15 Sex Positions For Those Times You Really Want To Go Deep

Staring into each early ‘s eyes and synchronizing your breath for deep, passionate sex can be pretty mind-bending. But what if you ’ re looking to literally go deep ? You know, as in explore spaces no penis, dildo, or strap-on has gone before with arouse positions designed for cryptic penetration ? Well, that ‘s reasonably freaking hot, excessively. “ Deeper penetration can provide multi-sensory stimulation to different erogenous zones on the consistency, including more clash on the clitoris, stimulation of the G-spot and A-spot, and even cervical stimulation, ” says Shannon Chavez, PsyD, a accredited psychologist and K-Y ’ s sex therapist. But the kind of sex you ’ re used to and your actual anatomy play a function in how enjoyable abstruse penetration is for you, she says. If you don ’ triiodothyronine do sex positions for deep penetration on the reg, you may want to consider taking a few steps to make yourself american samoa comfortable as potential when you do try them out, Chavez says. She besides recommends using “ adequate lubrication ” which can help you both get deep and feel comfortable in the process. Keep in mind that trench penetration international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for everyone. “ different anatomy types can make deeper penetration painful, ” Chavez says. “ Some women have an turn back uterus or neck which can cause some discomfort with penetration. other women may experience conditions like endometriosis or chronic pelvic pain that can cause pain through inflammation and concentration in the pelvic floor muscles. ”

And, for some women, deeper penetration doesn ’ t provide as much stimulation as other positions, Chavez says. For others, it ’ s perplex. Some sex positions ( and some people ) are good better suited for good penetration. If that sounds like you, try these hot moves when you ‘re in the mood for something a little more acute.
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The lifted hips offer a broken barrier to introduction, says New York City sex therapist, Ian Kerner, PhD, writer of She Comes First. Plus, this one gives great G-spot stimulation, says Kerner. You can spice this up even more by sharing fantasies while you get busy, Chavez says. ➡ Join WH Stronger today and get unlimited access to digital content, exclusive workouts, and more! Do It: Lie facedown, with your hips slenderly elevated ( try sticking a pillow underneath them ), and spread your legs out straight. Have your spouse penetrate you from behind .


face off


Because the legs are wide here, you ’ re more afford to receiving all your partner has to offer, Kerner says. This one is besides great because you ’ re able to control pace and precisely how deep you want your partner ‘s penis or strap-on to go. Plus, this military position keeps your hands free to wander all over your partner ‘s torso ( or your own ). Throw enough of deep kiss into the mix. “ deep caressing can be highly enjoyable and arousing which may help the body loosen and release latent hostility in the pelvic area so that deeper penetration is more comfortable, ” Chavez says. Do It : While your partner is sitting down on a president or the edge of a seam, you sit in their lap, facing them .




From this military position, says Kerner, you can open your legs wider for a deeper feel. This travel besides provides ample G-spot legal action ( that spot at the front of the vaginal wall ). You can besides stimulate your nipples while you ride for add pleasure, Chavez says. Do It: Have your partner lie down, and you climb on clear. Push off your partner ‘s chest or the bed to control your motion .

Cowgirl’s Helper

cowgirl's helper


This gives you some capital G-spot foreplay, and you can go a deep as you like depending on your thrusts, says Kerner. Plus, you get the chance to dominate. Since you ’ re both pretty active voice in this position, try a little dirty talk to make it flush hotter. Do It: Like classical cowgirl position, you ’ re on top as your partner lies bet on, and you push off their body for leverage. The spin here is that your partner assists. By holding your hips or thighs, he supports your burden and rises to meet your movements .




It ’ s a classical for a reason—this one gives you deep stimulation, combined with affair, says Kerner. ( Hello, prime making-out side ! ) To take it to the adjacent grade, raise your legs over your partner ‘s shoulders. Try to add in deep kisses for maximum closeness. Do It : Lie binding while your partner lies on lead of you, face to font .




The slant of this position allows for trench penetration thanks to the downward fish ( and it ‘s bang-up for some G-spot stimulation ), says Kerner. Plus, your spouse ‘s hands are rid to stimulate your clitoris or absorb in a little nipple action, Chavez says. Do It: Get on your hands and knees while your partner kneels immediately behind you and enters you from behind .

