Bondage Sex Positions to Spice up Your Sexual Life

Bondage Sex Positions to Spice up Your Sexual Life

bondage is very democratic nowadays because more and more people want a raw sex experience, adding more nip to their sexual life. If you one of them, it will credibly be interesting for you to know new styles and bondage arouse positions .
In fact, BDSM is more than banal partner tie, it ’ s based on trust, a search of pain thresholds, and pleasure for maximum satisfaction of sexual desires. When limiting the movements of your partner, you can completely change sensations received from sexual contact. Are you ready to borrow BDSM techniques to spice up your intimate life ?

BDSM Positions for Beginners

People are unlike. Some of us prefer restraining because it gives us a feel of ease and safety. It besides concerns sex. Being restrained in sex is natural and comfortable for some of us. so, here are some bondage sex positions that will make your sex life more stimulate.

position 1 « Spread Eagle »

Position 1 «Spread Eagle» Spread Eagle is quite a simple BDSM proficiency both for a person who ties and for one who is being tied. By fastening the hands and legs of your collaborator to four corners of the bed, the spinal column or front man part of your partner ’ mho body remains accessible. This technique is perfect for beginners because it doesn ’ triiodothyronine require capital flexibility when you are being tied up in this position, and a partner who ties shouldn ’ t have any specific bind skills .
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to make sure that your arms and legs are not tied up besides securely .

position 2 « Chair Bondage Position »

Position 2 «Chair Bondage Position» It ’ s a popular position which will be perfective for newbies. The tied-up person is sitting, and it leads to sexual access limitation. But you will still have some playfulness even without having entree to genitalia. It is one of the bondage positions which is ideal for cock sucking. You can besides apply a bondage president with an orifice on it, which will help diversify and enliven this sexual technique .

position 3 « Wall-Bound Position »

Position 3 «Wall-Bound Position» This proficiency is a great way to tie a person up in a comfortable manner. A wall helps you to keep a poise, so this proficiency will be ideal for BDSM newbies .
What should you get for this technique ? First of wholly, a bare wall or a durable vertical airfoil and a tape to tie up your spouse. A shower will suit well because it has taps that can be used to bind your partner to them. This technique can give a brilliant sensation of being both incapacitated and powerful simultaneously .
Try this proficiency if you are looking for bondage tape ideas .

position 4 « Wide Open Position »

Position 4 «Wide Open Position» bondage newbies will in full appreciate this proficiency because the tied-up partner remains widely exposed, being an excellent aim for the second partner .
It ’ second quite effortless to create this perplex. The partner must be on a sleep together with widespread legs, arms should be bound to legs with the aid of bondage tape. This stance must be ampere comfortable as possible. There are plenty of intimate possibilities in this model. Oral or acute sexual activity, use of sex toys, and tender affect games – choose the way you prefer the most to get great sexual joy .

position 5 « Armbinder Gag Bondage Position »

Position 5 «Armbinder Gag Bondage Position» To create a vulnerability for your partner, fair tie arms behind the back by using a bondage r-2 for your intimate fun. This technique doesn ’ metric ton require much malleability, but you still must keep balance. Add a gag to provide some extra fun to this technique. It is desirable for people who prefer rope bondage positions or early forms of bondage .
A gag can add a certain spice to your sexual game. But bear in thinker that you should stipulate nonverbal signs which must be used in lawsuit if your spouse wants to stop the play .

Less Trivial Bondage Ideas for Couples

One of the most democratic ways to play in enslavement is bondage. This erotic-aesthetic practice involves the limitation of your partner ’ sulfur movement. In a wide smell, it includes different bondage devices, even a cage can be used. But binding will be enough within the framework of home BDSM .

