Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Options

The primary goal in treating ulcerative colitis is to help patients regulate their immune system better. While there is no know cure for ulcerative colitis and flare ups may recur, a combination of discussion options can help you stay in see of your disease and lead a full and rewarding life .
discussion for ulcerative colitis is multifaceted and includes the practice of medication, alterations in diet and nutriment, and sometimes surgical procedures to repair or remove involve portions of your GI nerve pathway .


medication for ulcerative colitis can suppress the excitement of the colon and allow for tissues to heal. Symptoms including diarrhea, shed blood, and abdominal pain can besides be reduced and controlled with effective medicine .
In addition to controlling and suppressing symptoms ( inducing remittance ), medicine can besides be used to decrease the frequency of symptom flare ups ( maintaining remittance ). With proper treatment over time, periods of remittance can be extended and periods of symptom flare ups can be reduced. several types of medication are being used to treat ulcerative colitis today.

Combination Therapy

In some circumstances, a health care supplier may recommend adding an extra therapy that will work in combination with the initial therapy to increase its effectiveness. For exercise, combination therapy could include the addition of a biological to an immunomodulator. As with all therapy, there are risks and benefits of combination therapy. Combining therapies can increase the effectiveness of IBD treatment, but there may besides be an increased hazard of extra side effects and perniciousness. Your healthcare provider will identify the treatment option that is most effective for your person health care needs .

Diet & Nutrition

While ulcerative colitis is not caused by the foods you eat, you may find that once you have the disease, particular foods can aggravate the symptoms. It ’ s important to maintain a healthy and soothing diet that helps reduce your symptoms, replace lost nutrients, and promote mend .
For people diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, it is substantive to maintain beneficial nutrition because the disease much reduces your appetite while increases your consistency ’ randomness department of energy needs. additionally, common symptoms like diarrhea can reduce your torso ’ s ability to absorb protein, fat, carbohydrates, american samoa well as water, vitamins, and minerals.

many people with ulcerative colitis find that soft, bland foods cause less discomfort than hot or high-fiber foods. While your diet can remain elastic and should include a diverseness of foods from all food groups, your doctor will likely recommend restricting your consumption of dairy foods if you are found to be lactose-intolerant .


In one-fourth to one-third of patients with ulcerative colitis, medical therapy is not wholly successful or complications arise. Under these circumstances, operating room may be considered. This operation involves the removal of the colon ( colectomy ) .
Depending on a number of factors, including the extent of the disease and the patient ‘s long time and overall health, one of two surgical approaches may be recommended. The foremost involves the removal of the entire colon and rectum, with the creation of an ileostomy or external stoma ( an first step on the abdomen through which wastes are emptied into a pouch, which is attached to the clamber with adhesive ).

today, many people are able to take advantage of new surgical techniques, which have been developed to offer another option. This routine besides calls for removal of the colon, but it avoids an ileostomy. By creating an inner bulge from the little intestine and attaching it to the anal sphincter muscle, the surgeon can preserve intestine integrity and eliminate the motivation for the patient to wear an external ostomy appliance .

Making Informed Decisions

If you ‘re confused about all the medications and therapies out there, you are not alone. IBD is highly complex, and it is important to review the risks and benefits of all treatment options with your repair. Learn more about available tools and resources that can help you make informed decisions about your caution .

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