Good Sexting: 100+ Examples, Responses & Tips

Memories:  I ca n’t stop thinking about last night. I keep thinking about [ insert intimate memory together ]. It ‘s making me want to play with myself … are you unblock ? I miss having you inside of me.

Remember when we did [ insert sexual activity here ] ? That was therefore hot. I do n’t know how long I can wait until the next time you [ slip in sexual bodily process here ]. I was equitable thinking about how hot your [ insert torso part hera ] looked last night when you [ insert sexual activity here ]. I precisely masturbated to the memory of you [ insert sexual activity here ]. I ca n’t get you out of my head. I miss making you come. I ca n’t believe it ‘s been two weeks since I ‘ve had your arrant ass in my confront. Future plans: following time I see you, I want to [ insert sexual activity here ]. I ca n’t wait to have my way with you tonight. I ‘m counting down the hours until you ‘re inside of me. When I pick you up for our future date, I want you to “ forget ” to wear panties. Come over tomorrow night. I have a short surprise for you… I ‘m going to be a dear girl for you tonight. Will you lie bet on and let me pleasure you tonight ? I ‘m going to have you naked adenine soon as you walk into my apartment. Positive validation:  You have the perfect [ filling in the blank ]. It feels so perplex to be inside of you. I feel like you were created in a lab for me. You turn me on so much. I do n’t think anyone has ever gotten me this corneous entirely through text before. I ca n’t control myself around you. The way your body looks when you ‘re on top is therefore sexy. I feel like you always know precisely how to turn me on. I want you so bad. I do n’t know how much longer I can wait until we can do that in very biography. Sharing fantasies:

I watched this movie survive night where the womanhood got tied up, and it made me so horny. I precisely watched what might be my favorite pornography video ever. Can I show it to you ? Can you recommend a good pornography video ? I kinda wan na call you Daddy. I had a ambition that we invited another guy into the bedroom with us, and I woke up so turned on. Whenever I think about trying anal with you, I get in truth excited. If I ‘ve been bad, will you punish me ? I saw this outback dominance vibrator at the store today, and I want to try it with you on our future dinner date. I was reading this article about darling play, and I want to tell you about it. Thinking of you: You ‘re on my mind today. think of you and that arrant [ occupy in the blank ]. I woke up thinking about you after a dirty dream… I hope you have a great sidereal day, sexy. It ‘s excessively badly you ‘re not hera right nowadays. I wish we could [ insert bodily process here ]. I just got out of the lavish, wish you were here to see me naked and dripping besotted … Requests: I want you to beg for it. Tell me what you were thinking about the last fourth dimension you played with yourself. Say my name when you come for me. Ask me for license if you want to play with yourself. Tell me what you want me to do to you. get over here ASAP ! I want you to be gentle with me. barely lie back and let me make you feel full. Will you grab my [ tuck body separate here ] ? Bend me over your knee and spank me.

Tell me what a dirty girl I ‘ve been. Let me suck you. Tease me until I ‘m begging for more .

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