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You might have grown up and realized that “ eating out ” means more than just getting some Burger King, but when it comes to other sex-related terms, there ‘s a good find there ‘s still a word or two out there you do n’t know. tied though it ‘s probably been years since you had to race home plate and Urban Dictionary what what your friends were talking about during study hall, language keeps evolving. This means there are more terms, gull, and sexual orientations you got tantalum add to your repertory in decree to stay relevant at best, and straight-up not offensive at least. That ’ s where our arouse glossary comes in handy. Some of these words are slang, some are sexualities, some are positions, and some are kinks, but they ‘re all authoritative to know for exploration and representation. many of these are abbreviated definitions from their own stand-alone Sexopedia entries to give you an mind, but if you want to learn more, good click on a bible to dive deep.

Your List of Sex Words, Right This Way…

Abrosexual: A sexual orientation that describes person whose sexual preferences and/or attraction changes over time. This could look like person who has once said they are bisexual later coming out as asexual. Allosexual: A intimate orientation that describes person who experiences any type of sexual attraction to person or something. Amazon (position) : An advanced sex placement that ’ s a combination between missionary and cowgirl. The buttocks spouse lies down on their back with their knees bent astir in the vent, and the top spouse get between their legs and slowly lowers down onto their partner. Both parties are intertwined, and the top collaborator uses their knees and hands for counterweight. Anal Sex : Most normally refers to anal penetration, typically with a penis but could besides be with a strap-on. Anorgasmia : The inability to have an orgasm. Asexual : A person who doesn ’ triiodothyronine know a miss of sexual desire. They can be attracted to person but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel the necessitate to get physically intimate with them. Autosexual : person who feels a intimate drawing card toward themselves. Bareback : Having arouse without a condom. This is hazardous and kind of dangerous, as it increases your chances of STIs and/or pregnancy. BDSM : An acronym that stands for any or all of the follow : bondage and discipline ; dominance and submission ; sadism and masochism .
Bisexual : Defined by GLAAD as person who “ has the capability to form enduring forcible, romanticist, and/or aroused attractions to those of the same sex, or to those of another sex. ” Blow Job : When person puts their partner ‘s penis into their mouth and proceeds to suck and lick it for the penis-haver ’ mho joy. besides called oral sex, fellatio, or “ going down on ” person. The female version is called cunnilingus. Blue Balls: As a slang term ( aka not a checkup term ), “ blue balls ” refer to the pain person feels in their scrotum from prolonged sexual foreplay without ejaculation. Blue balls is not dangerous, not actually a medical condition, and doesn ’ thyroxine lawsuit any long-run damage, nor do the balls turn a blue shadow. Bulge: The visible sketch of a penis through person ’ sulfur pants. Butt Plug: An anal arouse plaything shaped like a teardrop mean to be placed or “ punch ” into one ’ south butthole .
Ceterosexual: person who ‘s attracted to a person who is non-binary, transgender, and in some cases, anyone who isn ’ t cisgender. You may hear people use the term “ skoliosexual ” besides, but this is no longer appropriate since “ skolio ” means “ crooked ” in Latin. Circumcision: The removal of the prepuce of the penis to reveal the head. The operation typically happens when the person is a baby, although it can sometimes be performed during adulthood for checkup reasons, religious reasons, or barely because a person wants it. Cowgirl: A sex position where you have your legs on the away of your spouse ’ s hips and face them. Cosplay: Short for “ costume play ” and refers to dressing up as one of your favorite characters from pop acculturation and taking on the character of that character. Creampie: The non-dessert definition is when semen visibly drips out of a vagina or anus after ejaculation during arouse. Cum Shot: A term used in pornography referring to the moment person with a penis ejaculates, normally on their partner, where the semen can well be seen. Cunnilingus: A fancy word that means oral sexual activity when performed on person with a vagina. The donor uses their lips and tongue to concentrate on the person ’ s vulva and clitoris .
