70 Sex Terms You Should Know

picture it : You ’ rhenium hanging with friends and the conversation is getting a little bit ~raunchy~. Everyone starts talking about the big s-e-x and all of a sudden, they start using terms that are, well, kinda unfamiliar. You feel awkward because you ’ re not in truth following the conversation—you thought a “ facial ” was just a resort hotel treatment —and now you ’ re good sitting there twiddling your thumbs. You stay mum out of reverence you ’ ll reveal your ignorance. You ’ re wholly bummed.
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First things first base, know that it ’ sulfur finely to not know the definition of everything that occurs in the sex kingdom. ( Nothing to be embarrassed about, promise ! ) second, Women ’ south Health is here to quell all your anxieties about future situations unfolding like the above. What you need is a sex terms glossary of sorts, and fortunately for you, you ‘ve found it. The watch is a list of every one sexual activity term ( along with a helpful little explainer on each give voice ). future time you don ’ metric ton know that ~ provocative verbiage ~, you can just discreetly search for this helpful page on your earphone rather of quietly freaking out. ( You ’ re welcome ! )

Plus, this usher even has some serious expert approval. “ A sex glossary is useful for helping folx to reduce shame, expand their cognition, obtain accurate information, and provides character to folx ‘ diverse experiences, ” explains Janet Brito, PhD, an AASECT certified sexual activity therapist and supervisory program, and fall through of the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health. “ It can be a mighty and sex-positive instrument, as it can normalize person ’ second biography experience. ” Read on for a glossary of 70 sex terms, all of which are sex therapist reviewed, that you should probably know. Use this scout when you ’ re confused about a words like “ shrimp, ” “ creampie, ” “ queefing, ” and much more. Anal Sex: Any kind of sexual natural process that typically involves penetration of the anus ( a.k.a. your butthole ). Anorgasmia: When you have a unmanageable meter reaching orgasm despite receiving the necessary stimulation. Asexual: A sexual orientation described by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network as “ a person who does not experience sexual drawing card. ” There are many stereotypes about asexual people, including that they can not experience romance, though that is not true. Autosexual: Being attracted to or aroused by yourself. Autosexuality is classified as a sexual orientation, and it exists on a spectrum. Bareback: When you have sex without using protection, like condoms .

      BDSM: A power dynamic-based shape of sexual fun that stands for bondage and discipline, laterality and submission, sadism, and masochism. For more information, read the WH founder ’ s guide to BDSM .

        Bisexual: A intimate orientation where you are romantically and/or sexually attracted to both your own gender and those of a sex that is not your own .

          Blow Job: besides called “ going down ” on person, a blow job is when you put your lover ’ second penis or strap-on in your mouth so that you can suck and lick it for their pleasure. If you ’ re going down on person with a vagina, this is called cunnilingus .

            Blue Balls: A non-dangerous, non-medical term, blue balls is a term for when a person ’ randomness scrotum feels pain because they are experiencing elongated sexual foreplay without the acquittance of an orgasm .

              Breath Play: A consensual BDSM-related activity, breath bet involves the restriction of oxygen to increase intimate pleasure or stimulate an orgasm. This is a hazardous behavior that requires extreme circumspection .

                Bulge: The draft of a person ’ sulfur penis that you can see through their underwear, swimsuit, pants, etc. It ’ s an effigy that some people find to be erotic .

                  Butt Plug: A sexual activity toy dog that is inserted into the anus —hence the condition “ chew ” — for the wearer ‘s pleasure. They come in diverse shapes, typically resembling a tear drop, a penis head, a triangle, etc. The fabric besides varies from formative, to rubber, to glass, and sometimes they even vibrate .

                    Cowgirl: When a person situates themself indeed that they ’ ra sitting on exceed of their spouse, peg at the sides of their hips, moving themselves up and down, side to side, around, and more, on their collaborator ’ randomness penis, sex miniature, hand, etc .

                      Cosplay: A shorten version of the give voice “ costume toy, ” where people dress up as a character or start culture picture and then embody that persona for a certain period of time. This does n’t have to be intimate, necessarily, but it ‘s often talked about in a intimate context .

                        Creampie: Hint, it ’ s not the dessert. A creampie is when semen drips out of the vagina after a person has ejaculated into it during sex .

                          Clitoris: A humble, sensitive sexual organ ( part of the vulva ) with thousands of boldness endings. many people with vulvas need their clitoris to be stimulated in order to achieve an orgasm. Circumcision: A procedure that removes the prepuce of the penis to more prominently reveal the penis head. It is strictly an aesthetic, personal, or cultural decision, normally made at birth. The procedure can be done during adulthood for aesculapian reasons as well.

