150 Dirty, Sexy ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Couples and More

Would you preferably … order in or go out to eat ? Netflix and frisson or go out with friends ? Walk the frump or do the dishes ? News flash : You ‘ve been playing the plot ‘Would You rather ? ‘ all wrong and you did n’t even know it. With casual ( see : drilling ! ) questions, the word “ bet on ” nobelium longer seems fitting. It ‘s time that you take WYR game to the adjacent flat by asking dirty ‘Would You rather ? ‘ questions alternatively. Let me explain ! It does n’t matter if you ‘re playing with your crushed leather, collaborator, friends, or even a group of people you precisely met, the ‘Would You rather ? ‘ should n’t have to lose its notoriously fun and ~flirty~ invoke. All you ‘ve got to do is bring the # aphrodisiac side of ‘Would You quite ? ‘ questions into your plot. Feel awkward ? wholly apprehensible. Just trust that it ‘ll keep things interesting and go with it. ( relate : 150 Questions You Can wholly Ask On The First Date ) “ Playing dirty, sexy games is good plain playfulness, ” says Gigi Engle certified sexual activity passenger car, sexologist, generator, and SKYN Condoms sexual activity and affair expert. “ It helps take some of the shame and awkwardness out of sex and allows us to engage with it in a fun way that is n’t vulnerable or chilling. ” Basically, no matter who you ‘re playing this hazardous game with, it ‘s big for helping you normalize all things arouse, relationships, and familiarity in your daily life.
Excited to play so far ? Same. That ‘s why Women ‘s Health rounded up a comprehensive tilt of sexy ‘Would You rather ? ‘ statements for any and every rig. You ‘re welcome ! Keep reading for 150 dirty ‘Would You Rather ‘ questions that ‘ll make things interesting no topic who ‘s play, all according to experts.

If You’re Playing With Friends…

“ Playing would you preferably with your friends should be blithe and with the intention of bonding and laugh, thus be gentle and ahead at the same prison term, ” explains Courtney Tracy, LCSW, PsyD, a therapist and relationship expert. So yea, don ’ t take this excessively seriously ! Dirty ‘ Would You rather ? ’ is just here to keep things interesting—it ’ randomness silly and trust that your besties won ’ thyroxine judge .

  1. Would you rather shop for sex toys or lingerie?
  2. Would you rather be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?
  3. Would you rather never use a dildo again or never use a vibrator again?
  4. Would you rather have the best sex of your life once or mediocre sex every day?
  5. Would you rather use a colorful or crazy-patterned condom?
  6. Would you rather have sex in your childhood bedroom or your childhood basement?
  7. Would you rather lick ice cream off someone’s body or whipped cream?
  8. Would you rather taste a blueberry-flavored condom or a banana-flavored condom?
  9. Would you rather receive lingerie or dirty toys as a sexy gift?
  10. Would you rather wear lingerie every day or never wear a bra again?
  11. Would you rather kiss your ex or your mortal enemy?
  12. Would you rather come after one minute or take an hour to come every time?
  13. Would you rather sleep with your boyfriend’s sibling or your best friend’s sibling?
  14. Would you rather kiss a coworker or friend?
  15. Would you rather have your roommate catch you masturbating or having sex?
  16. Would you rather watch porn every night forever or never watch porn again?
  17. Would you rather read erotica out loud or play erotica on your home speaker?
  18. Would you rather be single forever or date someone with no interest in sex?
  19. Would you rather go to bed alone forever or share a bed with someone forever?
  20. Would you rather have sex on your roommate’s bed or on the floor?
  21. Would you rather use a shower head or an electric toothbrush as a makeshift sex toy?
  22. Would you rather bite someone’s ear during sex or bite someone’s lip during sex?
  23. Would you rather be naked in front of your ex again or the person to your left?
  24. Would you rather see a nude photo of the person to your left or to your right?
  25. Would you rather give one presentation naked or never see your partner naked again?
  26. Would you rather fart or burp every time you orgasm?
  27. Would you rather have sex with Gossip Girl playing in the background or Friends?
  28. Would you rather have a sex playlist with only Lady Gaga on it or only Elvis Presley?
  29. Would you rather join the mile-high club or have a threesome?
  30. Would you rather kiss someone with cherry-flavored Chapstick or cake batter-flavored Chapstick?

