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What do humans need to stay healthy?

What we eat and how we live can improve how we feel and stop us getting sick .
Searcher, one of the Eat Move Learn team, dressed up as a doctor Being goodly helps you feel good and means you ’ re less probably to get pale. It can besides help you not get brainsick when you ’ ra older .
Guess what ? If you make certain you exercise, corrode well, and wear sunscreen and a hat in the sun, you can besides help make sure you are a fitter pornographic when you grow up. That includes protecting you against cancer, diabetes and heart disease .
To stay healthy it ’ south important that you eat a balance diet, which means eating food from different food groups in the right amounts.

Balanced diet

All the food we eat can be divided into five groups .
A balanced diet includes all the food groups. Different foods give your body unlike nutrients, which are things your consistency needs to serve .
It ’ mho authoritative to eat lots of different fruit and vegetables. Different coloured fruit and vegetables besides have different vitamins and minerals .

  • Eat a rainbow! Check out all these red and green and yellow and orange plant foods

Foods high in fatty, salt and carbohydrate ( like cocoa, sweets and cakes ) don ’ thyroxine give us many nutrients so it ’ sulfur best not to eat these excessively much .
Let ’ s take a look at some of the nutrients we need .


We need different vitamins to keep healthy. Vitamin C is good for our skin and vitamin A is good for our eyesight.

You find vitamins in fruits and vegetables, kernel, dairy food and wholegrains .


We besides need different minerals. calcium helps to keep our bones potent and iron keeps our blood healthy .
You find minerals in kernel, milk, green vegetables and pisces .


Starchy foods are foods such as potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, cassava or yams. These all contain carbohydrates and fiber. Carbohydrates give us energy .


Protein is needed to grow and repair. You find protein in kernel, pisces, eggs, nuts and pulses ( such as beans and lentils ).


Did you know that over three-quarters of your body is urine ? Your body uses water all the time : when you sweat, go to the gutter and even when you breathe. That ’ mho why it ’ south important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This is specially important before, during and after you exercise. The healthiest drink in you can have is water. Sports drinks and fizzing drinks contain a lot of sugar so you should try to avoid them .


We need to do lots of drill to help keep our bodies impregnable and burst .
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