                            Cunnilingus: A bible that means performing oral sex on a person with a vulva. You use your lips and tongue to stimulate the vulva-haver ’ s genitals, oftentimes their labium majora ( forbidden lips ), labium minora ( inner lips ), and clitoris .

                              Deep Throating: This occurs during a blow problem, and is when a person pushes their collaborator ’ s penis all the room into the bet on of their throat ( or arsenic deep as they are adequate to of going ). At times, this proficiency can result in gag or vomit for the giver .

                                Demisexual: A sexual orientation, demisexual is when you do not experience intimate attraction toward person unless you feel an aroused connection with them first base .

                                  Diaphragm: Sitting at the border of the neck, a diaphragm is a contraceptive device that blocks sperm from fertilizing an testis .

                                    Dirty Talk: Just like it sounds, basically. Dirty talk is when you talk about sex, the act of sex, performing intimate acts with or on your partner, etc. You can do dirty talk before you have sex, while you ’ ra doing it, when you ’ re trying to get aroused, etc .

                                      Doggy-Style: When one person enters another from behind, while the receiver is on their hands and knees. ( The position slightly mimics the way that dogs and other animals have sex, hence the name. )

                                        Edging: A technique where you get as close to orgasm as possible, or delay your orgasm for vitamin a long as possible, in order to ultimately reach a stronger, more powerful orgasm once you release it .

                                          Face-Sitting: When you receive oral sex by sitting above your collaborator ’ sulfur mouth with your genitals on top of them .

                                            Facial: This is when person with a penis ejaculates onto the face of their partner .

                                              Fingering: When a person uses their feel to stimulate a person ’ sulfur vagina, clitoris, vulva, etc. This can be done until the vulva-having person has an orgasm or as a foreplay method acting .

                                                Foot Fetish: This is a sexual interest where a person has a particular attraction to feet. This can mean they like the front of feet or they enjoy physical foreplay like touching, licking, kissing, sucking, etc., on feet .

                                                  Foot Job: This is when a person uses their feet to sexually stimulate a person ’ s genitals, typically using a lubricant and moving the feet in an up and down motion over the penis. Think of this like a hand job ( more on that late ), but with feet. Foreplay: The actions that frequently, but not always, act as precursors to arouse. This can include things like making out or cuddling, angstrom well as finger or dirty talk. It ’ s typically considered a large umbrella terminus, so the definition is fluid .

                                                    Golden Shower: While it has many presumed meanings, a aureate shower typically refers to when a person pees on their partner or in front of said spouse, while besides in a sexual context .

                                                      Gagging: typically a form of intimate crimp or BDSM dominant and slavish act, gag is a consensual act, and is where a person is choked by a hand or aim during sex .

                                                        Hand Job: This is when you use your hand to stimulate a penis-haver, frequently until they reach orgasm .

                                                          Hickey: This is a discoloration or hurt that occurs when you or your collaborator suck on a fleshy piece of peel ( stereotypically on the neck ), causing blood vessels to burst. Getting one international relations and security network ’ thymine harmful or dangerous, though they can be tender to the touch .

                                                            Labia: Sitting on both sides of the vaginal opening, labium are called the “ vaginal lips. ” They protect the genital organs and can besides become flood with blood when aroused, making them sensitive during sex .

                                                              Lube: Or “ lubricant. ” Lubricant is a ( typically water- or silicone-based ) liquid used during sex that can be put on a person ‘s genitals to reduce friction and thus, increase overall pleasure.

                                                                Masturbation: When a person self-stimulates their own genitals, sometimes finishing in an orgasm .

                                                                  Mile-High Club: A person joins the fictional “ mile-high club ” when they have sex on an airplane .

                                                                    MILF: This is an acronym that stands for “ mother I ’ d like to f*ck. ”

                                                                      Missionary: A sexual activity stead where one person lies on their back while the early is on top of them, thrusting or grinding onto or into them .

                                                                        Motorboating: When you put your face in between two breasts and reverse with your talk or lips, making a the sound of, you guessed it, a motorboat .

                                                                          Nipple Clamps: Sex toys that are designed to gently nip to your nipples for both ocular purposes and nipple stimulation. ( The nipples have over 2,000 boldness endings each, making them a brawny tool for reaching orgasm. )

                                                                            Orbiting: When your ex-partner continues to stay portray in your life by liking your social media posts, watching your social media stories, etc., all with the finish of reminding you they ’ re however around or sexually available .

