30 Sexy Christmas Gifts

The holidays are a prison term when everyone ‘s close in concert, so romance is decidedly on the table. Whether the bamboozle makes you want to get wet and barbarian with a partner or by yourself, it ‘s time to start thinking about which aphrodisiac gifts to buy. If you ‘re not surely which way to go this gifting season—practical, lavish, barebones, or sexy—going with sexy can never go wrong ( particularly with this guide ). Think about it—sexy Christmas gifts practically guarantee that whatever you give your collaborator or yourself, uh, come back to you. And if you ‘re showering a ally with a little somethin ‘ somethin ‘ ? Helping them feel like a sexual activity deity or goddess is a surefire way to heat up their vacation szn. Think about it : Everyone wants to feel desired—so when your meaning other unwraps a give that screams, “ I want you, ” ( even if it ‘s one they thought they ‘d never use ) —your love liveliness is sure to be adenine light as that Christmas tree.

And if it ‘s your bestie ? You ‘re giving them something they want, but would n’t splurge on ( or choose ) themselves. Since our dearest friends often know us better than we know ourselves, your trusted recommendation will be much appreciated. possibly, you ‘ll evening buy yourself a equal endow. Of course, there ‘s a all right course between aphrodisiac Christmas gifts that are actually sexy and ones that are kind of tacky, creepy, and possibly even precisely apparent offense. There are a million and one hot options out there, so to help you feel a bit less overwhelm ( you ‘re welcome ), here ‘s the ultimate list of the best sexy Christmas gifts to give in 2021, in exceptionally good taste. You might even discover something new about your own sexy-time preferences. happy holidays, ya wilderness animals !

1. Kinky Truth Or Dare Game

    Kinky Truth or Dare : Pick-A-Stick
    Chronicle Books
    $ 25.67

    shop NOW

    Call me nostalgic or antique, but there ’ s something thus impossibly seductive about a good game of truth-or-dare. Tasked with answering a deeply revealing interview or completing an adventurous make bold, you end up learning a lot about your partner—and yourself. With this Pick-A-Stick Truth-or-Dare crippled, you ’ re sure to light a fire, whether for the first gear time or the 200th .

    2. A Cozy Nightshirt

    Women ‘s Cotton Nightshirt
    $ 33.99
    $ 29.99 ( 12 % off )

    patronize NOW

    silk and satin are n’t for everyone—especially if it means waking up all gluey and sweaty. If you ‘re looking to gift a little more breathability in a nightgown that begs to be unbuttoned, opt for this cotton nightshirt. The wearer will be able to channel every rom-com scene in which a hot woman slinks around the theater in their partner ‘s booty-skimming shirt. alone this time, it wo n’t be borrowed.

    3. A Couples Vibrator


    rechargeable vibrator
    $ 39.99
    $ 29.95 ( 25 % off )

    shop NOW

    This placid little guy is OH-so-great for both the giver and receiver. The vibrator is extremely quiet—perfect for your BFF who ‘s staying with their big fam over the holidays .

    4. Lingerie


    Snake And Lace Print Slip with Garter
    beast X Fenty
    $ 84.95
    $ 62.86 ( 26 % off )

    workshop NOW

    Lingerie international relations and security network ’ thymine just for curie women. Rihanna ‘s uber aphrodisiac course of lingerie makes underwear to accommodate all types of genitals, so you can get sets for both you and your collaborator .

    5. A Helpful Massage Tool


    Handheld Massager Wand
    $ 26.99

    shop class NOW

    Love experience massages but hate giving them ? ( I feel you. ) This hand-like joyride helps you knead into your S.O. ‘s knots and kinks without creating any for yourself. Plus, they ‘ll be more dispose to go to town on your shoulders with this bang-up play, besides, so it ‘s a win for both of you .

    6. Low-Rise Thong

    handkerchief panky, Signature Lace Low Rise Thong, Black, One Size ( 2-12 )
    handkerchief panky
    $ 22.00

    shop NOW

    warning : This sexy intertwine lash is surely to put your spouse in the climate, so possibly give this one somewhere *private* and not in presence of the entire fam .

    7. A Panty Vibrator

    The We-Vibe Moxie is the ultimate giving for both of you—your partner gets to control the vibrator from afar ( via the mobile app or the remote control control condition ), and you get to enjoy all the powerful grumbling without knowing what comes next. It ‘s the perfect sexy prezzie for all-day foreplay, long-distance couples, or holidays not spent together .

