sexually stimulating the clitoris by vulva-rubbing against a partner ‘s soundbox
Two women engaged in the missionary military position of tribadism and rubbing vulva, one of the assorted positions in which a woman rubs her vulva against her spouse ‘s body for the aim of intimate pleasure. Tribadism ( TRIB-ə-diz-əm ) [ 1 ] or tribbing, normally known by its scissoring position, is a lesbian sexual practice and intimate act between two women in which one rubs her vulva against her partner ‘s soundbox for intimate stimulation, particularly for foreplay of the clitoris. This may involve vulva-to-vulva contact or rubbing the vulva against the collaborator ‘s second joint, stomach, buttocks, arm, or other body part ( excluding the mouth ). [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] A variety of sex positions are practiced, including the missionary position. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] The condition tribadism originally encompassed social beliefs about women ‘s capability of being penetrative intimate partners. [ 2 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] Women accused of having been penetrative during sexual activity were discipline to ridicule or punishment. [ 2 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] In modern times, the term typically refers to versatile forms of non-penetrative sex ( or frottage ) between women. It may besides involve vaginal penetration by use of the fingers, a dildo or double penetration dildo. [ 4 ] [ 8 ]

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history and culture [edit ]

etymology and usage [edit ]

The term tribadism derives from the greek parole τριβάς ( tribas ), [ 10 ] which in turn comes from the verb τρίβω ( tribō ), “ rub ”. [ 11 ] In ancient Greek and Roman sex, a tribas, or lesbian ( IPA : /ˈtrɪbəd/ /tribad/ ), [ 12 ] was a womanhood or hermaphrodite individual who actively penetrated another person ( male or female ) through manipulation of the clitoris or a dildo. The term tribade did not begin to refer entirely to eroticism between women until late Antiquity. [ 2 ] [ 8 ] Because penetration was viewed as “ male-defined ” sex, a tribas was considered the most common lesbian. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 13 ] [ 14 ] The Greeks and Romans recognized same-sex attraction, but as any sexual act was believed to require that one of the partners be “ phallic “ and that therefore intimate natural process between women was impossible without this feature, mythology popularly associated lesbians with either having enlarged clitorises or as incapable of enjoying intimate activity without the substitution of a phallus. [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] This appears in Greek and Latin satires equally early as the late first hundred. [ 13 ] In English text, tribade is recorded ampere early as 1601, in Ben Jonson ‘s Praeludium ( Poem X in The Forest ), [ 2 ] to arsenic late as the mid-nineteenth hundred ; it was the most coarse lesbian term in european textbook, [ 13 ] through the proliferation of classical literature, anatomies, midwiferies, sexual advice manuals, and pornography. [ 2 ] It besides came to refer to lesbian sexual practices in general, though anatomic probe in the mid-eighteenth century led to skepticism about stories of hypertrophied clitorises and anatomists and doctors argued for a more accurate differentiation between clitoral hypertrophy and hermaphroditism. [ 2 ] Author Bonnie Zimmerman stated, “ More much, however, [ european ] writers avoided the terminus, alternatively euphemistically invoking ‘unnatural vice, ‘ ‘lewd behavior, ‘ ‘crimes against nature, ‘ ‘using an instrument, ‘ and ‘taking the separate of a man. ‘ ” [ 2 ] In the eighteenth century, where the term saw one of its most popular uses, it was employed in respective pornographic libels against Marie Antoinette, who was “ try on and bluffly convicted in the bid ” as being a lesbian. [ 2 ] [ 9 ] “ [ Her ] rumored tribadism had historically particular political implications, ” stated writer Dena Goodman. “ Consider her concluding ( assumed ) testimony in The Confession of Marie-Antoinette : ‘People ! ‘ she protests, ‘because I ceded to the gratifying impressions of nature, and in imitating the charming weakness of all the women of the court of France, I surrendered to the sweet drift of love … you hold me, as it were, captive within your walls ? ‘ ” Goodman elaborated that in one libel, Marie-Antoinette is described as liberally providing details of her conserve ‘s “ incapacity in the genital act ” and that her lecherousness resulted in her taking an aristocratic beauty Yolande de Polastron, the Duchess of Polignac ( 1749-1793 ), “ into [ her ] service ” and later specifying that what makes arouse with a womanhood thus sympathetic is “ Adroit in the art of stimulating the clitoris ” ; Marie-Antoinette is described as having stated that La Polignac ‘s attentions produced “ one of those rare pleasures that can not be used up because it can be repeated as many times as one like ”. [ 9 ] By the time the victorian era arrived, cited Zimmerman, “ tribadism tended to be constructed as a lower class and non-Western phenomenon and much was associated with the supposed degeneration of prostitutes and criminals ”. [ 2 ] By the twentieth hundred, “ tribade had been supplanted ” by the terms sapphist, lesbian, invert, and homosexual, as tribade had become excessively antediluvian to use. [ 2 ] Fricatrice, a synonym for tribade that besides refers to rubbing but has a Latin preferably than a greek rout, appeared in English text adenine early as 1605 ( in Ben Jonson ‘s Volpone ). [ 19 ] Its custom suggests that it was more colloquial and more dyslogistic than tribade. [ 19 ] Variants include the Latinized confricatrice and English rubster. [ 2 ] [ 19 ]

