10 Best Nipple Clamps—How To Use Nipple Clamps During Sex

Do you love the feel of having your nipples pinched ? Can ’ t wait to have your partner bite your nipples while you play ? Well, nipple clamps may equitable be your modern best friend. While they can look like ancient torment devices, they ‘re anything but. Often made of metal, these arouse toys are used to “ intentionally promote enjoyable intimate foreplay, ” says Dr. Janet Brito, a certifiable sex therapist in Honolulu. Used with or without a spouse, nipple clamps cause an endorphin acquittance that can elevate orgasm, allowing for a entire torso bang ( WOW ). Though most frequently used in the BDSM community, nipple clamps are manner more accessible than you might think. While you can decidedly use them to dominate your spouse, you can besides use them fair to add a fiddling extra excitation to a night out. Of run, if you ‘re trying nipple clamps for the first time, they can placid be a bit intimidating. Brito recommends trying it “ first on your finger to enhance awareness of its world power to pinch. ” then, play with placement of the clamps—try putting them above or below your nipples and then directly around them. once you understand the baron of the clamp, lento place them in your hope military position being careful not to pinch extra skin. If adjustable, adjust the clamp to your desire lastingness and then begin playing—either with yourself or your partner.

When you ‘re ready for a rush of endorphins ( possibly right as you ‘re orgasming, or if you need that extra push to get there ), release the clamps. After you feel the endorphin release, either remove the clamps wholly, or lento put them back on and repeat the process. If you ’ re play with a spouse, try switching the clamps back and forth throughout your dally time—they work on all genders !

barely make certain you ‘re not having besides much fun. Polly Rodriguez, founder of Unbound, an on-line sex plaything shop, says to “ never leave clamps on or more than 15 to 20 minutes ” since you ‘re cutting off your bodies natural blood flow. nowadays you know how to use nipple clamps ( yes ), but how do you choose the right pair for you ? If it ’ s your first time playing with erotic annoyance, Rodriguez recommends “ looking for a pair that comes with an adjuster so you can ease your direction into the level of coerce that feels right for you. ” If this is n’t your first rodeo, you might want to choose clamps that incorporate vibration or sound. These are the best nipple clamps for beginners and seasoned pros:

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