9 Types of Condoms You Should Know About

The condom section at your local drugstore can be overpower ( understatement of the class, we know ). With therefore many colors, sizes, and shapes, where do you even begin ? ! The good news is, when it comes polish to it, you ca n’t in truth go improper. “ The best condom on the market is one that you use, ” says Lauren Streicher, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University, and writer of sex Rx : Hormones, Health and Your Best sex Ever ( $ 14 ; amazon.com ). She stresses any time there ‘s skin-to-skin contact during sex ( oral, genital, anal, etc. ), you should use a condom to prevent STDs. And of path, when used correctly, they protect against pregnancy 98 % of the clock time. But when the clock time comes to select your character of rubber, do n’t stress besides a lot it ‘s all about preference. here ‘s the lowdown on the nine types of condoms you ‘ll find on store shelves.



photograph : Amazon.com The most common condom, standard latex paint is a reliable option to help prevent pregnancy and STDs. But if you notice any rub, inflammation, or rash after using one, ask your doctor to test you for a latex paint allergy. “ Irritation could besides be caused by early factors like lubricant or excessive dispassion, ” says Angela Chaudhari, MD, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University. She suggests looking into those possibilities before you quit latex condoms all together. Trojan Non-Lubricated Latex Condom, 12 ct ( $ 7 ; amazon.com ) Non-latexskyn-original.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com If you do have a latex paint allergy, there are batch of alternatives. however, Dr. Chaudhari points out, they ‘re not quite adenine effective as their latex counterparts. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) reports that non-latex condoms have a higher pace of breakage compared to latex, bringing their effectiveness close to 95 %. What precisely are these alternatives made of ? The most common corporeal is polyurethane, but some brands use polyisoprene, nitrile, or parchment. Lifestyles Skyn Polyisoprene Condoms, 12 ct ( $ 4 ; amazon.com ) Lambskinnaturalamb-trojan.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com Speaking of lambskin, this type of sheath is probably the most controversial on our tilt. Thanks to the natural substantial, some people find lambskin condoms have less of a reduction in ace than latex paint condoms, making them better for arousal and pleasure, says Dr. Chaudhari. But with that said, lambskins will not protect against STDs and are not as effective at preventing pregnancy, she points out. That ‘s because the naturally occurring pores in parchment are big enough to let some viruses ( like HIV and herpes ) die correctly on through. then if the idea of another animal ‘s bark does n’t weird you out and you ‘re mindful of the risks, lambskins are a possible ( although not quite recommended ) option. Trojan NATURALAMB Natural Skin Lubricated Condoms, 3 ct ( $ 17 ; amazon.com ) Spermicidaltrojan-sensitivity.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com Spermicide, a chemical substance that immobilizes and destroys sperm, is found in multiple forms ( jellies, foams, creams, film, or suppositories ) and is much combined with a barrier method ( in this event, a condom ). “ I ‘m hush going to tell person to use backup contraception if the condom breaks, spermicide or not, ” says Dr. Streicher. The message is 70 % to 80 % effective on it ‘s own, but when combined with a condom, that stat jumps to 97 %. That ‘s actually a share point lower than condoms on their own ( it ‘s because there ‘s little casual spermicide could damage the latex of a condom ). You should besides be mindful it can cause irritation or an allergic reaction, in which subject, you ‘re better off sticking with spermicide-free. Trojan Condom Sensitivity Ultra Thin Spermicidal, 12 ct ( $ 6 ; amazon.com ) Female condoms



photograph : Amazon.com We do n’t hear about female condoms much, most likely because they ‘ve shown to be less effective than male condoms due to their difficult placement, says Dr. Chaudhari. The CDCÂ says that the typical use failure rate is 21 %. But when used correctly they have 95 % achiever at preventing pregnancy and STDs, making them entirely slenderly less effective than male condoms. If female condoms are your alone option, decidedly use them, but Dr. Chaudhari advises combining them with another form of parentage manipulate, such as the pill or an IUD, for optimum auspices against pregnancy. The beauty of this contraception choice, Dr. Streicher points out, is it gives women control condition over their own security against STDs. Plus, you can insert them up to 8 hours before having sex—which means no want to pause for a condom-break in the inflame of the moment. FC Female Condom, 3 ct ( $ 8 ; amazon.com ) Lubricatedtrojan-enz-lube.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com “ Lubricated is not only going to be more comfortable, but it ‘s going to decrease the probability that [ the condom ] is going to break or come off, ” says Dr. Streicher, since vaginal sobriety can cause friction. If you decide to use your own lubricant, proceed with circumspection. “ not all lubricants are condom-compatible, ” says Streicher. Products like baby vegetable oil or coconut anoint will break down the condom, indeed stick with water-based or silicone-based lubricate. Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 12 ct ( $ 6 ; amazon.com ) Ultra thindurex-extra-sensitive.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com many people swear by extremist thin latex condoms, touting them as a barrier option that does n’t wholly reduce sexy sensations. But does thinner material mean they ‘re more likely to break ? not necessarily. “ Most condom failures are from the condom not being used soon enough, or if it rolls off while you ‘re hush inside of person, ” says Streicher. “ That has nothing to do with the type of condom. ” Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms, 12 ct ( $ 6 ; amazon.com ) Noveltynight-light.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com Your supporter bought you a whole box of glow-in-the-dark condoms as a joke endowment for your birthday, but they ‘re not actually condom to use, right ? Turns out knickknack condoms are wholly fine. Since they ‘re typically made from latex, they ‘re barely equally effective as your average condom. It all comes down to personal preference ; it ‘s not a safety consequence, says Streicher. then if you want to turn your partner ‘s business into an changeable abstemious saber, well, may the impel be with you. Night Light Glow in the Dark Latex Condoms, 12 ct ( $ 7 ; amazon.com ) Flavoredglyde-flavored.jpg


photograph : Amazon.com similar to knickknack condoms, it ‘s all a matter of preference when it comes to flavored. They ‘re fair regular latex condoms covered in season, making them evenly effective to their non-cherry-infused counterparts. But if you find yourself having a strange reaction down south, skip the add season to see if that ‘s the perpetrator. GLYDE Premium Organic Flavored Condom Sampler, 10 ct ( $ 11 ; amazon.com )

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