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Our sexual activity columnist busts some myths about trying to beautify the vagina. Dear Ms K ,
“ My boyfriend does n’t like going down on me. He ‘ll go till my navel and then come back up. I ‘m wondering if it is because of what it smells like down there ? I ‘ve tried using different soaps, but it has n’t helped. He still does n’t do it and I feel bad asking him to, because I guess smell is crucial ? But the matter is, when he wants me to go down on him, I do n’t say no and it ‘s not like he does n’t smell. therefore two questions : how to tell him without hurting his feelings ? And how to get rid of my smell ? ”

fetid Cat

Dear Smelly Cat ,
To the men who ’ ve made you feel uneasy about your perfume and treated your navel as the Indo-Pak margin, I say : do unto others as you would have them do unto you – you no eat me out, I no suck your peepee .
Your vagina doesn ’ triiodothyronine smack like roses because it ’ s not supposed to. Throw out the ilang-ilang douchebaggery you ’ ve bought to make it smell like Nehru Park. It ’ s a vagina and it has a scent ! If you continue to self-reject your scent, chances of him always loving it are minimal .
We must stop treating our vaginas like war zones. They are not playgrounds for cosmetic experiments – there should be no changing their colour, their scent or their forcible appearance. Your clitoris is where it needs to be, your labium is angstrom big as it should be, your aroma is ampere acidic as it could be and your discolor is beautiful. Anybody who tells you differently is not worth sucking off .
Though if you still feel that it smells besides fetid down there, excuse yourself and wash your vagina with water system. There ’ second no shame in that. But no douches, soaps or shampoo please, they tend to mess up the ph balance of your vagina .
I lead by example so pay attention .
As a naïve twenty-something-old, I excessively wanted to make my coochie-coo smell like a strawberry tart….and you know how the Gods punished me ? With a yeast infection. Don ’ t tied get me started on how awkward the conversation between my gynecologist, my mother and me was .
‘ Ma, I think I have a yeast infection. ’
‘ Shut up, you ’ re not married. You can ’ t have it. ’

‘ That ’ s what you said about the UTI. I ’ molarity going to the gynecologist. ’

‘ I ’ thousand coming with you. ’
‘ Doc, my vagina itches. Make it go away. ’
‘ Are you married ? ’

Mother heaves a sigh in the background. ‘ No ’ .
‘ Are you sexually active ? ’
Awkward silence. ‘ NOPE. ’
‘ You have a yeast infection. Take this medicine ; it ’ ll help restore your ph balance. And wear cotton underwear. ’
now that you know that your grandma and I wear the same-style cotton underwear, you ’ ll besides be glad to know that I ’ ve learn my moral. The vagina is self-cleansing, which means that all you need to do is barely wash it with water. We kill the adept bacteria when we introduce soaps, gels and douches to the mix. leave : Ze rub. You may love your boyfriend a set, but no amount of love is worth that itch. That itch closely cost me my sanity. India ’ s itching tolerance only extends to that of the scrotum. God forbid women start going at theirs in public. Danggein hojayenge !
Onto the secondary task of telling him to wash his penis : make him follow the same act of washing it right before oral sex. Or spice it up and offer to wash him yourself. Unlike the vagina, the penis is not self-cleansing so feel free to soap him up to your nose ’ mho subject. The specific areas that need regular wash are the establish of the penis and testicles. That ’ s normally where effort and hair can cause an sinful smell. Use a mild soap and be easy. Using talcum power or spraying deodorant on and around the penis is a adult no-no ( particularly if your collaborator is uncircumcised, the ingredients can get under the prepuce and cause irritation ) .
If you feel that you ’ re still uncomfortable with his scent then you must confess the like. sexual experiences can only be enjoyed if both partners are honest about what works and doesn ’ thymine cultivate during oral and acute arouse .
In sheath your site doesn ’ thymine better and he continues to play tonsil field hockey with your navel, it ’ second time to call it quits. Sorry boo, what needs to be done has gotsa to get done .
In other news, ‘ fetid cat, fetid caterpillar, it ’ s not your blame. ’

Love ,
Ms K
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