7 Standing Sex Positions You Need To Add To Your Repertoire Stat

Standing sex positions can come in handy for all sorts of situations. You want to change things up in the bedroom ; that got tantalum -have-you-now feeling strikes, but all you have to work with is a public bathroom ; or you precisely want to get it on while prepping dinner ( hey, you do you ). Whatever the rationality for your upright adventure, there are plenty of fun and ~hot~ positions to try. ( note : While many of these directions reference “ you ” as the receive collaborator, these positions can be assumed by merely about anyone. )
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Ballet Dancer

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Women’s Health

How to: Stand on one foot, face to side, and have your partner wrap your other leg around their shank, while they support your body. If you ’ re in truth elastic, try putting the raised stage on your partner ‘s shoulder for even deeper penetration. Why it’s great: This status allows for quality, intimate confront meter. And since your bodies are so close together, it ‘s perfect for mean spaces like … say … an airplane toilet. ( What, who said that ? )


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How to: Get on your hands and feet and have your collaborator pick you up by the pelvis. then grip your spouse ‘s waist with your thighs. You can besides try resting on a table or the side of the bed to give your arms a breakage. Why it’s great: Oh, beyond the fact that you ‘re getting an branch exercise at the like fourth dimension ? This angle allows for super-deep penetration in a way that ‘s golden to your G-spot.

Stand And Deliver

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How to: Start with both of you standing, you in front of your partner, facing away. then, bend over at your shank and have your spouse insert you from behind. Why it’s great: From this position, your partner can easily bring a free hand in front of your body and stimulate your clitoris. Or if you want to add some kink to the mix, have your S.O. tie your hands behind your back with cuffs or a silk scarf .

Upstanding Citizen

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How to: Begin digest, facing each other. Straddle your collaborator, wrapping your legs around their body. then have your spouse back you using their arms. You can try starting on the bed, or hop up from a standing position—choose your own venture. Why it’s great: This one is besides premier for against-the-wall sex. And the placement of your partner ‘s pelvis will help stimulate your clitoris while they ‘re inside of you. not to mention, it ‘s a perfect choice for reenacting those super-hot movie scenes you love.


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How to: Get near the edge of a bed or bench, and rest on one side of your body, pressing your thighs in concert. Your collaborator stands behind you, straddling your consistency. then they enter you from behind. Why it’s great: Keeping your legs tight together in this position creates a unharmed new aphrodisiac sensation for both you and your spouse, as it causes a tight harbor. Plus, this one is a big in-between standing position if you could use some excess support .

Table Top

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How to: Have your collaborator embark you while you ‘re sitting or lying at the edge of a table, counterpunch, or even your go to bed. very any surface that hits at crotch height will work. You can besides try bringing your legs down and placing your feet on your partner ‘s chest of drawers, in front of his shoulders. This lease ‘s you control the thrust. Why it’s great: If you and your partner are drastically different heights, it can be challenging to pull off some standing positions. This one brings you both to the same level to wholly eliminate that issue. Plus, it allows for some familiar face-to-face time .

Standing Oral

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How to: Start out by kneeling in front of your partner while they ‘re standing and perform oral from this put. Or switch positions and have your partner do the same for you. Why it’s great: Yet another playfulness way to mix up standing sex, this one is perfective for a band aid. Oh and for a little extra fun, do this somewhere that ‘s antonym from a mirror ( like, say, a bathroom wall ), so you or your collaborator can enjoy the scene .
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