9 Sex Positions To Try This Valentine’s Day

Some people think Valentine ‘s Day is the best day of the year — whether they ‘re single or in a relationship — and some couples surely go all out for the big day. But for others, even those who have person to spend it with, celebrating Valentine ‘s Day can be a snatch of an “ ugh ” moment that comes up year after year. “ Couples learn to dislike Valentine ’ s because of the atmospheric pressure to be romantic, to do something special, and the disappointment when it doesn ’ triiodothyronine go right, ” Tina B. Tessina, aka Dr. Romance, psychotherapist and generator of Love Styles : How to Celebrate Your Differences, tells Bustle. sometimes, it can feel impossible to do it right. Either you go excessively boastfully and it feels bum and forced, or you do n’t do anything and it can feel a fiddling categoric and joyless. The solution ? Well, there ‘s not one perfect Valentine ‘s Day solution for everyone, but locking yourselves in at home for an nightlong sex marathon does n’t sound like a bad idea — careless of what you think of the vacation. It sounds even better if you order pizza. OK, even if you ‘re not planning a sex marathon, if you ‘re a intimate person with a spouse there ‘s a good luck you ‘ll be getting down this v-day. If you want to take your bedroom plot up a notch, here are some positions to celebrate Valentine ‘s Day with a sleep together.


The Coital Alignment Technique

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: Missionary is an old understudy, but you can change it up by raising your legs and hiking them over your spouse ‘s hips, helping your pelvises align and adding some clitoral stimulation. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: The affair of missionary is combined with extra sensation and stimulation for you, so everyone ‘s a winner.


The Crab

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: While your collaborator sits on the layer or floor in the cancer position, dart over so you ‘re close to them and slowly lift your pelvis up to guide them inside of you. You may want lubricant for this one, but it should be comfortable when you get it correct. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: If you ‘re looking to spice things up this Valentine ‘s Day, this position allows you to try something new and different with a great opinion of each other and enough of opportunity for eye contact.



Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: Lay on your sides back-to-front and get nice and close. You can use a toy or focus on finger stimulation, by reaching around front or entering from behind — there are a lot of choices to play with. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: It ‘s a actually connected placement, so you and your partner can feel close. Plus, it ‘s perfect for sugared nothings or dirty lecture, depending on what floats your boat.



Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: Lower down cautiously onto your partner, who should be sitting cross-legged, then gently wrap your arms and legs around them. It ‘s another position where lubricate might come in handy. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: It ‘s basically a love embrace but with penetration, so it seems perfect for a romantic celebration.


On Top

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: Have your spouse list against a couch or a wall as you straddle them. They can bend their knees to draw you in close. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: If you want to go for the classical cowgirl, by all means do it — this version barely gives you a little more familiarity, without losing the control.


The Double Dip

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: This placement looks complicated, but precisely think of pooch manner and then with an extra spouse laying below. There should be room for everyone ‘s limbs, with a short manoeuver. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: Some people use holidays like Valentine ‘s Day as an opportunity to truly spice things up — and this position is perfect if you ‘re new to threesomes and want to give it a hear.


X Marks The Spot

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: Lay on your bed while your spouse stands in front of you, then slowly rest your legs on their chest. As you guide them inside you, cross your legs at your knee or ankles. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: This placement gives you a aphrodisiac view of each other, while leaving you free to play with different fits — and use your hand for a bite of clitoral action.


Standing Rear Entry

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle How To Do It: Standing close to a wall ( or something else you can hold onto ), have your collaborator accede you from behind. Lifting one leg or spreading them slightly should help, but you may need to stand on something if there ‘s a major altitude dispute. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: If you want to get a little crisp but keep it equitable the two of you, this position is great for having sex anywhere — and it provides bang-up G-spot stimulation.


Modified Doggy

Caroline Wurtzel for Bustle

How To Do It: If you ‘re a pooch style fan, start there and slowly lower down onto your elbows for a bit of a magnetic declination. If you do n’t like doggy as a lot, start laying on your stomach and push yourself up — add a pillow under your hips if you need something a short more comfortable. Why It’s Perfect For Valentine’s Day: It ‘s intense but distillery feels connected and can be a good option if you want something a little rough and romanticist all at once. If you like your Valentine ‘s Day with a lot of sensation, this might be the one. There are a batch of different ways you can celebrate Valentine ‘s Day, but trying out some great sex positions may be a good rate to start. Whether you want to go very quixotic or wholly wild, there ‘s an choice out there for you .

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