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firm by Danielle Norman is the third fresh in the Iron Horse series ! Check out an exclusive excerpt form this cowgirl themed contemporary romance here !

‘Steadfast’ by Danielle Norman synopsis

Holland Kelly wasn ’ t a people person. Okay, that ’ s not true, she wasn ’ t one especial man person. That man ? Her next-door neighbor Dick Brooks. Fine, his real mention was Reid, but Dick sounded better. Life would have been perfective if she never had to interact with him again .
unfortunately, life wasn ’ triiodothyronine perfect .
now she is stick spend hours with the neighbor she has constantly hated while they work to save their homes. Have his eyes constantly been that shadow ?
Has he always been so dependable looking ?
And those lips… article Continues Below

‘Steadfast’ by Danielle Norman exclusive excerpt

“ Take me to your clandestine lair. ” I smiled and winked .
“ Makes me sound like a monster, ” he groaned as he slid a hand under my shirt and cupped my breast. “ Or a beast. ”
“ I ’ ll show you a animal. ”
“ Brag much ? ” But I had already felt him, I knew that he wasn ’ thymine boastful, but I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop myself from aggravating him .
He turned and carried me, I hadn ’ thymine in truth had a casual to look at his home, and part of me wanted to do that but at the like time, I wanted him. I found the best of both worlds kissing his clavicle. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate evaluate, I know that I looked like a friggin ’ vampire, but I could kiss and look over his shoulder as he carried me up the sprawl stairway. It was like something out of function With the Wind. I kissed as he passed several closed doors and then moved into what I figured was his bedroom. If it wasn ’ t his, person was in for a shock. His king-size bed was situated under a large half-moon shaped windowpane, and he came to a blockage next to it. He lento let my legs down and held me close to him until he was sure that I was steady on my feet .
“ Get up on the bed, ” he ordered. I kicked off my shoes and then crawled onto the thick sympathizer. “ Stand up. ”
I did equally ordered and then turned to face him. apparently, I wasn ’ thyroxine close enough because he pulled me advancing so that I was correct in front of him and he was level with my kitty. “ Hold on, sweetheart, I ’ ll be with you in a second. ” He leaned forward and blew hot air that seemed to soak through the denim and make me identical mindful of precisely how drench my panties were. With one hand, he pulled the push button on my jeans free and then tugged the zipper down. then he slowly slid them down my legs and helped me step out of them .
For a moment I freaked, wholly forgetting which panties I had worn, but a glance told me I was in my Friday ones. For once, I was wearing the right panties on the right day. I normally precisely reached in and grabbed a copulate. a hanker as they were clean, what did I care ?
lento he came about and cupped my butt, his fingertips softly massaging my cheek .
“ Are you sure ? ” His voice slipped into a gruff timbre.