    8. A Silky Nightie

    Silk Nightgown
    $ 75.99

    denounce NOW

    When we think of silk nightgowns, our minds much raceway with images of Grace Kelly in Rear Window or Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep. And while the dress may no long be floor-length or topped with a dressing gown, it remains a authoritative for a reason. For a buttery cushy feel and a insidious glimpse of what ’ s underneath, try this gorgeous silk nightgown from LilySilk, available in authoritative black and bolshevik ampere well as fall pink and dark blue. 9. A Sex Pillow


    Bed Wedge Pillow
    $ 69.99
    $ 54.99 ( 21 % off )

    workshop NOW

    Help your shy friend take things up a pass by giving them this special sex pillow. They can use it to elevate their hips while experimenting with newfangled sex positions ( for deeper penetration ) or lean on it for support during more intricate moves. Either way, win-win. And since they ‘ll besides enjoy sleeping in go to bed, this pillow besides helps to reduce snore .

    10. Non-sticky Lube

    Überlube Luxury Lubricant
    $ 18.19

    shop NOW

    In search of something a little smaller to keep at bae ‘s ? Try this bottle from Überlube. Nice silicone lubricate is the thrust of sexual activity dreams—including anal, btw—especially when it does n’t dry up or create a sticky situation. This is the aphrodisiac equivalent to body wash and deodorant stock stuffers. ( You know, the essential stuff people hate buying for themselves … )

    11. An Oral-Sex Simulator

    Kissed Handheld Cordless Waterproof Vibrator
    sweet Vibrations
    $ 49.99

    patronize NOW

    If your supporter is perpetually unsatisfied in their sex life, going through a late dissolution, or plainly deserves a good orgasm or two ( who does n’t, honestly ? ), brighten up their vacation season with the sexiest endowment of all : a toy dog that mimics cunnilingus. The kiss Handheld Vibrator ( a very fit name ) has a “ tongue that won ’ thyroxine leave office ” and will have them forgetting their x ever existed in mere minutes.

    12. Nipple Covers

    Rainbow Tie-Dye Velvet Weed Leaf Pasties
    Neva Nude
    $ 9.99

    denounce NOW

    Okay, how cunning are these tie-dye leaf nipple covers ? They stick to your breasts via silicone adhesive material to remind you ( and your partner ) that you are the star of the show .

    13. A Lipstick Vibrator

    Bullet Vibrator
    $ 17.99

    patronize NOW

    Give the endowment of lipstick … as a vibrator. At just $ 17 ( a steal ! ), this travel-friendly vibration is perfect for the buddy or roommate who needs to get theirs when they ‘re home plate for the holidays ( or while trying to have quiet sex near their S.O. ‘s family ) .

    14. Massage Oil

    Arnica Sore Muscle Massage oil
    $ 14.98

    shop NOW

    It ‘s safe to say that massage anoint is here to stay. This one is arrant for a super relax massage, thanks to the natural calm properties of lavender and chamomile oils .

    15. Fancy Massage Oil

    Pure Vanilla Sensual Massage petroleum
    maple Holistics
    $ 9.95

    shop NOW

    For the nights ( or mornings, or afternoons ) when you want to take your clock, easing into arouse with a massage is seize. Nothing belly laugh familiarity like the aphrodisiac endow of slow and aristocratic touching—especially when a deluxe, lavish massage oil is involved. This cold-weather-perfect one from Aesop has notes of wood with bursts of blood orange and citrus and hydrates skin on contact. worth every penny.

    16. A Butt Plug

    three-piece Luxury Stainless Steel Plugs
    $ 22.21

    shop NOW

    This target fireplug is kind of fancy-looking, right ? It ‘s a beginner- to intermediate-friendly toy dog for those interest in anal play—including the men in your life who might be matter to in exploring that prostate pleasure center .

    17. Fishnet Stockings

    Two-Pack High-Waist Fishnet Stockings
    $ 6.49

    shop class NOW

    These stockings elongate your legs and ooze unplayful sex invoke, so gift ’em to yourself and wear them under your clothes. They ‘ll all but guarantee a band aid when you walk in the door at home.

    18. Versatile Bondage Tape

    bondage tape
    $ 8.99

    shop NOW

    If you ‘re cook to experiment with a little thoroughly antique BDSM fun ( ‘t is the temper of giving, so now is the time ), look no further than this cheap roll of bondage record. It ‘s made of PVC, so it sticks to itself ( not your hair’s-breadth ), and works well as a blindfold, gag, constraint, or wrap. Plus, at only $ 9 a roll, you have 65 feet to play with … options ! 19. Sexy Bath Salts

    overcharge no. 1
    $ 18.00

    denounce NOW

    It ‘s hard to feel aphrodisiac when you ‘re stressed AF. This Soak salt blend is perfect for some much needed them-time or joint baths—the perfume ( amber, cedar leaf, cleave, lemongrass, medjool date ) is intoxicating either direction.

