How to Have Phone Sex That Leads to Real Sex

Phone Sex Woman
I have a secret to admit…
I ’ ve had earphone sex with a lot of women .
Since I was a adolescent, it ’ second been with girls that :

  • I barely knew from class or through friends.
  • I had just met and gotten their phone number.
  • I went on a first or second date with.
  • I met on AOL chatrooms or through online video games.

But possibly the bigger unavowed is…

These were women I had NOT been previously intimate with. I hadn ’ thymine even kissed most of them ! But they all led to real sexual activity about immediately after. even girls from on-line met up with me in person .
In the age of sexting, phone sexual activity is like forgotten lore. Just typing “ telephone sex ” sounds so 90 ’ mho. The last clock I ’ ve actually heard it referenced in the mainstream was during american Pie 2. even then it was shown to be awkward and unsuccessful .
I ’ megabyte going to change that perception. I want to prove how call sex can be an fabulously fun and sensual experience for everyone. That it ’ mho not merely for long-distance relationships, but besides a great direction to ease into a sexual connection with person you ’ re hush getting to know .

1. Call her later at night

The nox is always going to be more sensual. She ’ south laying back in her PJs, possibly sipping some wine, and normally somewhere private. It ’ s an environment conducive to romance .
Of course, you can have phone sex during the day if you ’ ve been dating for a while. But I wouldn ’ t recommend it for the first clock time .

2. Take your time

Do not rush the call. I normally speak with women for an hour or more before getting inner over the telephone. You want to truly enjoy getting to know her and deepening the connection .
If that ’ s excessively much knead for you, then please continue Snapchatting girls pictures of your trash. Let me know how that works out for you .
Intimacy requires confidence. You can ’ t expect her to dirty spill with you if she doesn ’ thyroxine feel secure with you .
That said…

3. Keep the conversation positive, playful, and flirtatious

For her to consider having aphrodisiac spill with you, she needs to feel attraction towards you. Her take care has to wander into sexual district. You need to start turning her on .
Treat it like a romantic date. Remember my 80/20 rule – 80 % normal conversation, 20 % dally. That means you want to regularly sprinkle in :

  • Flirtatious sexual banter
  • Teases
  • Compliments
  • Sexual innuendos
  • Intimate or personal questions – “So when was your first kiss?”, “Do you consider yourself a sexual person?, “What’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?”

These are your litmus tests to gauge her interest .
Start with something lighthearted and playful. vitamin a long as she ’ s responding well ( laughing, flirting/teasing back, is even engaged in conversation ) build up to being more bold and sexual. If she hesitates or acts indifferent, continue talking for a copulate of minutes and then try again .
Remember, you aren ’ metric ton going to lead it to telephone sex by acting like a platonic friend. Think of it as verbal foreplay. She ’ ll feel safe, comfortable, and turned on like hell – a gain combination .
If you get to the point where you ’ re talking about intimate topics or making sexual jokes and she ’ sulfur hush happy…

4. Use your seductive voice

Speaking in a lower and slower paced tone will help relax her into the temper. high sounds don ’ thymine turn anyone on – think Gilbert Gottfried trying to seduce person .
You want your voice to be as soft and soothing as possible but still audible. Try to minimize any extreme variances in volume or focal ratio .
Imagine how you ’ five hundred talk if you were comforting her from a concern. Or that kind of gruff, consider part you get when you merely wake up .

5. Ask her leading questions

nowadays you want to use that seductive voice to move things toward a more sexual dynamic. You must transition naturally while subtly implying where things are headed .
simple, logistic questions are the best. The two that have always worked for me are :
“ What are you wearing ? ” and “ Where are you right nowadays ? ”
These are easy questions for her to answer. At the like time, she understands you probably aren ’ triiodothyronine asking what she ’ second exhausting in the middle of the night for fashion purposes. Women are highly intuitive .
immediately, one of two things always happen :

  1. She answers and starts revealing details, “Well…I’m just in bed, laying in a tank top.”
  2. She plays coy, “Hmmm…why do you want to know?”