Actions were louder than words so I dropped to my knees and kissed him. He kissed me second, and my tongue slipped inside and tangled with his. That was all the control he let me have before he was pressing forward and demanding more from me. A humble wail slither from my mouth. I couldn ’ metric ton think, and I could hardly breathe while I was experiencing one of the most soul-stealing kisses of my life .
The feel of him so cheeseparing, the warmth of his skin, his spit continuing to plunge deeper each clock time it found mine. The air between us sparked, and he caught my bottom lip between his teeth and snatch it piano .
His hands trailed down my sides, curving over my hips and then hooking under me to bring my legs out so that I was flat on my second and my legs were hanging off the bed. He slowly slid my panties down as he let out a chuckle .
“ What ’ s therefore curious ? ”
“ You. Do you normally forget the day of the week and need to check your underwear to be certain ? ” “ Shut up and get unappareled. ”
He was grinning as he pulled rear, and I propped myself up on my elbows, ready for the show. I didn ’ thymine dare blink for fear that I might miss something as he toed off his boots and then pulled his jersey over his head. Holy hell, he was built. Okay, I knew the man was in shape, but this should be illegal. He even had that perfectly formed V that slenderly showed above the girdle of his jeans, and I was dying to get my hands on it .
When he unbuttoned the top button of his Levi button-fly jeans, I held my breath. Was he a boxer or briefs guy or possibly a boxer brief guy ? Please, barely no tighty whities .
When the final button was undone and he slid his jeans off I felt like I should do repentance because the serviceman was commando and his tittup. .. oh my godhead, it was huge .
He opened his nightstand and pulled out a condom mailboat, which had shivers racing down my spinal column and goose pimples tingling over my bark. He laid it on the seam next to my hip and then settled one knee between my legs .
“ Yes, Reid. ” I bucked, pushing my hips up to deepen his touch. Everything—his tint, his smell, his passion—was overpowering, and it was all for me. Every muscle in my stomach contracted in time with his fingers as they slid in and out of me .
His mouth switched breasts and then lifted indeed that he was kissing my lips harder than earlier. His sass slipped below my bequeath ear and started nibbling and sucking .
“ God, Reid, please. ”
“ Please what ? ”
“ I don ’ t know. Just god. ”
My neck was the most sensitive separate of my body, and the even chaff that peppered his jawline was sending a wildfire to my mind. He chuckled against my hide and nipped playfully along my jaw .
Each kiss had me getting wet .
I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked him a few times, but then he was hooking an arm under my stifle and lifting my branch so that I was open to him. His potent fingertips softly stroked my clitoris before sinking a finger cryptic inside me. My leg twitch and held on to him close as nerves sang through my body. His mouth dropped back to my summit while his fingers continued their attack. At beginning precisely one and then two, over and over and over again. The sensations were besides much .
“ R-Reid— ” I gasped, feeling my body starting to lock up. “ I ’ megabyte going to come. ”
He didn ’ thymine check but sped up, driving my body higher until I exploded .
My body was placid quaking and his fingers were distillery stroking in and out of me slowly as my hand slipped between us. His gasp of breath as I wrapped my fingers around his cock was an aphrodisiac. He had sol much heat trapped in his dick and my mind was whirling with all the ways I could help him release it .
His buttock rub against mine as his tooth nibbled at my auricle .
“ Fuck, Holland, ” he groaned as I slid my hand up and down his cock. “ I want you. ”
Before I could say a news, he was over me. His hands squeezing my hips, holding me down a if he thought I were going to go somewhere. not on his life .
His fingers shook as he ripped the foil and pulled out the latex paint to sheath his tittup. Holding my breath, I waited until he was between my legs and then I guided his hammer to my entrance .
He sank into me in one fluid motion. “ Oh, fuckkk. ” His words were a hybridization between a groan and a groan .
My back arched and my mouthpiece let out a croaky pant as he stilled deep within me .
“ Jesus, Holland, ” Reid hissed, his muscles straining as he held himself back until I adjusted to him .
Reid moved slowly at first before picking up his pace, and I pushed up to meet each thrust as he pounded into me. Grabbing my leg, he lifted it and stretched me so that it was over my principal and he was deep, deeper than I ’ d ever imagined. His rhythm was hard but so sleep together perfective. Tilting my hips, I tried to meet his thrusts, but the need inside me was begging for dismissal and it was all I could do to hold it back because I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want this one to end .
Reid obviously wasn ’ thymine willing to let me keep what moment of control I was clinging to because his thrusts turned to slow and deep as he rocked against me so he was rubbing against my clitoris with a delightful pressure .
“ Fuckkkkk— ”
I reached up and pulled our mouths together as my vision blurred under the attack of pleasure .
“ God, you ’ re sol fucking beautiful. ” He didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate check as my body gripped him and my kernel tried to hammer its way out of my thorax. The more he moved inside me, the longer my orgasm stretched until I was ready to beg him to stop .
then, like a jerk of a switch, his thrusts turned to pounding once again, I could feel his cock harden. My hands slipped along his sweat-slicked shoulders and I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him into me. My body quivered as his cock pulsed inside me. My name mingled with the news fuck as his muscles stiffened and his eyelids squeezed close.

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