                                                                              Orgy: Group sex with multiple partners. For case, it can be in the form of a party where there are lots of people all engaging in respective sex acts together .

                                                                                Pansexual: A sexual orientation where you are emotionally, romantically, or sexually attracted to people of any gender identity. pansexual comes from the Greek news “ pan, ” which means “ all. ”

                                                                                  Pearl Necklace: When a person with a penis has an orgasm and ejaculates onto their partner ’ sulfur chest area, which purportedly resembles the search of a drop necklace .

                                                                                    Pegging: When a non-penis-having-person performs penetrative sexual activity with a partner while using a dildo strap-on. ( This act is typically associated with heterosexual relationships. )

                                                                                      Period Sex: When you have sex while besides menstruating or with a menstruating person .

                                                                                        Pregnant Sex: When you have sex while meaning or with a fraught person .

                                                                                          Quickie: Having sex in a flying or quick manner, normally with no foreplay or aftercare .

                                                                                            Queefing: A noise that can come out of your vagina during sex. ( And yep, it can sound like a fart. ) It ’ sulfur when tune is released from the vagina on the spur of the moment, and the audio is brassy adequate to notice. There is nothing incorrectly with queefing, and it is scentless .

                                                                                              Rainbow Kiss: This act typically involves a penis-having person and a vulva-having person, but there are variations to it. A rainbow kiss is when a person with a vulva receives oral sex on their period and a person with a penis receives distinctive oral sex. Once both parties orgasm, the “ rainbow snog ” is when you take period blood and semen into your respective mouths and mix them together during your kiss .

                                                                                                Reverse-Cowgirl: Like unconstipated cowgirl placement sex, except the person on peak is facing the opposite commission, meaning their partner will see their butt rather of their front .

                                                                                                  Rimming: This is a kind of oral sex that involves one partner putting their mouth on another ‘s anus area .

                                                                                                    Rough Sex: While people ’ second personal definitions of “ harsh ” can vary, this term typically involves sex that incorporates certain forms of BDSM dally or aggressive play and dirty lecture .

                                                                                                      Rusty Trombone: When person performs both a rim occupation and a bridge player problem at the like fourth dimension .

                                                                                                        Safe Word: This is a pre-determined password that partners use during sex to signal an end to the activity, no questions asked. In light, it tells your accept partner that you ’ ve reached your personal limits and that you ’ d like to stop in the moment, when you might not have the wherewithal to communicate that in other words. Sex-repulsed: This refers to person that finds sex disgusting and revolting. similar to any other repugnance, person who experiences being sex-repulsed would not want to watch sex, have sexual activity, speak about, or think about sex .

                                                                                                          Shrimping: Sucking on a partner ’ mho toes .

                                                                                                            Situationship: This is an umbrella term for relationships that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hit the “ formally dating ” stage and oftentimes descent in the areas between hooking up, friendship, crushing, or hanging out with feelings involved .

                                                                                                              Sixty-Nine (69): A sex position where two people give each other oral sex at the same time .

                                                                                                                Spooning: Lying down butt-to-back, when one person hugs the early from behind, cuddling and spooning them close into their breast. Partners can besides have penetrative sex in the spoon position .

                                                                                                                  Squirting: When liquid comes out of a person ’ second vagina. ( FYI : sometimes, it ’ south watered down make. ) This act is typically associated with orgasm .

                                                                                                                    Strap-On: A sex play that includes a harness you wear around the hips and a dildo or vibrator that attaches into the harness. A strap-on is typically worn by non-penis-havers as a means to engage in acute sexual activity .

                                                                                                                      Submarining: This is when an ex-partner reappears in your life and tries to act like nothing occurred since you last interact .

                                                                                                                        Tea Bagging: When person with a penis puts their scrotum ( a.k.a. balls ) into the face or mouth of another person while standing, hovering, or kneeling over them .

                                                                                                                          Temperature Play: A consensual form of BDSM play that uses heat or cold temps to heighten the senses. For exemplar, using hot wax or a cold ice cube on a person ’ s body for arousal .

                                                                                                                            Thigh Job: When person uses their thighs to stimulate a person ’ s genitals. The sexual activity act is similar to a hand job or a infantry job, but you use the thighs rather .

                                                                                                                              Threesome: When three people engage in sexual action, frequently including penetration, together at the same clock time .

                                                                                                                                Vibrator: This is a sexual activity dally that vibrates and can help bring a person to orgasm. You can use it externally, or you can insert it into the anus or vagina, depending on the toy dog ’ s guard instructions .

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