If you get a response alike to # 2, then stand by why you asked .
“ I ’ thousand trying to imagine what you look like right now. ”, “ Haha, you ’ ll just have to find out. ”

That ’ s normally more than enough to get her to tell you or say “ o ”. then roll back into, “ So describe it to me. ”
once she answers those initial questions, follow up with the question that kickstarts the school term :
“ Where are your hands right now ? ”
again, if she challenges you, hold your grind, “ I want to have some fun with you. ” Or “ I want to tell you how to use them. ”
If she answers that interrogate at all, you are in. She knows this is getting into aphrodisiac territory. now guide her throughout the incredible experience.

6. Take charge and instruct her

beginning telling her how to use her hands .
For exercise, if she said, “ I ’ m resting my hand on my leg. ” You can reply, “ I want you to take your fingertips and run them gently up and down your thighs. ”
Every clock she accepts your suggestion, continue escalating…
Tell her to run her hands up towards the inside of her second joint. then over the front of her panties. then to slide her underwear down. then to tease around and in between her lips. then to rub her fingers lightly over her clitoris and so on .
finally, you ’ re going to get to a bespeak where she ’ sulfur going on her own. She ’ mho breathe cryptic, moaning hard, and now it ’ south fourth dimension to…

7. Tell her how much you want her

You want to reinforce how sexy she is and how you love every second of it. Encourage her to continue indulging in her joy .
I always let a daughter know things like :

  • “You’re voice is so damn sexy.”
  • “Your moaning is turning me on so much.”
  • “I want to feel your body under me.”
  • “I am so hard/big right now.”
  • “I’m imagining how fucking hot you must look with your fingers up there.”

show her she can be comfortable and judgment-free with you. If you do that, she ’ ll be excited to keep sharing her sexual side both over the call and in-person .

8. Get her to admit her deepest desire

I ’ ve teach you how to have call arouse with her but how does that lead to real sex with her ?
well, she ’ s immersed in the here and now and truly horny for you. So… .
Have her admit how she wants sex with you!

  • “Mmm…wouldn’t it feel so incredible if I was there pleasing every part of you?”
  • “Tell how much you want me in you right now.”
  • “What would you want me to do to you if I was there?”
  • “Say it. Say please fuck me [your name].”

This has her confirm it to not entirely you but to herself. It makes the idea of having arouse together REAL. Getting her to admit her desires over the telephone has transferred to in-person romance every single time .
When you see her following, the dynamic shifts completely — it ’ sulfur now going to be amatory. She ’ s openly expressed that she wants to be cozy with you. No shame, no ambiguity, just a sexy experience shared between you both .
I ’ ve walked up to the girl, given her a bad embrace, and told her how I felicitous I was to see her. I looked in her eyes and kissed her. Never once has a charwoman hesitated to kiss me back because we were already past that target .

9. Finish on a high note

Pace yourself, this international relations and security network ’ t a race. ideally, you want to match her volume and orgasm with her. I tell women straight out, “ I want to come with you. ”
If she tells you to go ahead without her, do so. Some women can ’ metric ton come easily or in certain situations. Don ’ metric ton worry, she ’ mho calm enjoying herself and you should, excessively .
When it ’ s all said and done, lecture to her for another few minutes. It shows you weren ’ thymine good in it for the telephone sex and that things won ’ thymine be awkward between you. A set of times women even fall asleep on the telephone after a big orgasm .

Text her the adjacent day and invite her to something. You can even playfully reinforce how much you enjoyed last night with her .
Because of the now established sexual connection, she ’ south much more likely to see you again and you can kiss her right away or soon into the date. Continue to kiss throughout the date, hook up, and move things towards having sex together for the first time .
Need some advice ? I don ’ t want you to feel like you have to do this alone. If you ’ d like a bit-by-bit, tailored approach to magnetically attract women and build more meaningful relationships, let ’ s have a unblock, 100 % confidential consultation call ( up to 30 minutes ) to discuss how we can work in concert.   Schedule your free strategy session here.

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