What Anal Sex Really Feels Like, From Men Who’ve Tried It

Anal sexual activity is in. To be fair, it has been for quite some time ( and for queer men, it ’ randomness always been in ). In fact, Marie Claire went as far to call 2014 the “ year of the Booty, ” and in December of that year, Mic wrote a sport called : This class Was a Game-Changer for Anal Sex — even for the People Who Were n’t Having It. Six years late, anal is silent going strong. As a sex writer, I ’ megabyte constantly asked to write pieces about how to have healthier and more enjoyable anal sexual activity. By why is everyone talking about anal sex now ? In big region, it ‘s because a sex-positive revolution is happening, and we ’ rhenium more open to exploring our sex and vocalizing our desires. ( For the record, people were always having anal sex before it was “ in ” —the mainstream media merely wasn ’ t talking about it the lapp way. ) besides, anal sex feels in truth fucking good. Plain and simple. It feels good to do things to person else ’ sulfur cigarette, and have person else do things to your target. actually, the more butts involved during arouse, the better. Do n’t just take my password for it. I reached out to 12 sex-positive men, asking them to describe, in detail, what anal arouse feels like. Their answers make it clearly that anal sex international relations and security network ’ thymine just in—it ’ sulfur hera to stay.

What anal sex feels like for the insertive partner (a.k.a. the “top”):

Neil, 28 : “ I love anal because it feels like my cock is being crushed into pure heaven in every steering, if that makes sense. ” Joey, 29 : “ In my experience, buttholes feel tighter than vagina 99 % of the time. That extra imperativeness of an arsenic ’ s rigorous handle around your cock feels like nothing else you ’ ve ever experienced. It ’ s a wholly different experience from vaginal sex. ”

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Brad, 30 : “ What I like most about anal is the unleash of intimate energy. Leaving a handprint on their fuck. Having rub marks down my back. Getting sweaty. Just the bluff cardinal animalism of it all. ” Stephen, 31 : “ I found the best thing about sticking my cock into person ’ second american samoa is dominance. Taking control and going a arduous or soft as you want is a huge expression to me. however, this always means taking your collaborator into bang-up consideration. For exemplar, starting slow and easy, adding in lots of foreplay, possibly dirty lecture to make them feel desirable and more ‘ready ‘ to take it. ” Gregory, 29 : “ The feeling of person ’ second arsenic slapping against my thighs, or their hole stiffen around my dick is incredibly empowering. Watching them react when I know I ‘m stimulating them in a way they ‘re enjoying is a huge self hike because, in a feel, there ’ s a kind of possession over this other person ’ mho orgasm. ”

What anal sex feels like for the receptive partner (a.k.a. the “bottom”):

Edwin, 35 : “ My darling separate of anal sexual activity is decidedly the foreplay. The sensation of a clapper hitting those spots takes the feel to a different level. It just builds onto the anticipation for pick up, and for me, that time in between is the most erotic. Once inside, it feels like every boldness ending in my body is being touched. It ’ s the perfect balance of pain and pleasure. ” Guillermo, 22 : “ After getting into recovery, sex was something that was sort of new to me again. I felt like a digest again virgin but I still knew what to do. Bottoming feels great without any inhalants, and it ’ s a set more intimate. ” Bruno, 26 : “ Anal sex has constantly felt like a giant stress relief to me. I ’ ve much said ‘ I need to get this hangover fucked out of me, ’ because that ’ s how beneficial anal sex feels. With the correct partner, it ’ s a euphoric experience that can both mellow you out and put you to fucking work. ”

Barret, 30 : “ To me, receiving anal sex feels like total vulnerability. It ’ s like having all your secrets laid bare in battlefront of person. But it ’ s besides euphoric, and fabulous. Receiving anal sex feels like realizing the ability of your oddity. It takes every unkind feel or think you ’ ve ever had about yourself, every smudge anyone has ever called you, and puts a certain total of pleasure behind the “ dishonor ” of sex. And in that here and now, when you ’ re getting your guts rearranged, you feel aphrodisiac, and herculean and gay. ” This content is imported from { embed-name }. You may be able to find the same subject in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site .

Eliot, 24 : “ First of all, I ‘m a masochist. not that all bottom is irritating, but by and large, there is some discomfort, particularly at first, and particularly with larger penises. But the discomfort normally goes away promptly ( with enough lubricant ) and is replaced with this insidious find of being stretched or filled. And that is what I love—that pressure. It makes me hard and builds the longer and harder I bottom. The feel finally takes over, until it ‘s all I can think about is that coerce against my prostate and in my penis until I orgasm. ” Kiel 27 : “ Anal feels like both eden and sin. It ’ mho hard to explain why the sometimes “ afflictive ” stretch or depth is intoxicating, but the spirit of a well-lubed denude penis moving back and forth is amazing. I can feel my prostate being hit and massaged. Anal sex feels like that first base glass of unsweetened ice tea on a hot summer day. It feels like the hot shower after a weekend camping trip. It ’ randomness tickle, orgasmic, and arrant. ” Kevin, 30 : “ Good anal sex is like eating a delectable meal that is besides hot. Those foremost moments are filled with a slenderly uncomfortable ace assorted with bits of euphoria. During this time, you are bordering between regret, eagerness, anxiety, and pleasure. After a deep hint out and an inhale of decision, clock passes and the meal cools. You then enter a state of delectable consumption, as your loot devours their penis .
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