VA Lottery Adds Keno Game With $1 Million Top Prize

There is a new game for lottery players in Virginia .
On Monday, the Virginia Lottery launched its newly keno game, giving lotto players a probability to play a describe game at practically any meter of sidereal day or night .
The lotto game besides comes with an dazzling $1 million top prize .

Keno brings frequent drawings, multiple ways to win

The introduction of lotto brings the highest-frequency drawing game the VA Lottery has ever had.

A new lotto drawing takes place every four minutes, and drawings are almost 24/7. The only breaks come during the half-hour between 1-1:30 a.m. each day for episodic system action .
You start by picking up a lotto playslip from any of the 5,300 Virginia Lottery retail locations around the express .
Filling out the steal requires four items :

  1. The number of spots to play (from one to 10).
  2. The amount of the wager (from $1 to $10).
  3. The number of consecutive draws to play (from one to 20).
  4. The numbers selected from one to 80 (must be same as number of spots listed in step one).

For exercise, say you pick four spots, wager $ 2 per hook and play five back-to-back guide. The cost of the ticket would be the bet total ( $ 2 ) multiplied by the act of draws ( five ), bringing the total to $ 10 .
then, you would pick five numbers from one to 80, and act in the playslip. You receive a printed-out ticket that lists the selections and which drawing ( s ) you are playing .
For each guide, 20 of the 80 numbers are chosen, and you hope that some or all of your numbers are drawn .
You can watch the drawings on keno monitors at many Virginia Lottery retailers or at the Virginia Lottery website where you can besides check former drawings.

Long-shot odds to win the $1 million prize

To have a chance at the top prize of $1 million, you would have to play the “ 10 Spot Game ” ( all 10 spots ) for the utmost $ 10 bet. All 10 of the choose numbers must then appear among the 20 chosen in the draw .
The VA Lottery ’ mho published odds state that ’ s a 1 in 8,911,711 long shot of hitting all 10 numbers in the “ 10 Spot Game. ”
Besides the $ 1 million respect, you can win anywhere from $1 to $5,000 for every $ 1 bet. You can even win a modest prize for picking zero numbers correctly, if picking at least six spots .
The overall odds to win range from 1 in 2.8 ( in a seven-spot bet on ) to 1 in 16.6 ( in a two-spot plot ) .

Virginia can compete with neighboring states

The introduction of lotto in Virginia comes two weeks after West Virginia launched a alike bet on in July. In West Virginia, Keno Go features a circus tent trophy of $100,000 .
VA Lottery officials had been considering adding lotto since 2017 when North Carolina added the crippled .
The North Carolina Education Lottery previously introduced Carolina Keno late in 2017. During its first gear seven months, lotto added over $28.5 million in sales in NC, then another $42 million during the fiscal year ending June 2019.

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barely like in WV, North Carolina ’ s lotto game besides features a peak choice of $100,000 .
The new bet on arrives about a month after Virginia well expanded the survival of games players can play on-line .
While keno can not be played on-line, players can purchase Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, play Cash4Life and play early instant-win and electronic scratcher games online .

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