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Buy on Amazon You can start with something simple, like a tie. Make sure that it ’ s not bound around wrists besides rigorous. With hands tied behind the head, your defenseless partner will feel more acutely even the slightest touch. At the same time, in case of a tie or early non-aggressive objects, your collaborator can free himself/herself from shackles any fourth dimension he or she wants and join the game .
Bondage takes your desires to another tied. here are some bondage sex ideas for those who have enough know and who equitable want to diversify BDSM positions. Listen to your instincts and desires .

position 1 « Hog Tie »

Position 1«Hog Tie» It ’ s quite a widespread BDSM proficiency. You are laying on your digest, while your partner binds your arms behind your back. Your ankles are besides tied up and are pulled to your arms, arching your back .
If you are searching for lasso bondage ideas, Hog Tie will be suitable for you, but this technique is not the best choice if you are a founder. Hog Tie can lead to injuries, limbs stretching, in finical. hush, there are variations of Hog Tie where knots on your limbs are loosened .

status 2 « Bent Over Bondage Position »

Position 2 «Bent Over Bondage Position» feel partners can try the bent-over technique. You must be quite flexible and keep remainder during sex in this placement. Try to apply a wide position that is like to a andiron ’ south stance facing downward. You can besides apply for a narrow placement, placing your hands near your feet. Anyway, your partner must succor you to keep remainder. A set of tied-up sex positions imply using a broadcaster measure. Bent Over Bondage is not an exception .

placement 3 « Cocoon or Mummification »

Position 3 «Cocoon or Mummification» It ’ second one of the most extreme bondage sex positions where the full body is bound, creating something like a cocoon. intimate access is secondary here, the flower of joy is a accomplished restriction. tied the most experience partners don ’ thymine always risk applying it. It can be rather nerve-racking to be tied up from head to toe .
mummification using formative wrap attracts partners who want to test their limits and challenge themselves far beyond the constraints of traditional rules. If you want to combine sexual pleasure and mummification, leave holes in the genitals area .

stead 4 « Shrimp or Forced Bow Bondage Position »

Position 4 «Shrimp or Forced Bow Bondage Position» It is quite a difficulty-maintained technique. It restrains your marry spouse ’ s breathe, so you must control it constantly. The advantage of this technique is that you bind a sitting person ; thus you can turn your partner the way you want to get access to butt or genitalia. This proficiency is like to Hog Tie in some way .

stead 5 « Over-the-Chair Position »

This technique is desirable for those who prefer anal sexual activity. It provides both feelings of limitation and safety at the lapp time .Position 5 «Over-the-Chair Position»

Beginner Bondage Positions : Which Are Good for Newbies ?

First of all, think about a sustainable and comfortable electric chair acquisition. Who could think that just an ordinary president can become a arrant tool for your BDSM ideas execution ? To make this side, just bind the collaborator ’ mho ankles to the chair from the one side and hands, body, and back – from the early side of the electric chair. It is a perfective technique for flogging or intensive penetration. This is one of the best bondage ideas for couples. Of path, there are a LOT of more different BDSM positions that you can try with your passion. But there are besides a distribute of positions that would be good only for trained persons. It ’ s like Kama Sutra – it ’ s interesting, possibly utilitarian, but about 80 % of all positions are barely unmanageable to repeat. sol immediately, we came to the doubt : what are the best beginner bondage positions?
Try the adjacent 4 easy-to-repeat BDSM positions :

  • The crab tie
  • The bottom’s up
  • The handcuffs position
  • The Waitress

And here are the pictures of this positions ( courtesies to School of Squirt :

Wrap Up

It ’ s not important what BDSM position you prefer, or you ’ d like to try, never forget that sex and sexual plays imply interconnection between people. That ’ s why it ’ s extremely significant to talk to your collaborator, discuss your sexual needs before, during, and after your sexual act. That is how all participants of the play can achieve full sexual gratification and realize all BDSM sex ideas .
Remember you should start from elementary things, slowly moving towards mastering more intense bondage sex positions. It ’ s up to you to decide on what level you want to remain. Just remember to make it safe ! Every bondage session gives you inimitable sensations, allowing you to realize your bondage ideas. But preceptor ’ metric ton forget about the hazard factors that it can bring. Discuss base hit rules and potential health problems it can lead to with your spouse .
Have you ever tried to use BDSM sex positions ? What were your sensations ? What is the most preferable technique for you ? Share your experience, your opinion is very important for us. See more information about sex toys for your pleasure on .

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