I Let My Fiancé Control a Pair of Vibrating Underwear in Public — Here’s What Happened

On Christmas Eve, my fiancé handed me a small, ill wrapped software. “ open it, ” he insisted, an excitedly skittish grin on his expression .
I did so cautiously, afraid he was about to pull some absurd buffoonery on me — but when the wrapping newspaper fell to the floor, I felt my jaw do the same .
He had gotten me my dream sexual activity toy : a dress of vibrating panties, which could be controlled by a small remote control anywhere up to 45 feet away .
Wanting to enjoy our raw plaything right aside, my fiancé and I decided a little sexperiment was in arrange. basically, we wanted to see what would happen if we turned our sex life on vibrate and took it into public. We vowed to try the vibrating underwear in five very unlike locations, from a nox club to a movie dramaturgy to a placid café.

first, we set a few ground rules. I would wear the underwear and my fiancé would control them with the belittled distant. To start, we would agree when the panties would be turned on, but as the experiment went along, I gave him license to start without warning. And, of course, we would both go about our business from that point on, entirely talking about the vibrating elephant in the room if something didn ’ metric ton palpate correct .
With those rules settled, we began our examination the very future day .
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The vibrator-underwear combo the author used.

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Leaving my fiancé to order our morning coffees and scones, I slipped into the toilet of our favored local anesthetic coffee bean shop to put the vibration into place. This was our first rung of the experiment, so we both decided it was best to start on the lowest setting the remote control offered .
just as I was about to leave the public toilet, I felt the underwear switch on in an explosive oscillation. In the echoy little bathroom, the vibrations sounded like I was hiding an iPhone 6 Plus between my legs. And I was blowing up .
But the moment I stepped out of the toilet, I could barely hear the vibes myself. There were only a few others sitting in the café — just feet away – but not a single person seemed to notice what was happening right future to their almond milk lattes .
The feel was much more acute than I had anticipated, even on the lowest set. I promptly found that if I arched my back, pushing my pelvis forward, it created an even more enjoyable lean. In this situation, I was certain that I would orgasm in minutes .
But precisely as I was beginning to feel myself, the barista called my name, thoroughly ruining my queen Bey moment. I stood and made my room over to the buffet .
To my repugnance, I was suddenly standing in a sea of little children, all of whom were running about my knees excitedly. Worse, as I reached over to grab my scone, one little girlfriend ran right into my peg, grabbing onto my jeans .
After that incident, I tried my best to enjoy the sensations, but I merely couldn ’ t. Between the squirming feeling of discomfort in my stomach and the too-chill-for-this cafe soundtrack playing all around me, I was seriously not in the mood .
I finished my breakfast stiff as a board and a little sweaty. Neither in a good way .
Final Thoughts: Any plaza where swarms of children might be running about your hip-area is never a good place for vibrating panties. And, as a side notice, “ Shattered ” by OAR might be bang-up for chilling with a café astronomical unit lait, but it ’ s not so great for getting off .
Orgasm Count : 0

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real talk : This was the one I was most aroused about. And, as it turns out, for dear reason .
Armed with a big popcorn and the distant control, my fiancé settled into the spongy movie field moderate next to me. We hadn ’ t discussed when or how we would start, therefore I sat on pins and needles through the first 20 minutes of Passengers .
When it did happen, about a half hour into the movie, I was army for the liberation of rwanda excessively busy obsessing over Jennifer Lawrence ’ s hair to tied see it coming .
The vibrations hit me like a tidal roll, starting fast and angered. I had to shove a handful of butter popcorn in my mouth merely to keep down a groan — which honestly wasn ’ t the worst thing .
For closely an hour, my fiancé played with distant — and me. As the action in the movie rose, he would make the vibrations fast and intense. As the action slowed, he would abruptly bring the vibrations back toss off, leaving me literally breathless .
And getting to watch J.Law and Chris Pratt go at it while this happened was equitable an lend bonus, TBH .
The best part of all was the privacy of the movie dramaturgy. certain, there were still strangers all around me, but the darkness of the dramaturgy and the position of the seats was liberating. Unlike any other position, I could make all the “ O ” faces I wanted without anyone giving me side-eye .
Final Thoughts: Highly recommended. No one stared at me like I forgot to put my phone on silent ( my biggest fear of the even ) and I can formally confirm that Chris Pratt is my favored actor .
Orgasm Count: 2
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By the time we were seated at our downtown public house of choice, my vibes were already going strong. We wasted no prison term taking our seats at the table, ordering drinks, and toasting to our newest dally before kicking things into high gear .
My fiancé gave me a aristocratic prod with his foot under the mesa, our pre-conceived signal that he was going to turn on the underwear, and I braced myself. But without cluing me in, he decided to start on a much higher intensity than before. I should have known he was planning on taking me by surprise ; he had a deeply meet smirk on his face .
I still jumped a mile out of my buttocks when the vibrations hit me .
“ You OK ? ” He asked, about teasing me .
I nodded breathlessly, trying to stop myself from basically writhing in public.

