20 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You Never Knew Existed


What ever happened to the simpleton pleasures of just, you know, doing it ? These days, there are therefore many different fetishes and singular sexual preferences that it ’ sulfur slowly to lose path of them all. There ’ second literally porn for everything from milk enema to ghetto grannies. Ghetto grannies, though, are meek compared to these 20 interesting, odd, very substantial sexual fetishes. time to broaden your viewing experiences !

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Agalmatophilia is the attraction to inanimate objects

You know, like statues, dolls, and mannequins. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate blame them. Some mannequins are reasonably blasted hot. particularly Kim Cattrall, who is nowadays more credit card than person.

Macrophiliacs get off to giant things

With innovations in editing, there are films that depict massive individuals engaging in sexual acts with regular-sized tribe. That doesn ’ thymine mean some Andre the Giant fan fiction — I ’ m talking Godzilla-sized dong. so … possibly Andre the Giant fan fabrication ?

Spectrophiliacs are riled up by ghosts

phonograph needle to say, bustin ’ makes them feel well.

Thrillist TV

Wine and Cheeseburger


Trichophiliacs dig long hair

I ’ meter curious how long is considered “ fetish long, ” because I may have a mild case of this. Call me ?

Kleptolagnia is all about stealing

Sure, some people get a rush out of stealing, but it actually sexually arouses these people. I ’ thousand guessing they ’ ra huge Jane ’ s Addiction fans, besides.

Katoptronophilia is a fetish for mirrors

These people enjoy masturbating in front of their expression or having orgies in front of mirrors. besides, you ever notice that when you masturbate to a video recording of yourself masturbating, it ’ s the perfect length ?


Abasiophiliacs are into leg braces or other orthopedic appliances

These people credibly love to the first base half of Forrest Gump and then shut it off once he starts running. Most of us do, actually.

Coprophilia is the sexual attraction to feces

Most coprophiliacs enjoy watching others go number two. There is, however, a sub-category called “ coprophagy ” which is the sexual fetish of eating doo doo. “ 2 Girls 1 Cup ” makes thus much sense now ! Wait, no it doesn ’ thyroxine.

Hobophilia is all about sexual fantasies with homeless people

“ Hey, want to go spinal column to your place ? ” “ Sorry, I don ’ t have a place. ” SPLOOSH !


Tripsolagniacs are aroused by having their hair shampooed

Tripsolagniacs are lucky because they can go get their hair washed at the nearest hairdresser and it ’ s basically like visiting a hang-up nitrogen ’ tug.

Axillism is the desire to have sex with someone’s armpit

I mean … I guess … at the correct slant … with adequate imagination … possibly some lubricate or on a hot, sweaty day … no.

Paraphilic infantilism is the fetish of wearing a diaper and pretending to be a baby

well, at least there ’ s no cleanup ?


Chelonaphilia means you have a thing for turtles

I don ’ thymine mean those tall, ripped, aphrodisiac Teenage Mutant Ninja ones. This is an arousal to plain, old, ordinary, stupid turtles.

Formicophiliacs have a bug thing

And by “ thing, ” we mean having them crawl on your genitals. besides, no.

Hematolagniacs are basically sexual vampires

They drink rake. In a intimate way. It ’ s like real-life Twilight ! I knew there had to be a password for all those aphrodisiac vampires who prefer sparkling to smiling .


Ursusagalmatophiliacs get randy from teddy bears

These are the people who would toss digression Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg to get to Ted. They ’ ra besides the only people who went to see Ted 2. Twice.

Claustrophilia is the sexual attraction to tight places

I will now consciously avoid making a cheating antic involving “ taut places ” and move on .


Climacophiliacs achieve sexual arousal from seeing someone fall down stairs

The longer and more irritating the tumble, the hot it is ! These are the absolute bad people to watch Looney Tunes with.

Mysophilia is when rotting flesh turns someone on

basically, The Walking Dead is like Cinemax.

Psellismophilia is arousal by stuttering

Whether the person who gave it such a hard-to-pronounce name is equitable barbarous or very good at turning people on is up for debate. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist e-mail, and get your repair of the best in food/drink/fun .

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