    If You’re Playing With Someone You Just Met…

    ICYMI, sometimes it can be a li ’ fifty awk to talk about ~sex~ with people you ’ ve only just met. “ These types of games are a great way to explore new friendships, and you should besides be mindful that sex can be a identical delicate subject for individuals, ” Tracy says. Just make certain you read the room before you ask any of these, since you don ’ thymine wan na make anyone uncomfy .

    1. Would you rather marry a restaurant chef or a pastry baker?
    2. Would you rather meet your childhood celebrity crush or your current celebrity crush?
    3. Would you rather kiss a random person or kiss your roommate?
    4. Would you rather have a threesome or a foursome?
    5. Would you rather marry your favorite bartender or your favorite barista?
    6. Would you rather spend one hundred dollars on a great sex toy or five dollars on an average one?
    7. Would you rather your mom or your ex set up and run your dating apps?
    8. Would you rather meet someone on a dating app or at a bar?
    9. Would you rather marry your high-school sweetheart or your college hookup?
    10. Would you rather have sex to the same song every day or never have sex with music on?
    11. Would you rather kiss someone with coffee breath or onion breath?
    12. Would you rather kiss someone who always wears lots of lip gloss or who always has chapped lips?
    13. Would you rather date a cat person or a dog person?
    14. Would you rather have a one night stand with Harry Styles or Miley Cyrus?
    15. Would you rather be made breakfast or have your Lyft paid for after a one night stand?
    16. Would you rather date a professional athlete or a famous musician?
    17. Would you rather write erotica or make a sex tape?
    18. Would you rather have a one night stand at your parents’ house or their parents’ house?
    19. Would you rather eat sushi or ice cream off someone’s body?
    20. Would you rather be gifted flowers or candy by your partner?
    21. Would you rather kiss a smelly person or someone with bad breath?
    22. Would you rather date someone who is obsessed with The Office or Game of Thrones?
    23. Would you rather date a wilderness lover or a city dweller?
    24. Would you rather go on a blind date or a speed date?
    25. Would you rather get it on in a pile of popcorn or a pile of Skittles?
    26. Would you rather get in on while covered in dog hair or cat hair?
    27. Would you rather relive your first time having sex or your first time kissing?
    28. Would you rather go on a long AF road trip with your ex or your enemy?
    29. Would you rather beat your crush in a race or beat them in a board game?
    30. Would you rather hook up with your neighbor or your accountant?

      If You’re Playing With A Crush…

      basically, you can use dirty ‘ Would You rather ? ’ questions to get to know your oppress just a short act better. “ This is a bang-up opportunity to truly sense out your squash and besides show that you have a dear sense of liquid body substance, ” Tracy says. So yea, do all the chat up, drop all the hints, and learn what they ’ re like in the bedroom with these muggy Qs .

      1. Would you rather have lots of one night stands or be in a monogamous relationship?
      2. Would you rather fall in love or fall in lust?
      3. Would you rather stay up all night talking or stay up all night having sex?
      4. Would you rather date someone not into oral or not into penetration?
      5. Would you rather make the first move or receive the first move?
      6. Would you rather go on a beach date or a hiking date?
      7. Would you rather have virtual sex via FaceTime or sexting?
      8. Would you rather have sex in a car or on a plane?
      9. Would you rather have sex in a pool or in the sand?
      10. Would you rather date someone boring with whom you always have multiple orgasms or date someone exciting with whom you never orgasm?
      11. Would you rather do yoga as foreplay or go on a run as foreplay?
      12. Would you rather do dinner and a movie or “Netflix and chill”?
      13. Would you rather engage in foreplay or go right into the main course?
      14. Would you rather have sex in a dressing room or a shower?
      15. Would you rather go on a fancy date or chill date?
      16. Would you rather go on a date or just make out?
      17. Would you rather go back to my place or yours?
      18. Would you rather take nudes or send nudes?
      19. Would you rather cook me breakfast in bed or an elaborate dinner?
      20. Would you rather introduce me to your parents or your best friends?
      21. Would you rather take me shopping for bathing suits or lingerie?
      22. Would you rather exchange favorite books or favorite movies?
      23. Would you rather have morning sex or late-night sex?
      24. Would you rather kiss me gently or kiss me aggressively?
      25. Would you rather take a shower or a bath with me?
      26. Would you rather cuddle with me on the couch or just touch toes?
      27. Would you rather keep me a secret or share me with the world?
      28. Would you rather watch me masturbate or have me watch you masturbate?
      29. Would you rather touch me or be touched right now?
      30. Would you rather give up kissing or give up sex?

