Treatment for Numbness in Feet can be Easy with Certified Foot

Oftentimes, trouble in the feet can be throbbing or sharply in nature, but miss of feel can be highly annoying angstrom well. numbness in the feet can be one of the first gear symptoms of something else going on in the lower extremities or consistency. here we will discuss some of the common causes of apathy in the feet and how we treat it .

What is numbness in the Feet?

apathy in the feet is referred to as neuropathy and is a syndrome affecting the nerves. Peripheral neuropathy is apathy that starts in the tips of the toes and can progress to the foot and up through the stage. Numbness is much one of many other symptoms of neuropathy, including tickling, burn, and shoot pains through the feet and/or toes .

Risk Factors for developing numbness in the feet

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing apathy in your feet. risk factors for peripheral neuropathy include certain checkup conditions such as diabetes, vitamin B12 insufficiency, HIV, or chronic alcohol manipulation. even treatments for cancer including chemotherapy and radiotherapy normally have neuropathy as a side effect. Another reason some people experience numbness in their feet is injury to the foot or ankle. The nerves can be directly injured after a breakage or sprain and can besides become entrapped even years after an injury due to scar tissue and inflammation. An irritate boldness can form a emergence around it called a neuroma. This is normally found in the forefoot and causes numbness and shooting into feign toes.

Treatment Options

treatment of apathy in the feet focuses on treating the cause of the problem. If numbness is caused by conditions such as diabetes, there are prescription drug medications used to calm the irritate nerves so the symptoms are less severe. Supplements can besides help ease the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. These medications, such as gabapentin or pregabalin, can be used to treat numbness and heart trouble caused by early ailments as well. With diabetic neuropathy, prevention is the greatest treatment because the heart damage caused by high gear blood sugar levels often can not be reversed. If a boldness is entrapped or being compressed by another structure in the foot or ankle, a operating room can be performed to free the nerve from the surrounding scratch tissue or fascia.

Treatments for numbness in feet or a neuroma can include non-surgical treatments such as steroid hormone injections and offloading the forefoot with padding and/or orthotics. For more long term results, a series of alcohol injections can be used on the neuroma to dehydrate and destroy the boldness lesion. As always, the doctors at Certified Foot & Ankle Specialists are here to find the root of your problem and get you back to your best self. By Rebecca DeSimone, DPM

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