sexual practices [edit ]

sex positions and other aspects [edit ]

tribadism is a common sexual exercise among women who have sex with women ( WSW ). [ 4 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ] Although the term tribadism is often applied to the act of vulva-to-vulva stimulation, [ 4 ] [ 23 ] it encompasses a variety show of sexual activeness. In addition to the scissoring position, which involves the partners interlocking their legs in a status similar to the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of scissors and pressing their vulva together, tribadism may involve a missionary put, a charwoman on exceed situation, a pooch style status or others, [ 5 ] [ 6 ] or simple movement of the woman ‘s vulva against her partner ‘s thigh, abdomen, buttocks, arm, or another body separate. [ 6 ] [ 24 ] Vaginal penetration by use of the fingers or by use of a dildo may be accompanied, and sol sometimes “ mutuality and reciprocation tend not to be the independent objective, although satisfaction for both partners through different means most decidedly is its aim ”. [ 8 ] Women who enjoy or prefer tribadism report finding joy from its allowance of whole-body contact, the have of timing hip movement and feeling their partner ‘s motions without manual stimulation, which is considered arouse, erotic and a much easier room to achieve orgasm due to ample clitoral stimulation. [ 6 ] [ 24 ]
[25][26] Two women engaged in the scissor position, a placement debated among lesbians. Some lesbian and bisexual women do not engage in the scissor situation because they find or think that it would be physically uncomfortable, or because they lack interest in it. [ 25 ] [ 27 ] They may besides think that it is a misconception that lesbians betroth in the act and that it is consequently not example of lesbian intimate practices, attributing it more indeed to the male fantasies of the heterosexual pornography industry. [ 27 ] [ 28 ] [ 26 ] By line, some sources, such as Shere Hite ‘s 1976 and 1981 research, indicate that women may enjoy performing the scissoring position with other women because it is a pas seul of vulva-to-vulva touch or can allow for utmost vulva-to-vulva contact and therefore an elevated level of closeness. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 25 ] Scissoring is normally used as an umbrella term for all forms of tribadism, [ 29 ] and many lesbian and bisexual women are unaware that some of the intimate acts they include in their sexual love are aspects of and are formally labeled tribadism, as tribadism is normally omitted from mainstream sexual activity research. [ 8 ] [ 30 ] Judith Halberstam, in her book Female Masculinity, stated, “ If we trace the habit of the term forward into portray, we find that tribadism is one of those rarely discussed but much practiced sexual activities, and the hush that surrounds it now is adenine puzzle as the discourse it produced in earlier centuries. ” She added that Sigmund Freud “ had nothing to say ” with respect to the subject, “ and few contemporaneous lesbian sex books even discuss it ”. [ 8 ] According to older studies, “ approximately one-third of lesbian women used tribadism, or body contact, as a entail of achieving orgasm ( Saghir & Robins, 1973 ; Jay & Young, 1977 ) ”. [ 22 ] Masters and Johnson ‘s 1979 learn on lesbian sexual practices found that vaginal penetration with dildo is rare, and that lesbians tend to do more overall genital stimulation than direct clitoral stimulation, which is besides frequently the subject for heterosexual relationships. [ 21 ] In 1987, a non-scientific cogitation ( Munson ) “ was conducted of more than 100 members of a lesbian social organization in Colorado ” and “ [ tungsten ] hen asked what techniques they used in their last 10 sexual love sessions, 100 % were for kissing, sucking on nipples, and manual of arms stimulation of the clitoris ; more than 90 % reported french caressing, oral sexual activity, and fingers inserted into the vagina ; and 80 % reported tribadism ”. [ 4 ] In 2003, Julia V Bailey and her inquiry team published data based on a sample from the United Kingdom of 803 lesbian and bisexual women attending two London lesbian sexual health clinics and 415 women who have sexual activity with women from a community sample ; the sketch reported that 85 % of the women engaged in tribadism ( whether genital-to-genital reach or rubbing genitals against another region of a partner ‘s body ), and, like older studies, that vaginal penetration with dildo, or with other sex toys, among women who have sexual activity with women is rare. [ 20 ] [ 31 ]

condom sex [edit ]

