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We all want to be healthy, right ? For me, it ’ mho constantly been an off and on kind of thing .
I believe it ’ south chiefly because I get therefore out of balance trying to get healthy that I can ’ t keep up with all my modern rules or exercise routines .
then I fair give up. alone to do it all over again a few months later .
10 Things I'm Doing to Get Healthy {and stay healthy} - This Reading Mama

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recently, I mentioned that I ’ m working on staying healthy in my newsletter recently and I was shocked at the amount of readers that emailed me back, wanting to know what I ’ megabyte doing differently. so I wanted to share some things I ’ ve learned that are helping me get healthy and STAY healthy this clock time !
Please know that I ’ m not an adept. I good wanted to share my experience and possibly help you along your travel, besides !

10 Things I’m Doing to Be Healthy {and STAY Healthy}

My goal is to keep this simple, thus hera are 10 things I ’ megabyte doing to be healthy .
1. Drink Water

No doubt our bodies were made to NEED water. Water can boost our energy and make us feel less inert. It can prevent headaches, besides ! Water besides helps us feel less athirst, so we snack less .
My finish every day is one-half my body weight in ounces .

It sounds like a fortune, but I ’ ve found the key for me { and many people I talk to } is get a water bottle WITH A STRAW ! There ’ south precisely something about having a pale yellow that helps. I personally have a Bubba and LOVE it !
I ’ m besides using My Water App { absolve } to count my body of water intake throughout the day .

2. Find Exercise that you LIKE

If you start something you absolutely hate, your chances of sticking with it are slender. There are people who love running at 4:30am. That ’ s not me. There are those who love classes at their gymnasium. That ’ s not me .
I like to walk outside or do a exercise video in the privacy of my home. { Leslie Sansone is my favorite. }
Getting a FitBit last year truly motivated and challenged me to get up and move more .

I much will use the step in my firm combined with our mini trampoline to fair blast it for 20-30 minutes. I prefer the miniskirt trampoline over a treadmill because I can move it anywhere in the house and be with where my kids are. { I ’ ve even put it out on my screened in porch while my kids play in the backyard. }
The key is to find what you like…and if you can find person who will do it with you, all the better !

3. Be Proactive with Food
Ah, you knew it was coming. Food. Years ago, Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book called The Five Love Languages. I ’ thousand 100 % convinced he left out the sixth one : food. Because that ’ sulfur mine .
The absolute game record changer for me was to PLAN out my meals and snacks BEFORE eating them. I had tried a food journal before. But I was merely writing down what I HAD ALREADY eaten. immediately I ’ m think ahead about food rather of eating out of reception to my “ love language ” and cravings .
Planning ahead means that you plan the meals and snacks for the week and buy only those. You don ’ t have a batch of newly baked cocoa check cookies or { insert your trigger food here } laying about in the house, waiting to pounce on you at your weakest moment .
Planning ahead can besides means looking at the restaurant menu ahead of time and deciding what you ’ ll arrange for your health alternatively of your cravings .
I have truly enjoyed My Fitness Pal App for helping me document what I ’ ll eat ahead of time { plus, it counts your calories for you }, but you have to find what works for you .

4. REPLACE Your Trigger Foods
rather of precisely taking away the tall mallow crackers in the good afternoon { because you want something crunchy and piquant to munch on }, REPLACE it with something else, like almonds. { Add a equal of olive oil and salt to your almonds and roast them in the oven if you ’ re looking for salty. }
just taking things away makes me want them more. If I can find a surrogate, I have found I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate crave what I took away closely vitamin a much .

My trigger foods came wax on at lunch. I ’ vitamin d look in the electric refrigerator and say to my kids, “ Let ’ s just go catch ____ for lunch. ” And off we ’ five hundred go to grab some flying food. now, If I don ’ t have leftovers from the night before, I ’ ll catch a shake rather. It ’ s fill and I know that I ’ megabyte not putting a bunch together of trash into my body .
Shakes may not be your thing and that ’ s okay. You have to find what works best for you { so you can STAY healthy } !
The keystone is to identify your peak 3 gun trigger foods and find a substitute for them .

5. Change things LITTLE by LITTLE
It never worked for me to wake up one sidereal day and say, “ Okay, I ’ megabyte never going to eat this, this, and that always again. ” Replace your gun trigger foods slowly or one at a time. I ’ megabyte certain people have been successful at keeping up a healthy life style and did it all at one time, but I never have.

