How To Do 5 Advanced Sex Positions Safely


exual partners can puzzle their bodies together for penis-in-vagina sexual activity in any number of ways, but the more creative those positions get, the rugged achieving a seamless fit can be. In fact, the most advanced sex positions require some extra care and support to achieve without causing anyone involved physical pain—that is, in the form of a muscle try or a thrown-out back. ( And, to be clear, we ‘re not talking about the “ hurts-so-good ” kind of pain. )

To quite literally get off on the veracious note, it ’ randomness essential to communicate with a sexual partner first and foremost about what it is you ’ re planning to do, and how you ’ re design to do it, specially if advanced sex positions are going to be involved.

“ arouse is such a moral force event, particularly when you ’ re experimenting with newfangled positions. ” —Christie Cobb, MD

“ The cardinal is that this is an ongoing conversation, ” says gynecologist and sexual-wellness technical Christie Cobb, MD. “ sex is such a active consequence, particularly when you ’ rhenium experimenting with new positions. All partners should be able to convey what they ’ ra enjoy, what doesn ’ thyroxine bring joy, and how they ’ ra volition to adjust, as sexual activity happens, ” she says. And that fluidity encompasses accept, besides, which can be given or revoked at any point of a sexual encounter—position aside.

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In that vein, moving slowly into a newfangled position can besides help reduce the risk of an accident or injury, says sexologist Jess O ’ Reilly, PhD, server of the arouse With Dr. Jess podcast. “ Take a moment to make sure it feels estimable for all involved parties before increasing speed, depth, or intensity of movement, ” she says. To adequately prep your take care and consistency for any advance sex positions ( or, for that count, any partner sex positions at all ), you can besides employ Dr. Cobb ’ s B.A.R.E. checklist. This acronym stands for “ bowels and bladder ” ( empty both advance ), “ adequate time ” ( get warmed up with outerplay before penetration ), “ rested ” ( ensure no imply person is over-tired before diving in ), and “ expectations ” ( share your goals as region of your pre-sex communication ). once you ’ ve nailed the above, read on for expert advice on how to ace a few of the most uniquely tickle and advanced sex positions out there.

Here’s how to do 5 advanced sex positions without risking any (undesired) physical pain:

1. Sitting 69

even a quote-unquote regular 69 ( a place where one partner lays on top of the other, so both can orally pleasure each other ) is more progress than you might assume, says sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of the affair market Bloomi. “ It requires knowing your partner ’ mho joy cues and being able to relax while you give oral, which can be slippery, ” she says. Looking for a more physiologically advanced version ? This seated 69 position, adapted from Kama Sutra ( a Sanskrit text on sex and familiarity ) takes things up a notch. While the actual interpretation involves one person positioned in full inverted in a handstand, with their legs hugging either side of their collaborator ‘s head, this adaptation is basically the lapp thing but with one collaborator sitting in a chair—so, there ’ mho a lot less gamble of falling headfirst into the ground. “ Make sure you avoid hardwood floors, and that the sitting partner has a well clasp of the early collaborator ’ s waist or hips, ” says Story.

2. Reverse Cow-Rider

just like it sounds, this position involves a person with a vagina riding on top of a person with a penis, but in a reversion direction—that is, facing away from, quite than toward the penis-haver. And the danger built-in to this airs is more penis-related than anything else : The partner with a vagina can “ miss ” and sit their pelvic bone on the principal of the penis, which could cause penile trauma or fault, says Dr. O ’ Reilly. “ The upper berth partner may besides lean excessively far forth in a manner that bends the penis, ” she adds.

As for how to avoid that situation ? You ’ ll want to go heavier on the lubricate for this one to ensure the smoothest possible penetrative semivowel, and when you ’ re getting started, try carefully guiding entrance with your hands, says Dr. O ’ Reilly. Slower movements will besides help keep the penis from going rogue.

3. Ballet Dancer (aka Three-Legged Dog)

Any standing sexual activity position can fall into the category of advanced, just because of the necessity of having some balance to keep from tipping over. This one, which is derived from the Kama Sutra position of Tripadam, has the vagina-haver digest on one stage, while wrapping the early around the penis-haver ’ south pelvis. Once you ’ re bound together by p-in-v penetration, though, there ’ s a risk of one person losing their foot and bringing the other person down with them. To steer clean of a timber situation, one spouse can lean their body against a wall or hold onto a part of furniture with one hand for documentation ( while continuing to hold their spouse with the other ), says Dr. O’Reilly.

4. Indrani

This position from Kama Sutra involves some dangerous hep flexion—but can bring acute stimulation in return, if you go at it with care. The vagina-haver brings their knees to their breast, basically opening up their body for penetration by a partner who kneels in front of them. “ I like recommending this position to couples who like G-spot, P-spot, or deep stimulation, ” says Story. “ But the depth of the penetration could quickly become excessively deep and uncomfortable, ” she says. To manage both the depth of that penetration and the sum of flexion happening at the hips, the vagina-haver could slot a sexual activity pillow ( like Dame ’ s Pillo ) under their bottom, shifting the angle to a less severe one, says Story.

5. Missionary Split

This promote spin on an erstwhile understudy does double duty as a stretch and a sex position. ( Remember that note above about doing some circulation-boosting outerplay before you dive into these ? ) The vagina-haver will lift one leg up over the penis-haver ’ randomness shoulder while lying down, allowing for deeper penetration. Because of the intense elongate, however, this status could very well prompt a leg cramp. While getting sufficiently warmed up advance ( and, heck, even doing some elongate, if time allows ) can make it more comfortable, you can besides turn to outside confirm. “ A thigh sling can help hold one or both legs up to decrease the total of effort required for you to fight gravity, ” says Dr. Cobb, who besides recommends a sex pillow under the pelvis of the person lying down to make the slant easier to achieve. once you get into any of the above positions, though, it ’ second best not to stick around for excessively long, says Dr. O ’ Reilly. “ I ’ five hundred suggest making small adjustments to your positions every hour or two so that you don ’ t cramp up from insistent apparent motion, ” she says. And, again, continue to check in with your spouse on how they ’ re impression once you ’ re both situated—because think something would be fun to try and actually having fun doing it can be different things. “ There ’ s no motivation to try acrobatic positions if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel comfortable, ” says Dr. O’Reilly. “ Listen to your body, and prioritize pleasure, not a especial performance. ” Oh hi! You look like someone who loves free workouts, discounts for cutting-edge wellness brands, and exclusive Well+Good content. Sign up for Well+ , our online community of wellness insiders, and unlock your rewards instantly.

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