Undigested food in stool: Causes and when to see a doctor

In this article, we look at reasons why undigested food may appear in fecal matter and when a person should speak with a doctor. When undigested food in the stool occurs with a change in intestine habits, weight passing, or diarrhea, this may signal an implicit in condition that needs medical attention. Undigested food in a person ’ randomness stool is not normally a cause for concern. The body can not fully break down high-fiber foods or foods with hard shells, such as sweetcorn. consequently, these may pass through the digestive system unaltered.

share on PinterestAntenore/Getty Images There are some reasons why the body might not wholly digest foods that do not cause concern. Undigested food can appear in the stool if there is material in food that is indigestible, such as cellulose in some high- character foods. This could be due to a person not chewing the food well or the food containing shells or skins that the soundbox ’ s lifelike enzymes can not break down. It could besides happen if food passes excessively cursorily through the digestive system, for model, if the person has a discipline such as Crohn ’ second disease, which causes excitement in the digestive system. It can besides happen if person has gastric operation or a intestine resection .

High-fiber foods

Fiber refers to the indigestible part of plant foods. A high-fiber diet can have many benefits, including keeping the digestive arrangement healthy and keeping intestine movements regular. When a person eats high-fiber foods, it is common for some undigested material to appear in the fecal matter because the body can not in full break down the baffling material. Fiber besides speeds up a person ’ s intestine movements by adding bulk to the stool, which encourages the intestinal walls to move. This motion pushes food through the digestive tract.

If food moves besides promptly through the digestive organization, a person may not fully digest some foods. Certain foods are more likely than others to be difficult to fully digest. These foods include : Foods such as corn whiskey frequently remain partially undigested. Corn has an knocked out beat made of an indigestible material called cellulose. The body digests the material inside of the corn and expels the hard extinct casing in the toilet. High-fiber foods are beneficial for most people. Learn more hera .

Eating too quickly

Another harmless perpetrator of undigested food appearing in stool is eating excessively cursorily. When a person eats excessively fast and swallows their food without in full chewing it, food is more likely to pass through the digestive tract without being completely broken down. Eating excessively quickly may force digestion to take place excessively quickly, resulting in more food not being in full broken down. To avoid this, a person can slow down their consume during meals and chew their food for longer.

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