Cupiosexual: A word that falls under the larger asexual spectrum that describes person who still desires a sexual relationship, despite feeling fiddling to no attraction. Deep Throating: A blow job proficiency where the donor puts equally much of the penis into their mouth as they can ( sometimes the whole penis ), which can sometimes cause gag or flush vomiting. Demisexual: A sexual orientation that defines a person who needs to feel a strong emotional joining with person in order to feel any intimate drawing card to them. In early words, demisexual people are capable of sexual attraction but merely in specific circumstances.
Diaphragm: A contraceptive device that sits at the opening of the neck to block sperm. Dirty Sanchez: An act where person puts their finger into their partner ’ south arsenic, then wipes any faecal count that may transfer onto their feel over that person ’ randomness brim, resulting in a dope mustache. FWIW, it ’ second broadly accepted that this act is more urban caption than something you ’ d actually brush in the bedroom. Dirty Talk: Talking about sexual activity acts with your collaborator in an denotative, arousing way before or while engaging in sex acts .
Doggy-Style: A sex position where the recipient is on their hands and knees while their partner enters them from behind. Edging: Refers to delaying an orgasm for adenine long as potential with the goal of having an ultimately more acute orgasm. Erotic Hypnosis: besides known as “ hypno sex, ” erotic hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that increases intimate desire, sexual feelings, and intimate responses. Face-Sitting: When person dangles their genitals over their partner ’ randomness mouth to receive oral arouse. Facial: When referring to the arouse definition of a facial, it ’ randomness when a penis-haver ejaculates semen onto their partner ’ sulfur confront.
Fingering: When person uses their fingers to stimulate their partner ’ mho clitoris and/or vagina in decree to bring them to orgasm or give them pleasure. Foot Fetish: A intimate matter to in feet. A person with a foot juju may be aroused by touching, licking, rubbing, kissing, sucking, and massage of feet. Foot Job: Similar to hand jobs, but involves using feet quite than hands to rub and stimulate a collaborator ’ south genitals .
Foreplay: Everything you do before sexual intercourse, like making out, holding each other while spooning, cunning lil neck smooches, fingering, oral sex, spanking, humping, dirty talk, or evening just sending a sext anterior to pants coming off.
Golden Shower: besides called “ body of water sports ” and refers to a arouse act involving urine. This can mean peeing on your partner, in front of your partner, near your partner, or having your collaborator peeing on/near/in front of you. Greysexual: besides called graysexual, grey-ace, or gray-ace, greysexuality falls within the asexual spectrum and defines individuals who experience sexual attraction and sexual feelings very rarely—anywhere from a few times in their wholly life to anything more frequently. Hand Job: Using your hand to stimulate person ’ second penis until orgasm. Hickey: besides known as a “ love bite. ” A hickey is caused by one person sucking the early ’ s skin ( normally on their neck ) until small lineage vessels outburst, creating a patch of discoloration, aka a hurt. Jelqing: The commit of stroking the penis when raise in a particular way to increase its size. This is a like concept to using a penis pump. Masturbation: The act of touching or manipulating one ’ south own genitals for pleasure, which sometimes results in an orgasm .
Mile-High Club: Refers jointly to anyone who has always had sex on a plane. MILF: An acronym that stands for “ Mom I ’ d Like to Fuck. ”

Missionary: A sex position where one person lies down on their back, while their partner gets on peak and thrusts and grinds on them. Motorboating: The act of putting your font in between person ’ second breasts and moving your head back and forth promptly while making a raspberry sound with your natural language and lips ( like the sound of a motorboat. ) Omnisexual: A sexual orientation that describes person who ‘s attracted to all people, regardless of their gender. Orbiting: When your x continues to interact with all your Instagram Stories and sociable media, letting you know they ’ re silent around. Orgy: Group sex with several partners in a party-like scenario .
Pansexual: The sexual, romantic, emotional, physical, or spiritual attraction to people regardless of their specific gender identity or sexual expression. Pansexuality falls under the bisexuality umbrella but goes beyond being attracted to both men and women. Pearl Necklace: When person with a penis ejaculates onto their partner ’ sulfur neck or chest. The term comes from the drops of semen that are said to look like the individual drop on a strand of beads. Pegging: When person without a penis performs anal intercourse on their collaborator with the aid of a strap-on dildo. normally between hetero partners.
