomness pretty net that this definition doesn ’ t quite capture the hale estimate of sex or of being sexually active. alternatively, it raises all kinds of questions. For case, would you call it arouse if you had almost-sex, oral sex, or anal sex ? What about sex using sex toys ? Or internet sex ? What if person international relations and security network ’ t sure if they had arouse ? And, honestly, how long does sex have to last in order for it to count as sex ? That ’ sulfur just the begin. Some more examples are as follows :

  • enough of same-sex couples might say they ’ ve been sexually active together for years without ever having penis-in-vagina sex .
  • We can ’ metric ton use baby-making likely as depart of the definition of sexual activity, because with in-vitro fertilization ( IVF ) you can get fraught without always having sex .
  • And what about people who were forced or coerced into having sex — should we call that sex, or should we call that something else ?

The buttocks line is, there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine a single definition of sex that we can all agree on. And if we ’ re all using different ( or changing ) definitions of sex, it ’ s hard to agree on whether or not person has done it .

Losing your virginity is an idea, not a physical change

even if we don ’ t agree on what, precisely, counts as sex, most people have some theme of what it means to be sexually active. And the fact remains that when you enter into a sexual relationship with person, it ’ sulfur distillery a boastfully conduct .

What happens to my body when I lose my virginity? 

Provided you don ’ thyroxine get meaning or catch any sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs ), it ’ mho possible your soundbox won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate change much at all the first time you have sex. If you have female-typical body parts with a vagina, your hymen might tear. This sometimes happens when you have penetrating arouse for the first time. The hymen is a voiced piece of weave that partially covers the open to the vagina in some people. It doesn ’ t completely cover the vaginal opening. If it did, you wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to get your menstruation or use a tampon. If your hymen gets damaged because of sex, it could cause some shed blood. But not everyone is born with a hymen, and it doesn ’ triiodothyronine necessarily take a penis to tear it. If it does tear during sex, it could tear a little bit more when you have sex again in the future. And sometimes hymens tear for other reasons — like riding a motorcycle or participating in sports .

What else happens when I lose my virginity?

If virginity and being a virgo — or not being a virgo — are important to you, you might experience some aroused upheaval the first gear fourth dimension you have sex. Depending on your circumstances, losing your virginity might make you feel :

  • vulnerable
  • excite
  • guilty
  • extra

Becoming sexually active often means getting emotionally airless to another person. This can be fantastic, terrifying, or many things in between. Having a relationship break aside after having sex — specially if it was the first time you had sex — can be particularly difficult, excessively. When you consider all those things, it ’ sulfur clear the emotional changes that come with losing your virginity can be much more powerful than the physical ones. ad ad

Am I different after I lose my virginity?

not in truth. emotionally, you might feel different. And, sure, there ’ s a chance your hymen might have torn. But it is a deep-rooted myth that something charming inside you changes the first time you have sex .

Can other people tell when I’ve lost my virginity?

No — not in a forcible smell, anyhow. But the emotional and social changes that come with becoming sexually active much lead people to act differently, so there ’ south a luck others could pick up on that. It is sometimes possible for a medical professional to see the hymen during a gynecological examination. But having a tear or damaged hymen doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate prove you had sex. other things can damage a hymen, and some people don ’ t have an intact hymen to start with .

Is there any way to get my virginity back?

Of course, you can ’ t go back in time to undo things you ’ ve already done. so, in that feel, the suffice is no. But since the mind of virginity is undefined, it ’ s potential that whether or not you can get your virginity binding might depend on what virginity means to you. For you, does virginity only apply to certain types of sex ? Or is it more connect to the herculean impact of becoming well involved with a partner ? And, honestly, does it even matter ? If you have regrets about sex, take control condition. If you ’ re still in a sexual kinship that you don ’ thyroxine like, take steps to end it. Having sex once ( or doubly or 100 times ) doesn ’ metric ton mean you ever have to do it again. If you had sex in the past but wish you hadn ’ metric ton, focus on the future. You might not be able to change things you ’ ve done, but you can decide to label it a memorize know and move forward. No one makes the right choices all the time, but you can decide to handle things differently from immediately on .

The bottom line

Losing your virginity means having sex for the first time — and if you think that sounds dim, you ’ re right. The definition of virginity varies because the definition of sex varies. That means you get to decide precisely what virginity means to you. No matter what you call it ( or how you do it ), deciding whether or not to have sex for the inaugural time is an authoritative decisiveness with potential consequences .image

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