7 Sex Positions To Try If You Have A Bad Knee & Doggy Style Won’t Work

If, like many people, you suffer from physical ailments such as bad knees, sex can sometimes be catchy. A stand-by like pooch style equitable is n’t going to cut it if the think of sitting like that for an strain period of time brings you discomfort. still, even if you have common body aches and pains, having fun, enjoyable sex shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be off the table. alternatively, get creative, try something raw if you ’ re comfortable, and explore some of these expert-backed sex positions for bad knees. You ‘re not alone in this issue. One in four adults suffer from chronic stifle pain, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In addition to making daily activities difficult, knee pain, stiffness, and discomfort can lead to problems in your arouse animation, but that does n’t mean that it has to be the end of it or that sexual activity has to be boring. The truth is that there is no motivation to let pain ruin your sex life. In fact, you can have perplex sexual activity with your partner while besides saving yourself from surfeit suffering. One big thing to keep in thinker when it comes to familiarity is that oral and manual sex are precisely a valid as penetrative, and these are great options to keep in mind if one parter suffers from knee pain, sexual activity educator and dominatrix Lola Jean tells Romper. In addition, she recommends seeing sexual activity as a journey, one that can and should incorporate breaks as needed. “ We need to divorce ourselves from this very straight escalator, linear approach to sex that we often see in the movies, ” Jean says. “ arouse can be a actually hanker thing that is not continuous right there and then — we should be able to build in breaks and move from one position to another, with the conclusion goal being having fun and feel good. ”

There ’ s no one solution to the issue of knee pain and familiarity. Every person ’ s level of discomfort is alone and will call for different approaches, Kristin Sapienza, licensed physical therapist and founder of FemFirstHealth, tells Romper. “ It all depends on the stifle injury — you may feel pain with imperativeness on the knees, or you may have difficulty bending your stifle, ” she says. “ If there ‘s arthritis or flush meniscus injuries, you ’ ll want to avoid extreme inflection in the knee, so extreme flex or sitting back on your knees may be very irritating. ” If you ‘re in search of ways to continue to have sexual activity without excess pressure, here are seven sex positions for badly knees to help you maximize joy and minimize pain.



Sex positions for bad knees include missionary. PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images Finding the veracious sex positions for your consistency is essential when you have serious knee pain, which is why the classical missionary position is a hearty option. “ If you ‘re receiving in the missionary position, you actually truly do n’t have to do much, ” says Jean. “ You can be a in truth passive receiver. ” The partner on top will be the one doing most of the movement. Missionary is an excellent side for those with knee pain because it allows you to keep your legs extended with no external pressure on the knees.



Another capital stead for anyone who experiences stifle pain is spooning, or side lying. Since you ’ re on your side, there is no direct pressure on your knees. This one is great because it allows you to avoid any positions that include prolong squat, squatting, or kneel, which can put unnecessary force on your lower torso, explains Sapienza. It will work if one or both partners need to alleviate knee pain. One thing to keep in take care with this put, though, is that it requires quite a spot of campaign, according to Jean. “ It has a lot of depth, and there ‘s a bunch of affair with the skin-to-skin [ contact ], but it ‘s actually a drift that ‘s largely a spot of rocking, ” she explains. Take it slow at foremost to determine whether it feels OK.



If pooch style was one of your go-tos but is no longer a sustainable option for you, planking is a capital alternate, according to Jean. basically, this position requires the penetrative partner to “ plank ” on top of the early, with their front on the early person ‘s back. “ This one ’ s in truth beneficial because there ‘s a lot of skin-to-skin [ contact ], a set of familiarity, and your heads match up together, ” says Jean. Again, it works well for either spouse with bad knees, since both people can keep their legs relatively straight. To get there, Jean says it ’ s normally helpful to set up in a pooch style position, whether you ‘re doing anal or vaginal sexual activity, and then transition to one person being on the other person ‘s spinal column.


With A Pillow Under Your Butt

Using props for aid is a great idea for any kind of consistency aches and pains, in general, but particularly for the knees, according to Jean. As one specific place, you can try missionary with a pillow under your butt ( this works best to alleviate pain for the receive partner ). not lone does this position make it easier to stretch out your legs, but, if you ’ re on the receiving conclusion, it besides allows your partner to penetrate you deeper for G-spot stimulation. If you ’ re on your side, try placing the pillow between your knees to reduce any pressure to the area. “ You do n’t have to get sex pillows, specifically, ” says Jean. “ You can get ones that are made for comfort, just to have the right conjunction with each other. ” Keep working the pillows until you get into a comfortable enough position, and you ’ ll be sure to have a great clock.


Standing Up

Sex positions for bad knees include standing sex. Eugenio Marongiu/Image Source/Getty Images Another position to consider for sexual activity with bad knees is standing arouse. If you stand up with your elbows braced against a wall, your collaborator should be able to comfortably enter you from the back, and neither of you has to put pressure on your knees. The thing to keep in beware, however, is to make indisputable that you are not holding up your partner ’ second whole body weight, Jean explains. “ Standing up can actually be quite unmanageable, ” says Jean. If you can ’ t quite get the fish veracious from behind, try leaning back against the rampart and having your collaborator embark you missionary-style from the front. Wrap your arms around their neck or shank for stability. And with the knees in mind, Jean besides recommends keeping your legs as straight you can. “ I besides think when your legs are a little bit lock and not crouch, it can be easier for people who might have bad knees, ” she says.


Bent Over The Bed Or Counter

In the scenario that you and your collaborator both have bad knees, using a structure such as a bed, countertop, or table can be very helpful. “ This could be something where I think you could be bent over with your font down or you could have your legs overhead, ” says Jean. Try laying on the border of the go to bed with your legs in the air travel, or crouch over on the bed with your partner standing straight up ( no knees bent ) to enter you.


Happy Baby

yoga poses are a great source of inspiration for sex positions for bad knees. “ Think about a yoga present that feels comfortable for you, and then basically find a way to have sex in it, ” says Jean. “ For example, when a person is on their back, they can easily get into yoga-like poses. ” One specific yoga-inspired put that Jean recommends trying out is alike to the happy child airs, where the person on the bottom is holding their knees toward their chest of drawers and receiving penetration — while besides getting a great knee stretch, she adds. This may not work for all types of knee injuries, but if it sounds appealing to you, it ’ s decidedly worth trying. Though it might be awkward to bring up knee injuries and discomfort in the context of sex, you should be open about all body aches, pains, and stiffness relating to sex and familiarity. If you find that knee pain is affecting your sex animation or giving you cause for concern, speak to your repair — be it a general practitioner, orthopedist, or physical therapist. “ This is 100 % something to express to their doctor, because having familiarity is a quality of life sentence factor, ” says Sapienza. “ And they should be wholly honest and express this to their partner, excessively. ” When it comes to the bedroom, advocate for yourself and what feels good to you — speak up for joy angstrom well as pain — and hopefully you ’ ll find some things to do that make you forget you have knee pain at all.

Sources interviewed : Lola Jean, sex educator and dominatrix Kristin Sapienza, licensed physical therapist and founder of FemFirstHealth

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