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It ‘s our birthday, which means it ‘s time to be sexier than always ! From foods for your libido to crazy-hot moves, join us on an alphabetic go of all you need to be a sex goddess. Anal Sex At Cosmo, we get tonnes of questions about anal sex, and it ‘s normally got to do with how painful it is. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not super-elastic or selflubricating. so, to enjoy anal sex, you need to take it slow and use plenty of waterbased lubricants. Since your butt is not used to having objects inserted into it, the muscles that encircle the anal hatchway will automatically clench when you try to penetrate it. so, you have to learn to relax them. Have your man get you warmed up with foreplay, then finely massage the forbidden rim of the open. When you ‘re ready, have him slip his finger in, only american samoa far as is comfortable, before graduating to the following level. Blow Job

“ Despite the name, it should never feel like a job, ” says Ben Rogers, co-author of Going Down : The Instinct Guide To Oral Sex. “ You have total command ; just seeing your head down there is a bang for him. a long as your teeth are n’t raking over his pulp, you can do anything and he ‘ll love it. ” In a poll conducted by Cosmo, guy rated their clear sexual activity moves, and the number-ones were grabbing his butt cheek and grok in with your nails while going down on him or putting the tip of your clapper against the roof of your mouth, so his penis hits the bottom of your tongue- making him feel like you ‘re taking him all the direction in. Clitoris fact : most women do n’t reach an orgasm through sexual intercourse alone, which is why the clitoris is your sexual best supporter. To locate your ‘joy release ‘, feel for a humble fleshy formation located slenderly above the hatchway to your vagina ( think 12 o’clock ). once you ‘ve found it, ask your man to try different techniques-rubbing, stroking, pressing down, licking-to figure out which ones you love best. If you find that send stimulation hurts, ask him to apply some lubricant to his fingers. Dirty Talk Do n’t know what to say ? Start elementary by saying any prison term sexily. For exercise, “ What do you want to do now ? ” can be said as a breathy “ indeed … what do you want to do immediately ? ” Or say this simpleton, brawny pipeline, which drives men brainsick : “ I ‘m coming ! ” Being a bang-up lover is a prime source of pride for guys, and saying this is the ultimate award. ready for Level 2 ? Fill in the blanks here : “ I love it when you [ verb ] my [ body partially ] ”. Or whisper in his ear precisely what you ‘re going to do to his body, before doing equitable that. Erection According to Dr Catherine Hood, Associate Sex Specialist at St George ‘s Hospital, London, “ The average penis size is 5 inches erect, but as alone the first third of the vagina has much sensitivity, anymore is wasted. If your partner has a small penis, a well military position is spooning, as this gives deeper penetration. ” Foreplay According to a guy poll done by Cosmo, here is a list of things that will send him into a downright dizzy : a ) Drawing circles around his nipples with your natural language so they get hard-then gently pulling at them. b ) Putting your palm over the tip off of his penis and massage fair that area, like it ‘s a doorknob. c ) Giving him a pass job while scantily using any coerce, so you have a light grip on his penis. vitamin d ) Taking his hand and pressing it against your underwear so he can feel how turned on you are. G-Spot true report : the G-Spot is an highly hot spot which can cause strong sexual arousal, brawny orgasms and female ejaculation. Ca n’t find it ? Lie on your back with your legs spread and knees bent ( like when you ‘re at the gyno ‘s ), then ask your collaborator to insert his ( lubricated ) middle finger and curve it back towards himself once it ‘s inside you ( imagine it as a ‘come here ‘ gesture ). The spot should feel a little rough, about like the surface of a walnut, and once he ‘s found it, have him move his fingers back and forth for a pretty amaze clock. Handcuff There ‘s a reason why E.L. James ‘ 50 Shades Of Grey did then well-bondage is hot ! While you may not want to go the whole whips-chains way, some handcuff action can be very erotic. adjacent time things are getting intimate, hold his hands above his heading, and hancuff them to the bed ( a scarf joint or rope will do the trick, besides ), then work your way around his body, before taking the girl-ontop status. “I Want You Now” are the four words that are an instant turn-on for men. “ That wrinkle, out of context, when he least expects it, triggers his hope instantaneously, ” says psychotherapist Stephen Johnson, Ph.D.. “ When a guy is erotically surprise, it actually causes his brain to release endorphins and neurotransmitters like noradrenaline and dopamine that affect his mood and put him in a physiological department of state of arousal. ” In addition, because the phrase is so blunt, it taps into full-bodied fantasies that most men have about raw, ad-lib, animalistic action. Jasmine Terry Molnar, Executive Director of The Fragrance Foundation and the common sense of Smell Institute, says that “ scents that hold a spicier, herb-like overtone, like jasmine, cinnamon and roseroot, are closely related to feelings of foreplay and selfconfidence. Often, when we experience intimate situations, we build a potent emotional association to the scent. Wearing a perfume or torso atomizer that has those hot overtones can help peak those emotions. ” Kegel Exercises fact : these dim-witted pelvic floor exercises increase brawn lastingness, which, in flex, can boost your orgasms ! To do, imagine you ‘re trying to hold your urine, and tighten your pelvic muscles for five seconds. Release, reduce, and unblock again, working up to 20 sets, twice a day. Lube This slippery gorge can seriously up your chances of reaching mega orgasm ! Since your natural wetness can decrease at times due to a variety of things ( for example, tension, and medication ), adding a lubricant helps ease the penetration work, so sex is enjoyable, not afflictive. Lube can be effective even when you do n’t have sobriety. It boosts sense for both partners and allows your valet to thrust longer and harder without causing you any sort of discomfort. Simply apply it to both your hot spots before sex, and sit back to enjoy the smooth sensations.

