Are You Taking Too Much Thyroid Medication?

Thyroid hormone surrogate drugs are used to treat hypothyroidism —a circumstance in which your thyroid gland does not produce adequate thyroid gland hormones .

When you take the proper drug of these medications, they are safe, with few side effects. If you are taking excessively high a venereal disease, however, you can experience unpleasant symptoms. This is known as overmedication .

This article discusses the causes and symptoms of thyroid hormone replacement overmedication .

symptoms of thyroid hormone replacement overmedication
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Thyroid Hormone Replacement Drugs

Levothyroxine is a type of thyroid hormone surrogate drug that is much used to treat hypothyroidism. Brand names for levothyroxine include Synthroid, Levoxyl, and Tirosint .

Natural dessicated thyroid ( NDT ) is besides used to treat hypothyroidism. For some people, NDTs work better than levothyroxine, and many people prefer them because they are considered more natural. Brand name NDTs include Armour and Nature-Throid .

normally, people begin thyroid gland hormone therapy with a low dose that is gradually increased. In separate, this is because hypothyroidism progresses over time. But starting therapy with a first gear dose is besides helpful for reducing the risk of overmedication .


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Signs and Symptoms of Overmedication

Signs and symptoms of thyroid gland hormone overmedication can vary .

Some common symptoms include :

  • Elevated pulse and blood pressure
  • Anxiety, nervous energy, tremors
  • Feeling irritable, overemotional, erratic, or depressed
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling overheated, even when others are cold
  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling like your heart is skipping a beat or racing
  • Weight loss with no change in your diet/exercise routine
  • Increase in food intake with no weight gain

In some cases, symptoms of overmedication can be similar to those of hypothyroidism. You may feel more exhausted than usual, or aching and as if you have the influenza ; you may put on weight, or feel jittery and anxious .

In fact, it ‘s not unheard of for a person to visit their healthcare supplier to get tested, certain that they need an increased dose, only to discover that their symptoms are actually due to overmedication .

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How Overmedication Occurs

There are a act of ways you can become overmedicated with your thyroid refilling drug. sometimes, it takes trial and erroneousness to get your dose merely right. Prescribing mistakes can happen a well .

dose or Drug Quality Issues

Overmedication may occur when you are taking the wrong dose .

For case :

  • Your healthcare provider may prescribe a dosage that is too high for you.
  • Your pharmacist may give you the wrong dosage or incorrect instructions for use.

It is besides potential that the quality of your medication may change from one refill of your prescription to another. This is sometimes the subject when your medication is produced by several different manufacturers.

If you are taking generic levothyroxine, you may receive a batch of medicine that is more potent or less potent than your former refill. even a rebuff change of potential from one replenish to the next can lead to over or under medication and symptoms of hyper or hypothyroidism .

Switching formulations of levothyroxine—for example, from pad to gel-caps or liquid—can besides cause overmedication. That ‘s because your body absorbs some formulations of levothyroxine better than others. Tirosint fluent gel-caps and Tirosint-SOL liquid levothyroxine absorb better than levothyroxine in pad human body. You may be prescribed gel-cap or liquid levothyroxine if you are allergic to dyes or fillers, but the switch may result in overmedication .

This is why conclusion monitor is crucial. You should get your TSH flat checked within six weeks after beginning thyroid hormone successor, or after changing the brand, conceptualization, or acid of your medication .

Pay especial attention to symptoms that develop after a holocene drugstore refill. They may be due to a medicine erroneousness or change in the formulation .

change in Diet

Changing your diet can affect how well your soundbox absorb thyroid gland hormone medication. For exemplar, if you were eating a distribute of fiber and then cut back on your intake, you may begin to absorb higher levels of thyroid medicine .

Supplements and Medications

certain supplements can add to the effects of your thyroid gland successor and lead to overmedication .

Pay close attention to supplements featuring the terms “ thyroid corroborate, ” “ energy patronize, ” “ thyroid gland glandulars, ” “ adrenal gland glandulars, ” and “ bovine glandulars. ” Some of these supplements contain thyroid hormone from animals .

Supplements that contain iodine, such as bladderwrack ( Fucus vesiculosus ), kelp, bugleweed, Irish moss, or seaweed are besides culprits. besides much iodine, in finical, can over-stimulate your thyroid and trigger hyperthyroidism .

Drugs that contain estrogens, such as hormone replacement medications and contraceptive pills, can interfere with thyroid hormone prerequisite. When you stop taking them, your body might require more or less thyroid gland medication than when you were taking them .

Hashimoto ‘s Disease

With Hashimoto ‘s disease, your thyroid hormone levels can fluctuate quickly. Hashitoxicosis refers to the phase when your thyroid is over-functioning and producing more thyroid gland hormone .

Taking your thyroid hormone substitute medication when your thyroid is in hashitoxicosis can temporarily cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism .


During pregnancy, your need for thyroid hormone increases, so you may need to be prescribed a higher acid of medication than usual .

once you have the baby, your indigence for thyroid hormone drops. Hence, the dose of thyroid hormone surrogate you were taking during pregnancy could be excessively high gear for the postnatal period. This can result in overmedication .

Monitoring for Overmedication

Healthcare providers typically use your thyroid lineage test results to see if you are getting excessively much music. In some cases, having a TSH floor that is lower than normal or a T3 or T4 level that is higher than convention can be a signboard of overmedication .


You may become overmedicated with changes in the dose or type of thyroid hormone refilling therapy you are taking. Certain health conditions and life style changes can lead to overmedication, besides .

Because the symptoms of overmedication can mimic hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, it ‘s crucial to have your TSH, T4, and/or T3 levels checked regularly and any time your medication changes .

A Word From Verywell

Symptoms of being overmedicated with thyroid hormone replacement drugs are much uncomfortable, but rarely dangerous. Often, eliminating thyroid-boosting supplements and/or cutting back on your medicine dose solves the problem .

Your healthcare provider will run periodic thyroid tests and adjust your dose as needed until your symptoms resolve and your thyroid levels return to optimum levels .

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