What Are Butt Plugs Used For? 14 FAQs About Types, Safety, and More

What exactly are they?

Oh, glorious target plug ! A sex dally that can be enjoyed by anyone with an anus, careless of genitalia, gender, or orientation. A butt joint fireplug is an anal toy that basically plugs your border — in a good way. They ’ rhenium shaped like a tear and have a wide base that prevents them from getting sucked in excessively army for the liberation of rwanda.

What’s the point?

joy for starters. Your anus is chockablock of sensitive heart endings that feel fant-ass-tic when stimulated. Your butt fix is besides the gateway to the prostate gland — besides known as the “ male G-spot ” — and circuitous to the vaginal A-spot and G-spot .


Yup, anal orgasms are very, anyone with an anus can have one, and a target plug can help. All the nerves barely inside your back door are good separate of what makes butt gambling feel so amazing. Cisgender men and people assigned male at parturition can use a butt plug to achieve a prostate orgasm. Cisgender women and people assigned female at birth can use one to indirectly stimulate the A-spot or G-spot, which can lead to the phenom known as female ejaculation .


Into kink ? Butt plugs are a versatile miniature for your repertory. You can use them during submissive toy, wear them in populace, and engage in some DP action by wearing one during vaginal penetration .


Butt plugs can be used to stretch your anus and get you primed for bigger things, whether that ’ s bigger toys, a penis, or gaping. All it takes is starting off humble and gradually working your way up. Tip: Buy a butt plug trainer kit, which you can find on-line. They ’ rhenium frequently cheap and have everything you need.

Are butt plugs safe?

normally, adenine long as you take the proper precautions. This includes :

  • Using lots of lube. Lube isn’t optional when it comes to butt play. Not having enough can lead to irritation and tears. By tears, we’re talking tears in the delicate skin of your anus and the tears that run down your cheeks when you cry.
  • Proper handling. Washing and disinfecting any sex toy before and after use is a must. The reason is, well, poop. Even a super-clean bum contains microscopic fecal matter that can cause infections. Sexually transmitted infections can also be spread by sharing sex toys. Proper care and handling of sex toys can reduce your risk.
  • Your health. It’s a good idea to hold off on using butt toys if you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or a prostate condition. Check with a doctor or other healthcare provider first.

What misconceptions are there?

besides many. But we ’ rhenium going to set the record straight and get you on your direction to the fantastic world of target hack fun .

Using plugs doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to anal sex

Consenting to one sex work doesn ’ t mean you ’ ve offered an open invitation to another. Using butt plugs doesn ’ t make your butt one big brawl and open to anal sex unless that ’ s what you want .

It shouldn’t hurt

A short discomfort as your butt gets use to being penetrated is normal, but it shouldn ’ t cause major pain. Take things super dense and use lots of lubricate .

You aren’t going to poop

We promise you won ’ thymine, but it sure could feel like you might.

You ’ re stimulating a lot of the like nerves, sol feeling the recommend to poop is normal. To clear your mind — and your bowels — use the toilet before you begin .

It can’t get stuck or lost — but other things could

While cigarette plugs are cleverly designed to stay put, other things are not. Don ’ metric ton manipulation anything that ’ s not specifically meant for your cigarette. extraneous objects can do serious damage to your colon, not to mention inspire an episode Untold Stories of the ER .

What types are there?

Unlike other anal toys, like dildo and probes that are meant for in-out action, cigarette plugs literally plug your butt. A continuous feel of fullness is their forte. Plugs are normally tapered for easy interpolation and flare towards the buttocks. They come in unlike materials, each offering up different sensations for your pleasure. You can find smooth plugs, textured plugs, and vibrating plugs.

How do you use it?

Being aroused and relaxed will make using a border plug more enjoyable. Incorporating one into other gambling, like masturbation, oral sex, or vaginal penetration is a bang-up direction to get your feet wet. here are some tips to help make interpolation easy and enjoyable :

  • Take a hot bath or start with some foreplay to help relax tense muscles. This will make insertion less jarring.
  • Apply lots of lube around your anus and on the plug.
  • Press the tip of the plug against your anus and then very gradually increase pressure.
  • Stop right away if you feel any pain. Then, take a deep breath and try again using more lube, a different angle, or a smaller plug.

How do you clean and store it?

Most cigarette plugs can be washed with soap and water or sex miniature cleaner, but always read the care instructions included with the butt plug to be certain. store your plug in a clean, dry place where it won ’ t draw damaged. If it comes with a repositing cup of tea or box, use it.

Is there anything else you should know?

Butt plugs can feel amaze, but they ’ ra not everyone ’ sulfur cup of tea. Be surely to go slowly and maneuver safe, and don ’ t give up at the first polarity of discomfort — sometimes a tweak in your technique is all you need. If it you ’ re still not feeling it, no biggie. There are plenty of other fun ways to get off !

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