7 totally-normal reasons behind your queefs aka vaginal farts

Published on: 9 August 2020, 13:44pm IST vaginal farts or queefs are completely normal and rarely a cause of refer. But if you ‘re still wondering why they ‘re happening to you, then read on .
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Have you always wondered why women fart through their vaginas ? We know it can get embarrass sometimes, but vaginal farts are nothing but trapped air. It is not thriftlessness gasoline and so it doesn ’ metric ton smell. That said, there are a batch of reasons why atmosphere can get trapped in your vagina make you queef or fart via your vagina .

here are some of them :
1. Sexual activity
When something is inserted in the vagina ( like a penis, fingers, or sex toys ) it can trap the air inside. The “ in and out ” drift for intimate pressure can besides trap the air, which is then released when the sexual action is done .
2. Pelvic floor problems
Though vaginal flatulence is not harmful, trapped air can be a bless of some good problems related to your pelvic floor. vaginal farts are linked to conditions like urinary and faecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. So It ’ second always advised to do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

vaginal farts
3. Tampons and menstrual cups
Feminine hygiene products like tampons and menstrual cup which are inserted inside the vagina can besides allow tune to get trapped inside. The publicize is then released when the product is removed or while exercising or stretching .

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4. Gynaecological procedures
Physical examinations and procedures during the vaginal examination can besides allow vent to enter inside the vagina where it can get trapped and subsequently released .
5. Exercises and stretching
Any exercises that stretch out the pelvic area frequently opens and relaxes your vagina which allows the air to enter. Hence you might hear some farts while you exercise .
6. Labour and childbirth
A study published in the daybook ISRN Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that most cases of vaginal flatulence in women start after normal manner of speaking .
vaginal fart
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7. Vaginal fistula
Fistula is a condition where an abnormal hollow chamber is created between two normally unconnected organs. sol if you have been experiencing vaginal flatulence for a while and have besides been experiencing some discomfort down there, then please consult a gynecologist .
So how can you prevent vaginal flatulence or queefing?
While you can not do a lot about this situation, you can make conscious efforts to feel less abashed about it as its merely trapped air we ’ re talking about .

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