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He felt the sand between his toes.

I accidentally stepped on her toe.

I stubbed my toe on the table’s leg.

My sock has a hole in the toe.

the toe of her boot

the toe of the peninsula


She toed off her shoes.

The pitcher toed the rubber.

late Examples on the Web : noun

The two suspects have yet to be caught, while surveillance has released images (via TMZ) from the attack that shows both of them in broad daylight, covered head-to-toe (including masks) and holding guns.

Kevin L. Clark, Essence, 22 Nov. 2021

The night’s emcee arrived at the AMAs wearing head-to-toe Schiaparelli, including a black gown with a large black veil and a gold mask that covered her entire face.

Rachel Desantis,, 21 Nov. 2021

But Bartoli is most excited when her friends text her pictures wearing head-to-toe Éterne.

Halie Lesavage, Harper’s BAZAAR, 11 Nov. 2021

For the uninitiated, the icy girl look is all about freedom, crafting a head-to-toe look that is at once luxurious and unexpected.

Janelle Okwodu, Vogue, 10 Nov. 2021

Established in the late 1980s in Israel, Lev Tahor adheres to an extreme interpretation of kosher dietary rules and requires women to be covered from head to toe with black veils.

Asaf Shalev,, 10 Nov. 2021

Clad in head-to-toe pink, the sneak peek into the special showed Gaga meeting with teenagers seated at a red cafeteria table.

Chandler Plante,, 8 Nov. 2021

Tiger fans never fail to make an impression on the tailgate scene, dressed head-to-toe in costumes, overalls and all things tiger stripes.

Ben Flanagan |, al, 8 Nov. 2021

Since its top-to-toe renovation wrapped earlier this year, the nine-bedroom Mainstay will undoubtedly become just that for friends summering in tony Southampton.

Betsy Blumenthal, Condé Nast Traveler, 8 Nov. 2021

holocene Examples on the Web : verb

Lush will be happy to know that Valentine, the star’s sophomore album, manages to perfectly toe the line between old and new, with a slightly softer side taking over throughout the album.

Stephen Daw, Billboard, 5 Nov. 2021

Worn with monochromatic shirts sans tie, these non-suits deftly toe the line between on duty and off—and, when broken out as individual garments, offer even more versatility.

Kareem Rashed, Robb Report, 30 Oct. 2021

One of its captains is Makenna Myler, who will also toe the starting line in New York City on Sunday.

The Salt Lake Tribune, 5 Nov. 2021

There are many aspects of building a profitable business that toe the line occasionally of what’s legally allowed, such as taking full advantage of tax breaks.

Fardad Zabetian, Forbes, 20 Apr. 2021

Now many communities are struggling to toe the line between keeping schools open and keeping those who are potentially infectious at home.

Lauren Mascarenhas, CNN, 14 Sep. 2021

True to her brand, Ra’Jah dances out onto the stage decked from lacefront to toe in various shades of purple.

Paul Mccallion, Vulture, 12 Aug. 2021

Bukele, a former publicity executive, rose through the ranks of the FMLN from small town mayor to mayor of the capital, San Salvador, until the FMLN eventually booted him for refusing to toe the party line.

Christopher Sherman, ajc, 5 July 2021

The actors playing familiar Sopranos figures had to toe a similar line.

Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone, 1 Sep. 2021

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