At beginning, it was fabulous. With only my fiancé looking at me, sharing in our motorize unavowed, I felt like a straight-up sex goddess. On this intense determine, my body was sweltering blistering from head to toe. And fair as I was approximately to finish, the waitress arrived at our table .
I swear, the menu literally went bleary on me. My eyes were crossing, my palms were sweating, and I spent the longest minute of my life stuttering the words “ baked haddock ” while I tried to suppress an orgasm .
Afterward, I was thoroughly distracted. With the open layout of the repose restaurant, I on the spur of the moment felt like all eyes were on me. Maybe it was the vodka or the vibrate underwear, but I become paranoid. I was barely about to shut the whole thing down when the food came, and I decided to stick it out to see how eat felt on thrill .
I ’ ll say this : I was very hungry. When the food came, I was shoveling that ish down. possibly this restaurant ’ south bake haddock is on point, but I seriously think the rush of dopamine made my food taste next-level delicious .
deplorably, my edacious appetite wasn ’ thyroxine wholly satisfied. Between being unable to shake the feeling that everyone was staring at me and the blackmail to make dinner conversation with my partner, I couldn ’ triiodothyronine quite get myself there .
Final Thoughts : This rig was hot, but I wholly cracked under pressure. A good rule of flick : the black and sexier the restaurant, the better. Try to go somewhere suggest, so you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel like the concentrate of attention and you can truly focus on yourself. Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case, this is your scene .
Orgasm Count: 0 — but sol airless
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What I was most stimulate about for this round was the make noise. Sitting in that quiet, proper restaurant with vibrating underwear on had not been the best experience, so I was ready for some effective erstwhile barroom screaming to ease my anxiety .
Unsurprisingly, all the seats at the bar were taken, so we had to order drinks and stand in the crowd awkwardly. Which meant that every time person brushed by me, I had a minor trill of fear. THEY KNOW. I was trying my best to plaster myself up against the wall, so no one would touch me and discover my vibrating secret .
now, I ’ thousand not a prude in any sense of the password, but I ’ ll admit that for the second night in a row, I was paranoid about other people ’ second judgments of me .
And this frustrated me. Enough so that I demanded we hit the dance floor .
honestly, this is what saved date no. 4. On the iniquity of the dance floor, with only the casual stroboscope going off and the EDM music pumping wildly, I was in my element .
One of my fiancé ’ mho hands was tight around my waist pulling me close to him, while the other got to work in his pocket. Let me merely say, the man should be a DJ. The vibrations flowed with the music and every whirl of my hips gave me a fresh fish to enjoy from .
This was precisely what I needed to let go. And I did let go. Over and all over and over .
Final Thoughts: Standing in a crowd prevention with vibrating underwear ? not so hot. Dancing like brainsick with vibrating underwear on ? Near paragon. My word of advice is to choose the bar/club you go to wisely .
Orgasm Count: 3
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The author and her fiancé.

Courtesy of Tessa Newell


My first gear thought walking into a firm full of friends with vibrating underwear on ? I need a shot. Luckily, I was in the right caller .
Fast-forward to three tequila shots late, and I was ready to mingle and tingle. ( New catch phrase apparent pending. )
Long story short : It was hot AF. The Jose Cuervo had truly inspired my fiancé to get creative with the distant, causing me to have full-body spasms every three minutes. The commodity kind. My fiancé started experimenting with some of the remote control ’ south other settings, ones we both had been a little excessively skittish to try before tonight .
These settings made the vibrations come in respective, unpredictable patterns, and my sneaky fiancé was distinctly having a blast taking me by surprise with them from across the board. Being ineffective to say a son to one another while still making eye contact made this so much hotter than we had expected .
Final Thoughts: Having this little privy between you and your partner in a room full of brassy people is fire. But then there ’ randomness TMW you ’ re trying to enjoy your vibrating panties and your ally keeps talking about their student loans. not then aphrodisiac. This context might not get you there, but it makes for unreal foreplay for you and your partner, setting you up for one amazing after-party .
Orgasm Count: 0 — at the party, at least
After all that, I gave the hover underwear a rest after all the work we put them through. chiefly because we killed the batteries. But rest assured, they proved themselves to be the sex toy I had always imagined .
At the end of the day, we were proud of ourselves for trying something unlike outside the bedroom .
We ’ re decidedly vibing with each other now more than ever .
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