Shower Masturbation Tips That Make Your Bathroom Extra Steamy

You shower every single day—why not take advantage of all that naked alone time with a small shower masturbation ? Yep, you heard me : shower masturbation. But much like regular ol ’ shower arouse, shower masturbation could feel a little awkward at inaugural : You ’ ve got tantalum learn your angles, find your fave toys, and indeed on. Don ’ thymine concern, it ’ sulfur worth making the effort. Shower masturbation is the best direction to guarantee uninterrupted solo time, and it ‘s legit impossible to make a mess ! To get you started, here are some super aphrodisiac ideas to help you steam things up in the shower.

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1. Play with the water temperature

      ever learn of temperature bet ? Try it in the shower. “ Run a warm lavish, and press your frontside against the cold wall while touching yourself, ” says Astroglide resident sexologist Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, generator of. “ Let your clitoris respond to the sensations of the cool wall and the hot water in succession. ”

      2. Get your grind on

      “ Sit back against the side of the tub, and slather your hand in a silicone lubricant like Astroglide X Silicone Liquid, ” suggests O’Reilly. “ Use a little more than you normally would, as you do n’t have to worry about the mess. Press all five fingers along the length of your lips, and pull up an inch or two before sliding spinal column down. Press against your hand with your hips, allowing your fingers to increase the focal ratio of grinding as your arousal heightens. ”

      3. Invest in a suction dildo

      This is a shower toy that has a suction cup on the spinal column of it that you can attach to the wall or the surface of the tub. “ You can adjust the angle, acme, and, of naturally, the rhythm and depth to suit your needs, ” says O’Reilly. Try the Vibrating Slim Jelly Dong with Suction Cup ( $ 18, ) for added electronic fun or the Avant Hot ‘n ‘ Cool Dildo ( $ 62, ). “ This fun dildo has a identical solid suction cup that will still to the bottom of the bathtub or shower, ” says Taylor Sparks, sexual activity technical and founder of Organic Loven .

      4. Two words: waterproof vibrator

      Speaking of toys you can take in the shower, O’Reilly recommends the We-Vibe Touch ( $ 99, ), which has a broad, flat surface that ’ south great for getting you all hot and bothered. meanwhile, Sparks loves the Le Wand Chrome Grand Bullet ( $ 100, ). “ This amazing, gorgeous raincoat vibration has 11 oscillation modes and 4 volume levels, plus it ‘s whisper tranquillity. ”

      5. Try the “thumbs up”

      “ Slather your ovolo in silicone lubricate, and twirl it inside of you as the urine streams toss off over your nipples and clitoris, ” says O’Reilly. “ The shallow penetration may be precisely what your torso needs to take it over the lead. ”

      6. Read a sexy story

      No, you can ’ metric ton take your laptop in the shower with you, but you can go honest-to-god school with your pornography. “ Print out a aphrodisiac floor, or grab a hot book before you hop into the exhibitor, ” says O’Reilly ( you can hold it equitable outside the shower ). ➡ Join WH Stronger today and get unlimited access to digital content, exclusive workouts, and more!
      “ When the climate strikes you, you can drop the book and get yourself off using your fingers and fantasy alone. ”

      7. Do your kegels

      O’Reilly says some women find that plainly contracting their pelvic floor muscles for a minute or two gets them all riled up on account of the increased circulation to your dame parts. “ If you find your body getting turned on by this sexercise routine, let your mind be suit as it wanders into an escapist fantasy, ” she says .

      8. Take a seat

      just like during arouse, it helps to change positions. While some women find that standing is a fun way to mix it up, you may have more luck orgasming from a more relax, seat situation. Try sitting on the base of the bath or on the side of the tub. Hey, there ’ s no improper way to masturbate !

      9. Turn the lights down low

      It helps to ~set the mood~ whether you ’ re having traditional sexual activity or masturbate, and the lapp is on-key for shower masturbation. If your toilet has those not-so-sexy overhead lights, try lighting a few candles or only turning on one light for a little more romance. You deserve it .

      10. Try taking a bath

      The entirely thing hot than shower masturbation ? Bath masturbation. If you ’ re the type who reallyyyyy needs to relax in orderliness to get in the temper, a bath might be good what you need to take your O to the future level. Just lock the door .
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