The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle: A Speech

so this is my actor’s line ! It is from the same broadcast as last year. ( You can see my lecture from stopping point year hera. ) So I moved on from the first base attack, and nowadays I said my language again for round two, and was chosen out of the top two in my class to say it again to the rest of the school on Thursday ! The subject this year is “ The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle. ”
And because I literally find a way to sneak Haiti into everything, it is about the Touch of Hope school in Simonette, Haiti, and how they changed the life style of the kids in the community .
There are a few paragraph on healthy eat, and exercising and stuff, thus if you want, you can ignore those .
sol hera is my language :

When I think about the importance of a healthy life style, I think about a son named Romario. He ’ s my age. He likes soccer, mathematics, and playing with little kids. He sounds a draw like person who might be my neighbor, or the kid who sits adjacent to me at school .
But there ’ s a big deviation. Romario lives in a tent in Haiti and for years, has struggled with hunger and a identical unhealthy life style .
I have seen it firsthand. I have stood on the dirt roads of his greenwich village. I have seen how it looks like there ’ s no hope for a child like Romario .
When we talk about the importance of a healthy life style, I think it ’ south authoritative that we have a clear photograph of what an unhealthy life style looks like. Every year, more than 5 million children around the ball die of poor people nutriment .
Poor nutrition is at the root of an unhealthy life style. According to, inadequate nutrition intensifies the effect of every disease, including measles, malaria, and pneumonia
so this is where a healthy life style sincerely begins : With effective nutrition, not only here in America, but around the world .
Eating healthy is a full of life partially of a goodly life style. It provides nutrients that your body needs to create new cells, clean toxins, and to function daily. It prevents future diseases like diabetes and cancer .
now, all of us here have access to nourishing food and clean body of water – a privilege that many in other parts of the world preceptor ’ metric ton have. We besides have access to education about our health. We know things like : breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, and we shouldn ’ thyroxine gorge or consume many sweets .
We besides understand that it is important to eat a balance, varied diet of all 5 food groups .
There ’ second more. Exercising regularly is a huge separate of maintaining a healthy life style. It increases longevity, and helps you sleep well and maintain your weight. Kids should exercise 60 minutes or more day by day .
besides, getting adequate sleep is identical significant for having adequate energy. If you don ’ triiodothyronine get enough sleep, you won ’ thyroxine think clearly. Most kids need 10 or more hours of sleep every nox .
so, to me, a healthy life style is composed of goodly eating, physical bodily process, and getting adequate sleep .
now, I am fortunate to live in a area, a community, and a home where I have access to everything I need to live a healthy life style : alimentary food, clean water, ways to exercise, and a comfortable bed to sleep in .
But remember Romario ? And the millions of children around the world like him ? They don ’ t have these lapp advantages .
indeed I want to issue a challenge to you. Because we can ’ triiodothyronine live a healthy life style here, and keep it to ourselves. We are sol blessed to live where we do, and we owe it to our neighbors to give back our good fortune. We can help them live a healthy life style, besides. here ’ randomness how :
back programs like UNICEF, an administration working in more than 190 countries to help children by providing immunizations, nutrition, education and clean water .
Sponsor a child for deoxyadenosine monophosphate little as $ 35 a calendar month through places like Touch of Hope. These programs help send children to school, where they have access to education and food for a healthy life style .
I am a girl living a goodly life style in Inwood, Iowa. And I am not keeping it to myself. I have committed to helping others live healthy besides.

I pay $ 35 a calendar month to sponsor two kids in Haiti, including Romario .
Before Romario ’ s community opened up a sponsorship program, starvation was a part of their daily lives. many people in his village resorted to eating mud pies, a concoction of mud, water, and boodle. The mire pies taste atrocious and have zero nutritional prize, but they keep hunger at bay .
But his community took a base and changed the life style of over 900 kids, who nowadays get peanut-butter sandwiches for breakfast and rice and beans for lunch, along with an education .
My sister and I are partnering with the school on the exert part of the health of these haitian children. I raised $ 6,000 to build a resort area at the school. And my sister raised $ 2,000 to build a basketball court. We saw the resort area and basketball court during our trip to Haiti over Thanksgiving .
We have more plans to help haitian children live a healthy life style. But those plans are top-secret. possibly I ’ ll come back and tell you another time .
Until then, my question for you is : what are you going to do with your healthy life style ?
DSCN0776 Me at my playground !
Me and Romario
DSC_0298 DSC_0152
This is Romario ’ sulfur house .

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