Missionary When Cosmo asked guys for their top sexual activity placement, 35 percentage picked classical missionary. hera ‘s how to spice up the man-on-top position : once he ‘s inside you, have him shift his torso up towards your navel so the base of his penis and pelvic bone press against your mons ( the fatty slog of weave on exceed of your public bone ) and clitoris. then, alternatively of him thrusting, rock your bodies against each other in a backand-forth gesticulate. With a few minor adjustments, you should hit the clitoral jackpot. Naughty Wear Fact-sexy lingerie can turn men to mush ! That ‘s because guys are ocular creatures, and seeing you in brash stuff makes him respond in a cardinal room. And while all hot lingerie does the antic, some pieces do even better. In a recent poll, the majority of men said black lingerie is the aphrodisiac of them all, followed by nude, pink, and crimson ( surprise ! ) Orgasm A learn in The Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that you ‘re more likely to climax if you try unlike arouse moves, rather than sticking to just a few. here ‘s a list of techniques that guarantee an orgasm. Sit him down, and straddle one of his leg. As you make-out, rub your clitoris against his second joint. Take his penis in your mouth, and go all the way down on him. Get into standingdoggie situation, take his hired hand and wardrobe it against your clitoris with your hand on top to ensure you get the exact pressure/movement you need. Finish off things by moving your legs closer together-the extra-tight fit will make things more intense, pushing you both over the edge. Planning certain, ad lib sex is hot, but if you ‘re both precisely not finding the time for some military action, it ‘s smart to schedule fuck. Let him know you have a sexy surprise for him on a finical day of the week, then build anticipating through the day with sexy texts. Quickie A band aid gets your epinephrine rush, releases pent-up lust, and shows him just how much you want him. “ sometimes ridicule want to take their fourth dimension, and sometimes they precisely want to get their rocks off, ” says William Fitzgerald, Ph.D. When you ‘re in the temper, do n’t fully undress-just perpetrate his penis out of his boxers and push your panties aside. All you need for successful speed sex is lube, which ‘ll tackle any dispassion in an moment. Role-Play Role-playing is n’t about winning an academy award ; it ‘s plainly a way to spice things up. The smasher of role-playing is that you get to be anyone you want, which can help you explore your wildest fantasies. adjacent time you ‘re feeling adventurous, tell your guy that you ‘re ready to indulge him in his desire and discuss what roles you ‘d like to take on. A few suggestions : employee/boss ( his assignment : to follow your erotic orders ) ; artist/nude model ( let him sketch you striking the arrant erotic affectation ) ; professor/student ( he punishes you for badly grades ) ; a couple of virgins ( act coy and take it super-slow ). Surprise Sex You just read about ‘planned sex ‘, and nowadays it ‘s time to learn the diametric. spontaneous sex is extra aroused, chiefly because it ‘s unexpected. Some tips to try : wake him up in the dawn with some oral action ( beginning slow, and then when he opens his eyes, pick up the pace ) ; get into the exhibitor while he ‘s already there, and take turns giving each other a saponaceous rub-down ; ambush him a soon as he walks through the door from sour ; or, while you ‘re both watching television receiver, give your world a metrical foot rub that gradually becomes a calf rub, a thigh massage, and then, a full-blown hand subcontract. Touch research shows that women have more than one erogenous zones, that make them feel aroused during foreplay. apart from the vagina, lips and breasts, the rare ones are the back of the knees, the inner second joint, the wrists, the nape of the neck and ears. Ask your man to breathe on your neck or lick the back of your knees. The at heart of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking. Just like the back of the knees, inner thighs besides have many boldness endings, and will turn you on like crazy. U-Spot ‘G ‘ is n’t the lone pleasure-giving rudiment around-now experts are talking about the U-Spot, which is rich in boldness endings. so where is this U-Spot ? At the opening of the vagina, just north and to the sides of the urethra ( where we pee from ). Ask your guy to gently caress this area with his finger, tongue, or the lean of the penis, and prepare for an by chance potent erotic response. lean : since the U-Spot is highly sensible, a little lubricate could make things even better. Vibrator Do n’t own one ? Try this : with the setting on low, sit on the border of your washing machine, and wrap your legs around his shank as he enters you. The vibrations from the machine will act like one big vibrator ! Woman-On-Top Guys love this-he gets to see you in full-frontal glory, and you ‘re most probable to achieve orgasm through it, besides. To master Woman-On-Top, have him lie on his back and straddle him with your knees on either english of his hips, or jack over him with your feet flat. Slowly lower yourself onto him, and move up and down to build momentum. Or, rest your torso on his and grind him from side to side or in circles. X-rated X-rated entertainment has become a hot subject of research. A Harvard study found that Utah had the most on-line pornography subscriptions per every 1,000 broadband users. Another research done at Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana shows that the body separate that men focus on while watching pornography is the womanhood ‘s grimace, particularly her eyes and lips, and not her breasts or vagina. That ‘s newsworthiness, justly ! Yes, Yes, Yes!

What ‘s the number-one way to have an amazing time in bed ? actually enjoying it, that ‘s how. Letting yourself go in the bedroom makes sex not merely well for you, but besides for him ( guys get more turned on when they know you ‘re into it ). so do n’t hold back on the groan, sting, strike, and, most importantly, asking for what you want. Zen Pause The Zen Pause sex military position is a little secret that can turn any session into a deep, erotic experience. When on the brink of the Big O, take a interruption from whatever heart-pounding position you ‘re in and try this : both you and your collaborator should roll onto your sides, face-to-face ( if possible, have him stay inside you ), then put the mania on a low simmer with legs intertwined and chests pressed against one another. Slowly construct back improving to an even more incredible climax .

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