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What Is Vomiting?

Vomiting is the emphatic throwing up of stomach contents. Most kids vomit from time to time, but it normally does n’t final long and often gets better on its own .

What Causes Vomiting?

many different things can make kids throw up. Most of the fourth dimension, it ’ s due to gastroenteritis, an infection of the abdomen and intestines. Gastroenteritis, often called the “ abdomen influenza, ” is normally caused by viruses. other germs, like bacteria and parasites, can besides cause gastroenteritis. Besides vomit, people with gastroenteritis besides may have nausea, belly pain, and diarrhea. Vomiting due to gastroenteritis normally lasts less than 24 hours and other symptoms get better in a few days .

What Else Can Cause Vomiting?

People can sometimes vomit from :

  • food poisoning
  • motion sickness
  • migraine headaches
  • pregnancy

rarely, vomiting can be a sign of a serious problem, including :

  • a blocked intestine, such as pyloric stenosis in infants
  • other problems of the stomach and intestines, like gallstones, pancreatitis, or appendicitis
  • increased pressure in the brain that can happen after a head injury or as a symptom of meningitis or a brain tumor

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Vomiting?

Kids often feel nauseated and have belly pain before throwing up. other symptoms may include :

  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea

patronize vomiting can lead to dehydration ( not having adequate water in the torso ). Signs of dehydration include peeing less frequently crying with few or no tears, having a dry mouth or cracked lips, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, acting very sleepy or less alert .

How Do Doctors Find the Cause of Vomiting?

Doctors normally can tell if vomiting if function of a stomach influenza by hearing about the symptoms. normally, no tests are needed. If a child is vomiting frequently or is very sick, the doctor may order a urine examination, blood test, or early tests to check for dehydration and to find out what is causing the vomit.

How Is Vomiting Treated?

discussion for vomiting depends on the lawsuit. Vomiting from gastroenteritis normally goes away on its own in less than 24 hours .
If your child has vomit, help prevent dehydration by giving an oral rehydration solution ( such as Pedialyte, Enfalyte, or a memory brand ). It has the right amounts of water, sugar, and salt to help with dehydration. You can buy it without a prescription at drugstores or supermarkets. If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get oral rehydration solution, spill the beans to your doctor.

If your child has mild dehydration and your doctor says it’s OK to start treatment at home:

  • Start with small sips of the oral rehydration solution, about 1 or 2 teaspoons every few minutes.
  • Babies can continue to breastfeed or take formula as long as they are not throwing up repeatedly.
  • Don’t give babies plain water instead of oral rehydration solution. It doesn’t have the right nutrients for babies with dehydration.
  • Older children can have frozen electrolyte popsicles.
  • Don’t give medicines for vomiting unless your doctor recommends it.
  • When your child stops vomiting, you can offer small amounts of solid foods, such as toast, crackers, rice, or mashed potatoes. Yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and lean meat, like chicken, are also OK.

Kids who continue to vomit or have more severe dehydration want treatment in the ER or hospital .

When Should I Call the Doctor?

Call the sophisticate if your child :

  • can’t drink for several hours
  • has signs of dehydration, such as peeing less often, crying with few or no tears, having a dry mouth or cracked lips, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, acting very sleepy or less alert
  • has a high fever
  • is vomiting blood, or has green or brownish vomit
  • has severe stomach or back pain
  • has headache or stiff neck
  • is vomiting after a head injury
  • is vomiting for more than 24 hours 
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