As with any exchange of torso fluids during sexual activities, genital-to-genital tribadism has the likely to transfer sexually transmitted infections ( STIs/STDs ) if those are present in one or more of the partners. and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health state that genital-genital and genital-body touch ( including tribadism ) can spread STIs such as human papillomavirus ( HPV ), pubic plant louse ( crab ) and herpes and that “ wear clothes and for herpes, avoiding liaison if sores are show, reduces the risks ”. [ 32 ] [ 33 ] other safe arouse options, such as use of a dental dam or a cut-open condom, may besides be practiced. [ 20 ] [ 32 ] [ 34 ] [ 35 ] however, there “ is no good evidence ” that using a alveolar consonant dam reduces STI transmission risks between women who have sex with women ; studies show that using a dental dam as a security barrier is rarely practiced, and that, among [ women who have sex with women ], this may be because the individuals have “ limited cognition about the possibilities of STI infection or [ feel ] less vulnerable to STIs [ such as HIV ] ”. [ 20 ] For further safe sexual activity precautions, the American Family Physician advises lesbian and bisexual women to avoid unprotected contact with a intimate partner ‘s menstrual blood and with any visible genital lesions. [ 35 ]

popular culture and other media [edit ]

tribadism has been referenced in diverse aspects of popular polish. The glam pop band Scissor Sisters derived their name from the scissoring stead. [ 36 ] [ 37 ] Jake Shears of the group stated that while many of their songs have gay themes, they do not want to be labeled a cheery ring ; they “ are first and foremost a pop band ”. [ 36 ] other bands named after tribadism include lesbian punk band Tribe 8 and all-male group Scissorfight. [ 38 ] Genital–genital tribadism was depicted three times during the “ D-Yikes ! “ episode of the cartoon South Park, referred to in the episode as scissoring. The episode is credited with having brought more recognition to the act of scissoring. [ 39 ] [ 28 ] The term additionally received mainstream recognition after the sequence “ Duets “ of the television series Glee had characters Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce reference scissoring while making out. The view received some criticism for possibly being inappropriate for children. [ 40 ] [ 41 ] In 2010, in reply to California State University, Long Beach refusing to advertise the play The Night of the Tribades on the Seventh Street marquee because of the password tribades in its title, approximately 24 dramaturgy arts majors protested in front of Brotman Hall by simulating tribadism ( including scissoring ). “ When you put tribade into a Google search image, apparently it comes up with the word tribadism, which is a arouse act and they decided it was inappropriate, ” stated one scholar. [ 29 ] tribadism and other lesbian sex scenes are featured in the 2013 film Blue Is the Warmest Colour. The scenes were the subjugate of debate among lesbians and critics, with the depicting of scissoring being one of the acts that were criticized ; in an consultation surveying a small panel of lesbian women, one of the women, who was disbelieving that lesbian intimate activeness included scissor at all, seemed more receptive to the estimate of a reverse cowgirl side of scissor ; another woman had engaged in the reversion cowgirl position of scissoring. [ 42 ] [ 43 ] The 2016 film Blood of the Tribades is a lesbian-themed vampire floor examining sex politics and bigotry. [ 44 ]

Among female bonobos [edit ]

Female-female genital sex is not single to humans. Females of the pygmy chimpanzee species, found in the democratic Republic of the Congo, besides engage in this act, normally referred to by primatologists as GG rubbing ( genital-to-genital ). [ 45 ] [ 46 ] “ possibly the pygmy chimpanzee ‘s most typical intimate traffic pattern, undocumented in any other primate, is genito-genital rub ( or GG rubbing ) between pornographic females, ” stated primatologist Frans de Waal. “ One female facing another clings with arms and legs to a partner that, standing on both hands and feet, lifts her off the grate. ” [ 45 ] In pygmy chimpanzee, the clitoris is larger and more exteriorize than in most mammals. [ 47 ] Ethologist Jonathan Balcombe states that bonobos rub their clitorises together quickly for ten-spot to twenty seconds, and this behavior, “ which may be repeated in rapid sequence, is normally accompanied by grinding, shrieking, and clitoral engorgement ” ; on average, female pygmy chimpanzee engage in genital–genital friction “ about once every two hours ”. [ 47 ]

See besides [edit ]

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References [edit ]

farther read [edit ]

  • Magee, Bryan (26 March 1965). “The Facts about Lesbianism: A Special Inquiry into a Neglected Problem”. New Statesman. 69 (1776): 492, column 3. The first known usage in print of the word “tribadism” for the activity.

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