Years ago, I heard a loudspeaker on her health travel who used to eat a pint of ice cream every night. alternatively of cutting herself off of ice skim wholly, she began eating half a pint each night, then barely a bowl each night, then just a bowl every other night. She did this until she didn ’ t have ice skim at all at night .
Slow and sweetheart wins the subspecies here .
I ’ vitamin d besides include making SMALL changes in this lean. alternatively of dumping ALL the ranch on your salad, challenge yourself to leave the ranch on the side and just use one-half of it. Small and slow changes make things much more accomplishable and long terminus .

6. Add More Fruits and Veggies
If you ’ ve looked at any inquiry on being and staying healthy, you know that fruits and veggies are KEY. But if we ’ ra honest, we don ’ metric ton get enough ! I ’ m besides amused at what some restaurants consider as veggies. I mean corn- in truth ?
We need the nutrients in those green leafy veggies and apples. It helps our bodies in thousands of ways, specially with fighting illness .

For me, taking Juice Plus+ for the last 14 years has truly helped me focus more on getting those fruits and veggies in my consistency. Before taking Juice Plus+, I was taking a multivitamin. But it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adequate. The vitamins were chiefly passing through my body { as they do for most people }. I needed something to get into my bloodstream to make a real difference. You can read more about that in my Juice Plus+ floor .
We ’ re besides supposed to fill up half our plate with fruits and veggies. One way I ’ m doing this is eating less pasta and more veggies alternatively. I LOVE eating spaghetti with 2 cups of zucchini rather of pasta. therefore estimable. But that ’ s me. What are some simple ways you can add more fruits and veggies to your home plate ?

7. Tell Yourself NO
Will world power. Oh, it ’ s SO hard ! But I ’ thousand learning it ’ second approve to tell my cravings no. I ’ ve come realize that just because person is living a healthy life style doesn ’ thyroxine mean their cravings go away completely. We all have weak moments when that chocolate bar { or insert your own food } is just calling our name .
It ’ mho approve to say NO to yourself. { I must say that it ’ sulfur all right to besides say YES at times, as long we as set limits on that YES. }

8. Be REAL with Your Journey of Getting Healthy
Find person else that you can lean into when you ’ rhenium struggling. It can be a ally, spouse, or even a acquaintance that lives far away. Accountability is vital to this travel ! We all have days when it ’ s hard to do this healthy surviving thing .
One fun thing I ’ thousand presently doing is posting attest pictures of my healthy choices in a Facebook group. That ’ randomness keeps me accountable, but find what works for you .

9. Set REALISTIC GOALS for Yourself 
This goes along with # 5 above. If you set your banish besides high and change besides many things all at one time, chances are it will be a short-run change. It just becomes besides much to keep up with .
It helps me to remember that real switch frequently doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen nightlong .
And when I set unrealistic goals { like I ’ m going to lose 5 pound by next Friday } and then I don ’ triiodothyronine meet those goals, I ’ thousand defeated and more probable to give up .
In this same vein, we have to give ourselves grace. If I eat the entire wheel of raw cookie dough nowadays { Oh, believe me. I ’ ve done it before ! }, tomorrow is a newfangled day. I can ’ metric ton use that as an apology to jump off the educate completely. I can only control what I do today. yesterday is gone. Get back on and keep going !

10. Get Your Sleep
This was another hard one for me because I couldn ’ thymine see how sleep had any relation back to my health. Most adults need 7 hours or more hours of rest each night to function at their best the next sidereal day .
Between real life responsibilities, juggling all the hats of my on-line business, and homeschooling my kids, I had been getting merely about 5-6 hours of sleep for years .

This meant that I was frequently running on coffee : 2-3 cups in the dawn and 2-3 cups in the afternoon. The snowball effect was that I was drinking less water, had less energy to exercise, eating more debris { because I was eating for comfort }, and was getting more headaches because I was dehydrated. See how it works ? I never saw it then. But I do now .
Since January, I ’ ve become more intentional about getting 7 or more hours of rest a night. And I ’ molarity happy to say, I have more energy to exercise and drink MUCH less chocolate. I immediately drink 1 cup in the dawn and 1 in the good afternoon, but lone if I feel sluggish .
I ’ ve had to reduce the amount of work I expect from myself with the on-line business, but that ’ s all right. It was out of balance anyhow. Had been for days !

therefore, there you have it ! 10 things I ’ thousand doing to be goodly { AND STAY healthy }. The key is life-long change that you can stick with. It doesn ’ thymine always look the like for everyone and THAT ’ S OKAY ! fair be the healthiest you that you can be !
*If you want to chat far, feel release to email me at becky @ thisreadingmama.com .


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