Valedictorian Sex Position for Deeper Penetration & Clitoral Stimulation

Valedictorian sex position
The classic missionary is one of the most normally practice positions, yet it ’ s constantly getting called out for being boring and vanilla. The valedictorian arouse stead is a simple twist on the authoritative missionary that provides HUGE benefits… even if you ’ rhenium not very big yourself .
In fact if you ’ re on the smaller side, try this place once and you just might want to make it one of your become to plays cause it ’ ll have you going deeply and feeling enormous !

Here’s how to pull off the Valedictorian Sex Position:

  1. Start in the classic missionary to get warmed up and let your woman’s vaginal muscles relax and open up some extra room.
  2. Once she’s warmed up and wet for you, lean back and lift her legs in front of you.
  3. Split her legs apart into a giant V shape and slowly press down on them, stretching them forward. When you “fold” her body like this, it shortens her vaginal canal and lets even the smallest guy reach the deepest parts of her!
  4. Now lean forward as close to her as you can get. Put your hands on the bed and let her split legs rest against the fold between your forearms and biceps. She can also hold onto her ankles or thighs (if she can reach), or wrap her arms around your neck and pull you in closer.
  5. Here’s how to use this position like a true all star: instead of thrusting straight in and out of her, focus on grinding yourself against her clit while you stay inside her. You might have to lift yourself higher above hers in order to make contact. That’s fine. Just focus on the grind, cause that’s what’s going to produce the most powerful results!

The combination of grinding her clit, while you’re deep inside of her, and very close intimacy, creates a hat-trick of pleasure that’s going to have your woman screaming in orgasmic ecstasy!

besides, remember that the clitoris is not good some magic trick love button like many guys think. It ’ s an entire network of pleasure giving boldness endings that run beneath the skin of her vulva. When you grind against her, your pelvis hang-up against hers an excites all those underground hot spots that normally don ’ triiodothyronine get any lovin at all.

Warning: Because you ’ re reaching extremely cryptic inside of her, you might hit her cervix. The huge majority of women find this identical painful. so cause certain to pay attention, start slow in the position, and don ’ triiodothyronine hit cervix. If you do, try slender variations of the place.

Try variations of the Valedictorian sex position.

The slightest change in your position and angles can wholly change the sensations she feels. If she ’ randomness having a hard fourth dimension coming, the smallest tweak can be the difference she needs. Try spreading her legs wider aside, or bringing them closer in concert. Try straightening them all the way out, so that they ’ re up by her head v slightly bend at the knees. Keep testing and fine-tune until you find the translation that delivers that thousand slam, home run you ’ rhenium looking for !
To increase the chances she comes during penetration, use this rule to make certain she comes before sex .
She ’ ll be much more likely to come again. It ’ ll take her a bunch less time to come. Best of all, her orgasms will be much more potent !

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