        If You’re Playing At A Party…

        “ Humans want to activate their creative and bad sides, ” Tracy says. That ’ s what makes sexy ‘ Would You preferably ? ’ questions perfect for a party jell. It ’ s a silly, flirty direction to get people involved in a game and, bonus, you ’ ll determine more about each early in the march, Tracy notes .

        1. Would you rather give or receive a lap dance?
        2. Would you rather make out with your ex’s new partner or your new partner’s ex?
        3. Would you rather moon or flash your best friend’s partner?
        4. Would you rather skinny dip in a lake or the ocean?
        5. Would you rather wear a sports bra forever or never wear a bra again?
        6. Would you rather kiss a former U.S. president or a former First Lady?
        7. Would you rather masturbate to your favorite TV show or your favorite movie?
        8. Would you rather lick someone at this party or your ex?
        9. Would you rather kiss your former trainer or former teacher?
        10. Would you rather sleep with your ex or someone in this room?
        11. Would you rather get to know someone new or hang out with an old friend?
        12. Would you rather rub pasta all over your body or ice cream?
        13. Would you rather eat chicken nuggets or mozzarella sticks in bed?
        14. Would you rather be your crush’s first love or their last?
        15. Would you rather find your parents’ sex tape or have your parents find yours?
        16. Would you rather be monogamous or not?
        17. Would you rather get caught having sex in public or catch someone else having sex?
        18. Would you rather have no sex forever or no emotional conversations forever?
        19. Would you rather talk dirty with the person on your right or on your left?
        20. Would you rather try sexting with the host of this party or a guest?
        21. Would you rather do the cheating or be cheated on?
        22. Would you rather have sex only in bed or only in places that are more adventurous?
        23. Would you rather suck someone’s earlobe or suck someone’s toes?
        24. Would you rather kiss every person at this party or sleep with one person here?
        25. Would you rather sleep with someone in the host’s bed or on the host’s couch?
        26. Would you rather make love to your platonic BFF or your platonic BFF’s sibling?
        27. Would you rather never get drunk with your partner or get drunk with your partner every single weekend?
        28. Would you rather sip hot cocoa with your crush or sip tea?
        29. Would you rather do a wet t-shirt contest with all the beer at this party or with water on live TV?
        30. Would you rather date someone who smelled like tobacco or ranch dressing all the time?

          If You’re Playing With Your Partner…

          Dirty ‘ Would You preferably ? ’ was basically designed to be played with your meaning other. “ This is a fantastic way to learn more about your partner and ways you can connect sexually, ” Tracy explains. Use this as an opportunity to set the temper, spill the beans dirty, and learn all about your partner ’ randomness aphrodisiac preferences. delight !

          1. Would you rather give or receive?
          2. Would you rather spit or swallow?
          3. Would you rather use a dildo or a vibrator?
          4. Would you rather use water-based lube or oil-based lube?
          5. Would you rather never have oral sex again or never have penetrative sex again?
          6. Would you rather try hot wax play or blindfold play?
          7. Would you rather kiss me all day or tease me all day?
          8. Would you rather buy a new sex toy or watch a new sexy video together?
          9. Would you rather have sex in the car or in the shower?
          10. Would you rather sex be only oral every day or nothing except for anal once a month?
          11. Would you rather have a great sex life but not get along well, or get along great but rarely have sex?
          12. Would you rather have financial issues or sexual issues?
          13. Would you rather write me a love letter or write me an erotic note?
          14. Would you rather me wear lingerie or heels?
          15. Would you rather go out on a wine and cheese date or a pizza date?
          16. Would you rather lick every inch of my body or rub every inch with massage oil?
          17. Would you rather try something new in bed tonight or go for one of our favorites?
          18. Would you rather handcuff me or tie me to the bed?
          19. Would you rather have me give you a hickey on your neck or your breasts?
          20. Would you rather me suck your neck or your fingers?
          21. Would you rather watch porn together or make porn together?
          22. Would you rather bring in a friend for a threesome or a random person?
          23. Would you rather watch me make out with someone else or have me watch you?
          24. Would you rather try nipple clamps or choking?
          25. Would you rather give me a sensual massage or feed me in a sensual way?
          26. Would you rather make out all night but not have sex or have sex but not be allowed to make out?
          27. Would you rather do anal play or oral play?
          28. Would you rather have me send you nudes in the morning or at night?
          29. Would you rather only have sex in the morning or only have sex at night?
          30. Would you rather have sex now or in ten minutes?

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