5 Sex Positions To Try If You’re Bored In The Bedroom

Getting it on between the sheets surely has its upsides. 1 ) It ‘s warm. 2 ) Your bed is comfortable as hell. 3 ) You can easily take a vomit sleep and then go for round two. But it can besides get a short … bore .
If you ‘ve ever thought about switching up the scenery and getting hazardous in a room other than the boudoir, Michael Aaron, Ph.D., a arouse therapist based in New York, brings us the best positions for getting it on on top of a mesa. Just make surely your kitchen furniture is sturdy enough to handle the action before you get started .

The Snuggy

The Snuggy sex position

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Bend at the waist with your torso atilt over the table, while he thrusts from behind .
Why it works: “ You want to use the strengths of the board to your advantage—namely its sturdiness and firmness, ” says Aaron. “ Bending over the postpone provides a commodity anchor for deep and brawny thrusts. ”

The Thumper

The Thumper sex position

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Kneel on the table and have him either kneel on the table with you or stand behind you with both feet on the floor .
Why it works: Both kneel and standing provide some serious leverage for thrusting, says Aaron. “ Put your knees closer in concert or far apart to adjust the concentration, ” he says. “ experiment with both and see which you prefer. ”
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Bounce House

Bounce House sex position

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Have him lie on the postpone and straddle him with your knees bent, facing away. Push off the edges of the table for leverage as you slide up and down .
Why it works: The table provides a solid airfoil with a new perspective to help you get your addict on ( and a killer quadriceps exercise ). “ You can adjust by placing your legs inside his, which tightens the vagina, or placing your legs astride, which provides you more range of motion, ” says Aaron .

Paradise City

Paradise City sex position

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Have him sit on the edge of the postpone, and straddle him with one leg on either english of his hips .
Why it works: The table provides a good base for jab, which helps “ shift the penis to push more against the upper wall of the vagina, ” says Aaron. Plus, this put allows you to get up close and personal for some serious makeout action. ( Train your pelvic floor muscles for even more acute orgasm with these training beads from the Women ‘s Health Boutique. )


Interlude sex position

Byron Gray/The Big Book of Sex

How to do it: Have him sit fully on the table, straddle him, and wrap your legs around him with your face close to his .
Why it works: This position is arrant for getting romantical, you know, if doing it on a table just is n’t adequate. “ By wrapping your legs around his waist, you get an even tighter fit and a deeper sense of physical closeness and emotional familiarity, ” says Aaron. “ He can besides hold on to the table edges with his hands as you move your torso and ride him, providing extra leverage. ”

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