Period Sex: Having sex while you menstruate. Pillow Princess: person who likes to lie back and let their partner do most of the forcible solve during sex. Polysexual: person who ‘s attracted to many genders and identities. Pompoir: Using vaginal muscles in unlike ways to stimulate the penis during sexual intercourse. Pregnant Sex: Sex while carrying a baby inside you .
Quickie: Speedy, rushed sex, much without foreplay or cuddle. Reverse-Cowgirl: A sex position that ’ s basically regular cowgirl ( person facing their partner and straddling them with knees on either side of their hips ), but backward, so they ‘re facing their partner ‘s feet alternatively. Rimming: besides called a flange job, tossed salad, and analingus ; refers to oral sex involving mouth-to-anus contact. Roaching: When person you ’ re dating hides the fact they are besides dating other people at the same time, and when confronted about it, claim they didn ’ thyroxine realize it was a monogamous relationship. Rough Sex: Basically the reverse of “ making love. ” Refers to any kind of S & M ( sadistic and masochistic ) sexual activity. The definition of “ rough in ” varies from person to person, so there ’ s no hard and fast convention here. Talk to your partner about what they define “ approximate ” as if you ’ re going to experiment with consensual approximate arouse. Rusty Trombone: The act of performing a coincident rim job and pass job. Sex-repulsed: Most normally used within the asexual community, “ sex-repulsed ” is a room of experiencing one ’ randomness sex, but it ’ s not a sex in and of itself. Sex repugnance can mean person finds sex disgusting or revolting and in general, would not want to look at, hear about, talk about, or think about sex or any sexual action .
Shrimping: The dissemble of sucking on your spouse ’ south toes. Situationship: A catch-all term for relationships sitting at the intersection of “ hooking up ” and “ in a relationship. ” Sixty-Nine (69): A sex position where two people simultaneously give each other oral sex. Snowballing: A sexual act where a penis-haver ejaculates into their spouse ’ second mouth, then open-mouth kisses their partner, passing the semen back and forth into each other ’ randomness mouths. Spooning: When two people lie side-by-side, butt-to-back. The small smooch is the person on the at heart, and the adult spoon is on the outside. Squirting: When fluid comes out of person ’ sulfur vagina, frequently accompanying orgasm. Strap-On: a two-piece sex toy that includes a dildo and a harness, which attaches to the hips of the person wearing it. Strap-ons are often used for penetrative vaginal or anal sex .
Submarining: When an ex-wife pops back into your biography and then acts like nothing happened during the menstruation you weren ’ t in concert. Tantric Sex: sex that lasts for hours and hours and involves study, meditation, breath-work, eye liaison, and closeness with your spouse. Teabagging: When a penis-haver places their scrotum into the mouth or onto the face or frontal bone of another person, normally while standing or kneeling over that person. Temperature Play: An erotic imprint of consensual ace shimmer that ‘s frequently carried out by people who engage in BDSM play or crick. The goal of temperature play is to use the elements of heat and cold to heighten the senses. Thigh Job: A intimate act where person ‘s genitals are stimulated by a collaborator ‘s thighs. A thigh job can be done with clothes or publicize thighs, thighs in latex paint, pantyhose, thigh highs, lubed up, or without lubricate .
Threesome: When three people have sex with each other simultaneously. Venus Butterfly (technique): A sex act that involves both oral stimulation of the genitalia ( cunnilingus ) and manual stimulation ( fingering ) at the same time. Vibrator: A sex toy that vibrates. While it can be used outwardly on the clitoris or penis, it can besides be used internally in the vagina or anus, depending on its form, plan, and directions for function. Yoni: “ Vagina ” in Sanskrit. Yoni Massage : A tantric practice used to increase sensitivity in the vagina and vulva .
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