The Caboose



Since this probably is n’t your go-to put, it ’ ll feel like a solid newly world down there, says Kerner. That newness can make the penetration feel even deeper than it actually is. Plus, not being able to see your partner can be incredibly sexy since you do n’t know what they ‘ll surprise you with following. You can besides use an external vibrator to “ prime the body for more comfortable and enjoyable sex, ” Chavez says. Do It : Your partner is seated, and you back into their lap, facing away .

Scoop Me Up

scoop me up


Your partner has more leverage and corroborate in this stead, so they can move their body in a way that gives maximum astuteness, says Kerner. Plus, your partner can easily wrap a hired hand about and stimulate your clitoris while thrusting, Chavez says. “ clitoral foreplay in accession to deeper penetration provides different points of stimulation and arousal to increase the pleasure likely, ” she adds. This one is besides perfect for when you ’ re both tire but distillery in the temper.

Do It : lie side-by-side in the smooch stead, and bend your knees slenderly so that your partner can enter you from behind .

The Seashell



Your legs are dispersed broad, lending the move to way more depth, says Kerner. Plus, from this military position, your partner ‘s pelvis will give you some clitoral stimulation as your spouse grinds against you—or you ’ re detached to take that into your own hands. Deep caressing could besides kick things up a pass hera, Chavez says. Do It : lie down on your back with legs raised up and out. Get your ankles as far back toward your head as you can. then, your partner enters you in missionary stylus .

The Om

the om


This position is all about opening yourself up—especially your legs and hips, Kerner says. hera, you can get deep in more ways than one : Lock eyes with your collaborator as you climax for add familiarity, says Kerner. Try a little abstruse kiss or nipple free rein to make things even more acute, Chavez says. Do It: Your partner sits cross-legged, then you sit on their lick, facing forth. adjacent, wrap your legs around your collaborator ‘s rear, rend each early closer, and rock binding and forth .

Pretzel Dip

pretzel dip


With this sexual activity position, you get both the physical and emotional depth. You have the deeper penetration of pooch vogue, while placid being able to make eye contact. Bonus : This place is prime for some extra clitoris action from your partner, which Chavez says is always a perk up. Do It: Lie on your right side ; your spouse kneels, straddling your right leg and curling your left leg around his leave side .


leap frog


exchangeable to flatiron, the lifted hips in this stead allows super- deep penetration. And if you add the pillow under your pelvis, that can actually help your partner target that G-spot ( and give your back a remainder ). You can have your spouse reach around to stimulate your clitoris while they ’ ra force, or do it yourself the way you like it. Do It: Get on your hands and knees ; keeping hips raised, rest your question and arms on the bed. Have your collaborator record you from behind .

Ballet Dancer

ballet dancer


To in truth make this position a standout for abstruse penetration, try putting your raised leg over your collaborator ‘s shoulder to make for a wide leg first step. If that calls for a moment excessively much flexibility, this face-to-face position is still a great option. Add deep snog to get super suggest, Chavez says. Do It : Standing on one animal foot, face your collaborator and wrap your other leg around their waist while they help support you .




With your legs literally locked around your partner ‘s hips and your body at a down slope, this creates a great deep-penetration situation. not to mention : It ‘s a dangerous sleeve exercise. You ’ ll both be pretty busy in this position, but Chavez says you can engaged in a little fantasy talk to make it even sexier. And whenever you want to give your arms a rest, modify and rest your arms on a table or the edge of the bed. Do It : Get on your hands and feet and have your spouse pick you up by the pelvis. then grip their waist with your thighs .

Pinball Wizard

pinball wizard


Your legs are dispersed wide in this position, which lends to deep thrusts, says Kerner. You can besides try throwing one peg up against your partner ‘s shoulder for even deeper penetration. Or, if you have dependable libra, Chavez says you can use one hand to stimulate your nipples or clitoris. Do It : Get into a overtone bridge position, with your weight unit resting on your shoulders. Your partner enters you from a kneel position .
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