    20. A Massage Candle


    Flickering affect Massage Candle
    $ 34.90

    shop NOW

    Lelo ‘s massage candle promises to set the mood and get the sexy touch started. Doubling as a candle and massage vegetable oil ( fair pour the mellow wax on their back when it ‘s no longer burning hot ), this is the perfect give to pair with a “ Good for One Massage ” coupon .

    21. A Cool Cock Ring


    Cock Ring
    $ 50.00

    shop NOW

    A tittup ring that does n’t look like a cock ring might be the means to go in the name of sexy vacation gifts. It ‘ll spice up every kind of penetration for each party ( more fullness for you, oscillation for both ). This one is much less intimidating than some rings out there, so he ‘ll actually, ya know, use it.

    22. A Finger Vibrator

    Fin Finger Vibe
    dame Products
    $ 89.99

    shop class NOW

    It wouldn ’ t be a endow guide without a mention of this bad boy. The Fin is the arrant vibrator for people who want a little toy bet while being penetrated, since it slips right onto your finger. Buy one for yourself or your sister/work wife/friend who has trouble reaching orgasm from arouse alone. ( doubting ? Take a count at WH ‘s Fin recapitulation here. )

    23. Cutest Vibe Ever

    Organic Loven

    Rianne S Heart Vibe
    Rianne S
    $ 34.99

    denounce NOW

    What better way to express your love than with a 10-speed vibrator shaped as a heart ? This strikes the perfective poise between sentimental and virtual. Ideal, no ? < 3

    24. An Arousing Drink

    Pink Grapefruit & Maca for Arousal
    $ 35.99

    shop NOW

    sometimes, it ’ south sturdy to get into the right frame of reference of beware for the bedroom, and you need a small somethin ‘ extra to get in the mood. When that ‘s the shell, look no further than the Pink Grapefruit & Maca For Arousal sparkling water from trendy drinks brand Free Rain. The bubbly beverage promises to nourish libido, enhance intimate energy, and support hormone balance—what more could you ask for ?

    25. A Cheeky Clutch

    arouse Things pouch
    $ 25.00

    shop NOW

    Any penis-loving acquaintance will laugh ( and love ) when they receive this aphrodisiac so far aboveboard Christmas endow. They can throw condoms, lubricate, tampons, whatever inside to have all their goodies in one handy place .

    26. A Sexy Bath Bomb


    All Natural Rose Bath Bomb
    $ 7.95

    patronize NOW

    Perfect for a baller on a budget, get your spouse or cousin a not-too-suggestive bath fail and a bottle of bubbly to do with them what they will. Waterproof arouse plaything, optional .

    27. Luxe Cuffs


    Leather Gold Chain Gold Handcuffs
    $ 22.99

    shop NOW

    nothing spices things up in the bedroom quite comparable handcuffs, and these goldplate leather cuffs are as chic and minimalist as they are aphrodisiac. Slip them onto your ( or your partner ’ south ) wrists or ankles with consent, and let the playfulness begin !

    28. Mystery Vibe Crescendo

    Luxury Vibrator
    Mystery Vibe
    $ 199.00

    workshop NOW

    This fun, bendy vibrator from MysteryVibe is a very cool plaything that ‘s relatively newly to the scene, and one that works for any sex. able to bend in every which way, this baby will find alllll your love one ’ randomness hot spots. so give it, like now.

    29. Le Wand Petite

    Le Wand

    Le Wand Petite
    Le Wand
    $ 139.99

    patronize NOW

    A tried-and-true darling, this little baton ( a miniskirt version of the OG award-winning ) packs a long ton of power into a little dally. Plus, you can always pretend it ’ s a neck massager if your endow recipient role is on the diffident side. ( They ‘ll thank you either way ! )

    30. A Vibrator Necklace

    Vesper Vibrator Necklace
    $ 69.00

    shop NOW

    This streamlined vibration doubles as a necklace that anyone can wholly wear in front of their grandma without her knowing its on-key routine. Better however, get it for your grandma. You go, grandma.

    Want to go beyond the tangible gifts?

    Actions speak louder than presents, after all. so, here are a couple of sexy ways to keep on giving this vacation season :

    1. Ethical Porn

      Did you know there ‘s such a thing as ethical pornography ? Well, there is, and you can ’ thyroxine find it on PornHub, but you can find a draw of options on the Sexual Health Includes Pleasure ( SHIP ) locate. SHIP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources around inclusive sexual health. Gift your sweetie some seriously choice porn this vacation season and feel good AF about it .

      2. Sex-Positive Charitable Donations

      Want to give a charitable deliver this year ? Check out fagot youth-saving Trevor Project and the sex-educating masters at the CSPH .
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